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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

As Mikhalkov in the army accompanied

38-th Moscow international film festival opened. Literally the day before it seemed that it will happen in the middle of a global construction, which has turned the centre of Moscow. But at 9 a.m. the surrounding area was put in order, workers lay a red carpet.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Before the official car of the festival installed on Pushkin square, adorned with a wooden cross and icon. In haste everything was provided in divine form. And for the first time in many years, Nikita Mikhalkov has canceled a meeting with the press, which is traditionally held three hours before the official opening.

Recruit a pedicure

“Ke-dy”, which opened the festival Sergei Solovyov took the state a dime. He could not imagine how that show up on the doorstep of the Ministry of culture and say that making a film about anything. It all began with the story of Andrew Gelasimov “Paradise found” in the style of the blog. Solovyov read it and caught myself several times told my students the story, although to remove then still not going. “Gelasimov struck me. I loved the idea that a guy buys shoes before going into the army,” — said Sergey Solovyov.

Burr interferes with the sneakers to put on, and recruit on the recommendation of the seller is going to pedicure salon. There-it all starts with a meeting with a beautiful girl called Amira. Why would he even shoes? To have someone from the army to wait. Sergei Solovyov was singing praise to the author of the literary source, and yet the film has very little to do with this composition. He thought and added, for example, a monologue about a girl in shorts. And there was him, Solov’evskaya, poem, which Gelasimov wisely adopted.

To buy the shoes before going into the army — it’s a huge work of thought. I have this story fascinated, ” says the Director. — When making a movie, it is very important that there is joint divination. Originally, its author was Gelasimov, and then the whole group engaged in divination. I remembered the almanac of the 50’s “Tarussky pages”, which published the brilliant short stories Kazakov, works of Okudzhava. It was not the artwork, and the voice of the era. And now, thanks to Gelasimov I thought came out the second volume of “Tarusa pages”. For the crisis state it is useful to return the life-giving air of art. Soloviev — the enemy is casting.

— People have to materialize out of thin air, ” he says. — Aglaia Shilovskaya, who played a major role, I saw at the ceremony “Golden eagle” when she was awarded the Stanislav Govorukhin. And nick Suslov had once done to me, but at the direction of the grandmother decided to go to the Shchukin. I had him hold a grudge, but somehow remembered when began to take off, hairy type, which we received. And the fact that he looks like Mick Jagger, it turned out during the shoot. We were looking for a car for filming, and eventually found actor. It appeared to be a mechanic Ilya Nagirnyak, sitting in the car. He was soldered. And I said to him, “Come on to solder together.” I was important people who have not just a star in the forehead burns, they had to be a special design of the forehead. So I saw our Dan in Bakhchisarai orphanage.

Teachers said the boy had a very bad case. Asked me to find a good down. But all of us — downs. They are just like us, only better. It seems to us that they must be isolated. But we need to go. When Dan carried the suitcase in the last scene, I could not understand where it is seen. Came, wore the captain. That was a great Down!”

Sergey has not noticed, how has passed from autistic to down’s syndrome. It kids from a boarding school for people with autism starred in it — Dan and his friend Edward, the boy didn’t want to do anything. Soloviev recalled how in 1960-m to him, the army called, and later directly from the set of “Station master” was taken to the army the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov: “We have a week or even a month off. Came to the Assembly point, listening to “Farewell of Slavianka”, said goodbye, and then came back again. I know that Andrew Gelasimov also accompanied his son to the army, and then was born his novel. Importantly, to avoid war, to all of our and our was alive.”

“Ke-dy” film, a long time, Solovyov was not: simple, easy, for someone old-fashioned. But there is so much air and human warmth. And the stage directions of the characters in the car may eventually become classics.

Onions and garlic Marina Abramovic

Marco Del Fiol first came to Moscow. From the age of 16 he films documentaries, went to Catholic school, wanted to be a priest, but eventually became a Director and joined the science. His painting “At the crossroads: Marina Abramovic and Brazil is participating in the documentary competition of the festival. “In the 90s, I first saw Marina on television,” says Marco, this was the start of this movie. She has a habit of constantly taking notes. And we agreed that after each shooting day, she will tell us about what they felt during the shooting day. Half of the text, which sounds in the movie based on her diaries. We have kept the entire history in Brazil. During this time, Marina went through a difficult physical and spiritual trials. Three years was work on the film. Marina was going through all not only as a person but as an artist, I thought about what she will do at the end of the journey. She believes that the artist must go into the wilderness, as Christ, and she lived with aborigines in Australia. I agree with Marina that we must be concerned about the freedom of the outside world more than mobile phones”.

The Director, of course, did not want, but a little exposed Marina Abramovic and her spiritual practices. Now it seems that her work is a game and deception. But some of her meetings with the Brazilians are awesome. For example, a woman who gave birth to 18 children, and 49 reared with their milk. The method itself Abramovich — a packet of onion and garlic. With him she travels the world, eats on an empty and full stomach. This is the best antibiotics. But not only as SPA procedures look of smearing mud on her elderly body in the jungle. And it makes singing not credible. All the accumulated experiences of Marina then I’d take it to the masses. Hundreds of people lined up in new York on her performance to join something highly spiritual, the search for a new meaning. And now it seems doubtful.

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