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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Archaeologists have found a letter with an unknown ancient curse

In Veliky Novgorod the group of researchers from Moscow state University and the Novgorod state Museum-reserve, I found two very interesting for study of the subject. One of them was the rim of the mirror with the most preserved fragments of the reflecting surface, and the second, to an even greater extent to attract the attention of the Charter, one of the words which until now has been unknown to researchers. Scientists suggest that it is a curse.

photo: Roman Orlov

As the researchers report, written on birch bark is only one row and it says “wow Artemia Uo posca three beregovski”. The word “Berkovski” is one of the forms of the word “Berezovets” — widespread in Ancient Rus a measure of weight of honey, or grain, equal to 10 poods. The exact meaning of the phrase in General, experts can not yet be called, however, believe that a record of dues or debt. However, first discovered in the diploma of the XIV century scientists were interested in the word “posek”, which the researchers until now have never experienced. One of the researchers, academician Andrei Zaliznyak, have suggested that it means “thief” or “crook.” As reported in the Novgorod state Museum-reserve, a similar conclusion was made on the basis of the Pskov and Tver dialects.

Experts specify that birch-bark stored in advance of an ancient curse, table 1082 account for the time of modern archaeological excavations in the city. The first such letter, reportedly, was discovered in 1951. By the way, another curious finding of this kind was made in Novgorod a few months ago. Diploma of the XIII century, which reads “From Gavrila Kondrat. Come here” many jokingly called one of the oldest sms messages. He was then found another piece of birch bark that says “I’m a puppy.” Whether bark wore on a rope puppy, or it was used in a game, unknown to scientists.

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