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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Manhunt will soon become legal, say scientists

British scientist Daniel Wright from the University of Central Lancashire published in the journal Futures research, which shows that after a few centuries the hunting of people is not only legitimate, but will become a popular option for leisure as well as a very profitable business for those who will organize such a plan.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the author of the article, which specializiruetsya on the study of tourism, in the near future, hunting for people are part of stag parties in the fresh air, outdoor activities and even excursions. Over time such entertainment is to be broadcast on TV, not as fantastic films, but as a reality show.Thus Daniel Wright argues that his prediction, no matter how dark it may seem, may be in reality.

According to the forecasts of Wright, hunting for innocent people formed as an underground sport around 2 100 and 2 200 will be a complete and legal entertainment for tourists. To practice this, according to the forecast of the scientist will be primarily in poor countries, and the victims will be poor people, while the “hunters”, in contrast, are predominantly affluent.

As the prerequisites leading to such dystopian scientist calls looming in the future economic and ecological problems, overpopulation and the growing gap between rich and poor people. While the British researchers argues that some traces of the aestheticization of cruelty can be seen today — for example, this is manifested in the opening of many museums of torture and discover similar direction — this phenomenon is called “dark tourism”. Play a role in “teaching” people to violence and media. In conditions of shortage of food resources similar interest to violence could escalate into terrifying practice, the fear of the researcher.

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