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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Human genes continue to live on after his death

When a body overtaken by death, his genes for some time continue to live. Thus in this case we are talking not about the fact that during the life of the animals could reproduce, “bequeathed” to them their genes and, in some sense, continuing to live in them, and about the “death” of gene activity in the truest sense of the word, scientists say.

photo: pixabay.com

To the conclusion that the genes of dead animals continue their activities for several days after the death of the “owners”, came an international group of researchers under the direction of Peter noble and Alexander Pozhitkov from the University of Washington. They conducted a series of experiments with laboratory mice and zebrafish. Experts took samples of the tissues of these animals a few days after the death of particular individuals, and examined, and interrupted the activity of certain genes immediately after the death of the body, and if not, how it was changed.

As it turned out, some genes really stop fast enough to work, but some, on the contrary, showed peaks of activity and not “died” even up to four days. This was evidenced discovered by the products of the activity of these genes, which the researchers were able to count 1063. Many of these genes are “responsible” for the stress response and inflammatory reaction, and also participated in the work of the immune system.

Experts hope that their research will develop new technologies to determine the time of death accurate to a minute even after quite a long time. Information was also received, if it turns out to be true and for people, will improve the safety of transplantation of donor organs from dead people.

Their work, the researchers presented to preprints and bioRxiv.

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