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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Music secrets of the ISS: in space play the flute and bagpipes

Theme shows will be held in the night from 25 to 26 June for a sports and musical marathon “Upward flow”. Viewers will show a fascinating documentary cycle “Open space” and a four-part film “a Space Odyssey. XXI century”, dedicated to the most fascinating events of the history of cosmonautics.

photo: pixabay.com

Movies Angara. Into space in Russian”, “Lords of the sky. Defy gravity and snowstorm. The constellation of the wolf” will talk about the technical achievements of the Soviet and Russian cosmonautics and courageous test pilot space ships. The audience will also see documentary “Killers from space”, which will tell about the hidden dangers lurking in the Universe, the threat of meteorites and asteroids.

Special attention deserves the popular scientific picture “international space station”, which became the winner of V International festival “Intelligence 21 century” in the nomination at the Federal level for the best scientific educational film and special prize of the National research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Space theme of the screenings chosen by chance, because the Klementiev mount, which will take place in Upward flow”, is a historical site for the Russian space industry: there were test aircraft, the best pilots and aircraft designers of the country, and here made his first steps to conquer the sky Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. Programme with open-air will be very extensive: it is designed for all night, and will conclude with meeting the most beautiful sunrise in the mountains of Koktebel.

The festival will be held concerts and sporting events, there also will come the astronauts who will tell the audience about their experiences and share achievements. They answered a few questions “MK”, but asked to keep their names in secret until the open-air make audience in Koktebel surprise.

– How do you like the idea of the festival “upstream”?

– The idea is great and the place chosen is suitable. Sport, music is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, it is something that is fundamental to the successful achievement of any goals and objectives, including the implementation of space flight.

– What kind of music you listen to the astronauts? Is there a favorite group among the speakers?

Astronauts are ordinary people, everyone has their own preferences and their favorite artists. Aboard the International space station has a hard disk of 80 GB with a variety of music for all tastes, plus each astronaut takes with him IPod60 gigabytes with your favorite music and the one that will be able to find at home and will have time to upload. I listen to music every day, it helps to live and work in the unusual conditions of space flight. With the help of music acquired mental balance in any extreme situations. Some of us are playing on the instruments. Constantly have on Board the ISS guitar and electronic piano, and brought us bagpipes, harmonica, flute, Yakut khomus.

– Some old, rare films on the space theme would you recommend to see?

– A lot of them, “Gattaca”, “Solaris”, “Alien,” “Apollo 13,” “the Abyss,” “Big space travel”, “Moscow Cassiopeia”, “Teens in the Universe”, “Communist”, “Through thorns to the stars”…

– How often do the astronauts go to a music open-airs? What do you suggest doing at this festival?

– Unfortunately, not often, especially if the preparation for flight, this, in General, impossible. In our case, we are waiting for the appointment to fly in 2018, therefore, there was such a great opportunity to accept an invitation to obtain a permit from the chief of the CPC and commander of the cosmonaut corps and to attend the festival. Plan to communicate with participants and guests of the festival, to participate in the award winners, to answer any questions about space exploration, and visit the places where Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the great founder of the practical cosmonautics, was engaged in gliding and had plans of conquering the Universe.

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