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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mysterious mineral on Mars is forced to rewrite the history of the planet

Using the Rover Curiosity to the American experts representing the American space Agency NASA have found that the soil of the red planet contained a significant amount of mineral called tridymite. This discovery may make you look a new angle on the history of Mars and, in the first place, and what role in shaping his modern image was played by the volcanoes.

photo: pixabay.com

The rocks in which experts managed to detect traces of tridymite, was taken by the Rover in July 2015, 2015, at 1060 th Sol (Martian day), at the foot of mount sharp . Study them succeeded with the help of x-ray scan.

A process in which tridymite is formed, is called silica volcanism. On Earth this phenomenon can be called quite common, however on Mars, as it was assumed until recently, he had to be extremely rare or even inexistent. Thus the characteristic of the red planet was considered a different kind of volcanism is basaltic, implying a much more “quiet” eruption and a higher density of eruptive rocks. The experts tried to find the emergence on the planet of tridymite explanation that does not imply the need for silica volcanism, but they did not succeed. Therefore, scientists came to the conclusion that in the past on Mars, contrary to established views that could often be very “violent” eruptions.

Their work, the researchers published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It should be noted that the effect of volcanoes on ancient history of Mars scientists today believe is very significant. In particular, recently, planetary scientists have found out that what happened 3.7 billion years ago, the eruption of the volcano known as Tharsis Dome, forever changed the axis of rotation of the red planet

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