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Monday, March 19, 2018

Moscow film festival opened without Mikhalkov, and answerable for all the nightingales

First Moscow international film festival opened without its perennial President, Nikita Mikhalkov. Guests held at the red carpet, met the wife of the head of the festival Tatiana Mikhalkova together with the Director of the festival Natalia Semina and head of centeratlanta of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation by Vyacheslav Telnova.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Anna Chipovskaya

The ceremony was delayed for 40 minutes. At the last moment there was a mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Came and the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. Stars mostly of the younger generation was under the gun cameras. Stunning and very elegant outfits were not observed. Everyone’s attention was attracted by Marat Basharov in a suit of bright cornflower blue. He came to the ceremony accompanied by his pregnant wife. Elena Kondulajnen in a bright red dress and with a young companion, perhaps, longer than others lingered for a stellar track. As usual attended the opening of the Moscow international film festival actress Irina Miroshnichenko. Film Director Vladimir Naumov came with his wife, actress Natalia Belokhvostikova and daughter, actress and Director Natalia Naumova. Lonely marched Yuri Antonov. Photographers kept shouting after him that he was in no hurry and for a while lingered in front of the cameras – did not help.

The first came on the scene Vladimir Medinsky. He read out a message from President Vladimir Putin to the guests and organizers of the festival and added: “This festival special. It takes place in the Year of the Russian cinema. 120 years ago, Russia hosted the first performance, however, not in Moscow but in Saint Petersburg. This young festival. It is not industrial. The term “film industry” doesn’t quite refer to MIFF, which has much more to do with the art.” The Minister wished the names, open the Moscow film festival, has long been sounded for years. His speech was brief. But he still will surprise us this evening.

That “the President of the festival is the planned treatment and the next few days to join us” trusted to tell the leading ceremony, actress Anna Chipovskaya. Knowing Mikhalkov, who is always on a warhorse, no matter what happens, there is reason to believe that there was something serious. The media briefing which was to take place before the opening ceremony, also quashed, declaring that he was transferred the next day. From family in addition to Tatyana Mikhalkova was present that evening Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Artem Mikhalkov with his new girlfriend.

The actress Svetlana Ivanova, who succeeded Anna Chipovskaya, submitted to a jury, and especially its President, Bulgarian Director Ivaylo Hristov. He will watch the 13 paintings, representing 17 countries.

Sergei Sobyanin also took to the stage. In his speech he spoke about a telephone conversation with Nikita Sergeyevich and his words: “I can’t be present in this room, but all my heart is with you.” Then the mayor continued: “Moscow is a great honor to receive such a large number of actors and Directors from around the world. Moscow is worthy of this festival. I like the mayor was instructed to open the festival. Moscow is the capital of movie. We every year more and more proud of Russian cinema. Special thanks to the filmmakers who shoot on Moscow. The Moscow government recently decided on the establishment of three prizes to those who will take on Moscow.” The mayor has empowered the Chairman of the jury, putting him on a chain with the symbol of the city – St. George. This is usually done Mikhalkov as the President of the festival.

“I knew that to be President of the jury difficult, but I didn’t know that so told under the weight of the chain Ivaylo Hristov.- I am glad that once again are part of the festival. I managed a quick glimpse of the program. It is interesting, diverse and strong.” And wished no fluff, no pen. And myself and my colleagues on the jury wisdom. And the festival – a fair wind. Made crackers, and mayor Sergei Sobyanin gave the festival start.

In Moscow opened the 38-th Moscow international film festival (21 photos)

Special prize for contribution to world cinema was awarded to Russian film Director Sergei Solovyov. The screen went footage from his films. This award was presented to foreign guests. But practice has changed and the winner of the prize for contribution was the film Director Gleb Panfilov, the then head of the jury.

The film Solovyov “Ke-dy” and opened the 38th international film festival. But this award instructed to hand over to Vladimir Medinsky. And he had no words of welcome gave the statue and silently left the scene. But we need to know Solovyov. He kept his head and said: “I Want to thank you for your kind words. And management of the festival wish to thank heartily. This is the only house world cinema. Thank you, Nikita, you. I hope you will give”. And after these words he left the stage In response to the leading word Catherine Spitz, “Welcome to the festival!”, said “thank you.”

And then saved the resulting awkwardness. He introduced all of us singer Basta, who was named an outstanding rapper: “I listened to Wasini work, and my attitude to rap has changed. All of us as a people, as fleeting new generation of Russian people unite poets and musicians who we believe in. And now came that’s that. Before to present our new painting, I wish the whole story was preceded by Basta”. And that’s that sang “Mother, I’m partisan about that to death is hard to get used to, that our blood redder blood.” Solovyov spoke about his compositions, that his favorite Bob – one of the producers and the main actors of the picture Ke-dy”. And Bob demonstrated at the request Solovyov red sneakers, in which came. Then made low chairs. One of them that’s that and set the leg. Then Soloviev introduced the writer of the “new generation” of Andrew Gelasimov. And he followed Busta put his foot on the stand. And then – actress Aglaya Shilovskaya, who came at evening in a dark evening dress and red shoes, an aspiring actor Nikolay Suslov, operator Timothy Lobov, the artist Sergey Ivanov, Solovyov was better, and above all, managed with dignity to get out of a very strange situation and no one was hurt. All 9 chairs filled red sneakers. “We took a picture, without spending a penny of public money, thanks to the spouses by Treushnikov. This is their film debut. This video introduced me to Bob for giving me moments of happiness,” Devoroil nightingales in the evening as only he can. And all talked and talked – about Russian autism, that Sergei Eisenstein was autistic, the happiness that is experienced working with children with autism. So opened the Moscow international film festival.

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