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Monday, July 24, 2017

Claim to another camp seem far-fetched

“My impressions from the camp with the most wonderful”. So tell the newspaper VIEW, the witnesses of another camp in Karelia, which was accused by the inspection authorities. Apparently, the Prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of emergency situations, sanitary and epidemiological service and the Investigative Committee trying to close after the tragedy on the Syamozero any camp, even a little makes them suspicious.

Law enforcement agencies have claimed another camp recreation for children on this island Sidorov, in the Chupa Guba, White sea. According to the website of the Investigative Committee, “according to the investigation, in the organization of tourist programs and camps revealed numerous flagrant violations of requirements of sanitary-epidemiological norms, which indicates that the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers. Leisure for children travel program was organized by OOO Zoloto Belogo morya”.

“Our duty is to find a legal basis of a measure of tourist activity, which threatens for kids”

The case began with the check, which came to the camp in the evening of 22 June. At its end, reports the official Internet portal of the Republic of Karelia the representative of the Prosecutor’s office reported on the meeting of the operational headquarters, created after the tragedy on the Syamozero that “camp nowhere was produced by the capture of the island and squatter areas, in which children are” At that, the students float between the Islands of the White sea in a strong wave on boats less than 5 metres in length”. Additionally, said the representative of the Prosecutor’s office “found, and nowhere was the place where the capital of the company permits are sold and imported Moscow children with risk for their health”. “Our duty is to find a legal basis of a measure of tourist activity, which threatens for the children,” – said at a meeting of the headquarters of the Prime Minister of the Republic Alexander Khudilainen.

The management of the company OOO “Zoloto Belogo morya” the charges in his address denies. “It is not true that the firm is not registered. We have a register of the Federal tourism Agency. Moreover, we have passed all inspections (Sanitary, etc.) and no claims to us was not” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK its representative Vladimir Novoselov. He stressed that the firm “works for fourteen years, and during all this time no violations were”.

Perhaps the problem is caused by the fact that the company has the registration as a marching camp. And from the point of view of the prosecution camp on the island Sidorov is stationary.

According to representatives of the company, the audit was conducted in an invalid form. Thus, it was stated that children should be immediately evacuated from the island. The camp leadership has refused to do so, citing the fact that the evacuation of night is fraught with danger to life and health of children. The head of the camp Denis Orlov was arrested for disobeying law enforcement officials, but soon released.

Parents are vacationing or vacationing on the island children, when contacted by the newspaper VIEW characterize camp at its best. “Yes, my child attends this camp next shift, that is, he will certainly go. Moreover, go not only he but his friends and comrades. I think this is one of the few camps that do raise their children in a Patriotic spirit,” said one of them, Vadim Voronin. “The instructor there experienced, he says.There’s even people associated with MOE, so I trust them completely. Moreover, there is a detachment, where parents come and live with children. That is, the dual control is impossible.”

“My impressions from the camp the most wonderful, – said the newspaper VIEW Anastasia Ni Khovrin, nm, visited the camp in 2004-2006. – When I got there the first time he came, I was 12 and I was in a mad delight, this greatly influenced my future life, my fascination with the campaigns”. “People without life jackets never go out to sea. Children read safety rules, learn how to save children in a critical situation, master classes, what to do,” says Taisiya Turovsky, for several years sent their child to this camp.

Among the versions of what happened that give voice to parents of children who have been on the island Sidorov, called the potential conflict associated with the change OOO Zoloto Belogo morya” of the company-tour operator. But the main version is that the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Karelia decided to play safe and too zealously took to ensure the safety of children after the tragedy at the Syamozero.

The same opinion is shared by member of the coordination Council on development of children’s tourism of the government of the Russian Federation Sergey Mindelevich.

“According to the information I have, not only prosecutors, but also local authorities are clearly behind the curve”, – he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. He especially doesn’t like the attempt to evacuate the children from the camp. “The MOE or the Prosecutor’s office has no authority to evacuate the children by night from the camp, especially no right to give the order orally. Because it is impossible to appeal in court to demand compensation for financial loss. Let the whole Committee, on official letterhead, write a Directive that we should evacuate the camp, and will sign it,” he said.

As for the allegations that the children swim on the boat 5 meters long in a strong wave, Mendelevich doubt its validity. “The Prosecutor’s office there are specialists in boating? – he asked, – Who can give a competent conclusion, dangerous or not safe? I do not presume. I am a master of sports in mountain, not for water tourism. If the Prosecutor believes that there is danger, let him form a Commission of competent experts and present its conclusions”.

Anyway, soon the story will be continued. “We will bring this situation to the top management of the country,” said Mendelevich on behalf of the coordinating Council.

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