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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Actress Catherine Pearl: “King for a heart to love!”

They say that Russian man dies twice: the first time — for the Motherland, the second — when listening to the Gypsy. In former times, when the soul is asked for fun, went to the Gypsies, to the busting guitar strings, the swash of votes to break away from the earthly life, to soar.

On request “the most famous Gypsy of Russia”, any search engine gives a portrait of Catherine Pearl — prima theater “Romen”.

Black hair laid smoothly, eyebrows arch, lemon dress accentuates the brightness of the brown eyes. I look at her and see that the Karma of the paintings by Tatiana Lioznova “Carnival”.

photo: From personal archive

— Ekaterina Andreevna, and you Gypsies go for help?

— Very rarely. Often write letters to the photo I sent signed. But if asked, I would have helped. It is necessary to help any person, whatever his nationality, if you have the opportunity. This is my position in life. That’s now happened in the village of Plekhanovo near Tula: demolished houses, families with children were on the street. Where can they go? I think it was not necessary to deprive people of housing. My son-in-law Roman Grokholsky dealt with this issue, he heads the national Council for culture, arts, and social protection of Roma of Russia.

If Gypsies are drug dealers, no one will protect them. I don’t like it when young people don’t work, wander. They should learn to work and not to wander. We George Nikolaevich graduated from GITIS and all life serve in the theatre “Romen”.

— You husband my name called?

— No, we been together so long. From the age of sixteen. Soon 55 years flew by as one moment. For me it Gogh, Gogole. Roma do not declare their love. It’s all a mystery.

But women want to hear some words about love?

— We already know everything about each other. We are together from morning till night. Don’t understand how people of various professions live together. This distrust, and jealousy. And here is not a joke, although I understand Gogola was handsome. But I was not jealous of the girls knew that all attempts to win his heart useless. He is very caring. Once on the road in Dnipropetrovsk I was taken to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Cut: it’s all right, but still removed. Gogola prepared me for the tile in a hotel room with a diet of burgers and brought to the hospital. He is an excellent cook, better than me.

photo: From personal archive
With her husband George. Almost 55 years together.

Gypsies are associated with liberty, freedom, and I heard in your families strict rules.

— Gypsies liberties do not exist. Gypsy does not allow. Now, of course, things are changing, more and more mixed marriages. We were two Actresses are sisters, Olga and Alexandra Nikolaevna Kononova. One became the wife of Andrei Starostin, the captain of the team “Spartak” and the other was married to playwright Isidor Shtok. Gypsy Gypsy, and came out for these guys!

— And among your relatives or friends is Gypsy Gypsies?

— No. Very few of them left, it is “antique”. But the Gypsy nomadic star, calling and beckoning. Our nationality, Lena. Well, not going anywhere! Live in houses, but drawn to nature, to fresh air. Joy for us — to flee, to go to another city on the same tour.

— In the Soviet passport was “fifth paragraph”. Have you ever experienced any harassment because of nationality?

— No, never. Well, except that the school could be called “Gypsy”. We lived the city life, I grew up among Russian and Gypsy Gypsy, who dressed up in our colorful clothes, avoided, feared stolen. My mother used to, when the voltage was on this issue, signed up for Russian. And when it’s time for me to get a passport, I cried: do not want to be a Gypsy! So the passport I Russian. Mom then said, Kate, how so? You’re afraid of Gypsies, and she went to the theater “Romen”! By the way, when I arrived, I said, “How can we take you? You’re a Russian. In the Gypsy theatre do not take Russian!”. — “And my dad is Gypsy”. — “Bring a birth certificate!” Then it was strictly.

— Have you always dreamed of becoming an actress?

— Yes, my dream came true. My parents were musicians, she often played the guitar. Mom told me that her dad, my grandfather, Ilya Petrovich, was a court violinist.

I sang in the school choir, wanted to go to drama school, but parents were against it: the acting profession is difficult. I said, “Mom, I’m big, I’m at home nothing to do not have to, I’ll have servants!” We lived in a small town of Schekino, Tula region, and I after the finals went to conquer Moscow in one dress, nylon gloves and stiletto heels. Was staying with relatives. GITIS failed, but he entered the Music school named after Ippolitov-Ivanov in the vocal Department. Three months studied, and in December came in “over the River” to watch the performance. Saw me, took to the main Director Semyon Barkan, and he said we you take!

— I wonder what the atmosphere of the Gypsy theater? Also they intrigue, passions run high because of the distribution of roles, as it usually happens behind the scenes?

— It is clear that jealousy and envy are everywhere. I was lucky. And another actress that may not worse, with no luck. Nothing can be done — it is destiny. In his youth I’ve had resentment, if not given a role, even cried sometimes, but no one saw it, and then it was as though I always played what I want. This role sooner or later still came to me…

I think this is my mom helps me, sometimes I feel like her presence. Shortly before her death she took me by the hand and said, “Katechka, I love you so much! I will pray for you in the next world, so that wherever you turned your face, you had a smile and good luck!” I hesitated: “Mom, what are you talking about?”

The words proved prophetic?

— Yes, it is. Wherever I went, doors me always open. Laughter sometimes came. Even in the Moscow city policeman missed without a passport. I had to solve the housing problem, and I went into the office of the Deputy Yuri Luzhkov. Relied on a stick: on tour in Voronezh fell on the stage and sit down offered and signed the papers!

And the title of people’s artist of Russia I received in the Kremlin from the hands of President Boris Yeltsin. It was December 28, 1999, three days before his departure. In the theatre joked: “Well, Pearl was presented in the Kremlin, and us in the alley of the title gave!” Not in the alley, of course, and the Ministry of culture, which was around the corner.

— You once said that you are in a distant kinship with Leo Tolstoy. Is this true?

The joke, of course, but everything is possible! We are countrymen! He lived in Yasnaya Polyana, I’m from dekina Tula region. Husband calls me the “limit” with the accent on the last syllable. He was born in Moscow.

— Gypsy language I know?

— Of course, but not speak. Gog knows better. He comes from an ancient Gypsy family.

— Believe in divination?

— I think that something is inexplicable. My mother was wondering were put on me, and I’m treated with humor: we were pioneers, the Komsomol. She felt that in my heart, and I said, “Mommy, it’s okay!” — I didn’t want to upset her. She also sometimes took the deck out: the king’s heart. All right! Sometimes with the girls in the theater Studio wondered. Now, from the height of his age, which I don’t understand, I can say that you should never keep the evil in man, you have internally to desire only the good. And all will come true.

— I think it is very important that Gypsies have preserved their “self”, preserved their customs.

— Yes, we children grow to respect their elders. Sometimes we are in conflict internally, but never allowed myself to do it out loud. Husband must also be able to remain silent.

— Heard that in some Gypsy families still have a tradition after the wedding night the sheet to hang.

— We call it “bear chest”. And so, the girl must marry a virgin. Then no you will not say anything. We Goga escaped, while parents were on tour. In our family all run. Then announced. Large weddings, of course, was not made tonight, gathered relatives. And so the daughter ran away. We didn’t know anything. She went to school, and Roma older. They met in secret, and at 17 years old daughter is missing. They were not more than a day.

— You scolded?

Why? It was too late to scold. All done. But the wedding did not celebrate. Invited guests for the evening, and all.

Gypsies are very emotional people. Is that blood?

— I don’t allow myself to relax. We must always stay within. My mother told me: “Katya, don’t you go whore! Stood before her husband, was tinted, and only then show it!” And I daughter suggest: “chin’s, men look how you’re dressed. They just pretend not to notice. So if the coat is beautiful!”. In Roma families: daughter-in-law needs to get up early and go to bed later all. However, now many are living separately and there is no need.

photo: From personal archive
Was from the TV series “Eternal call”.

The fame came to you with Zorica role in the TV series “Eternal call”. You played a young wife Polycarp Kruzhilin. Husband was not jealous of actor Pyotr Velyaminov?

Gogh jokingly said our daughter: your mother married there married another uncle, lialechka! From Velyaminov I didn’t want to cuddle. Directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky convinced: it’s a movie! And Peter Velyaminov was assured not to worry, Kate, my husband even more you will love!

— This star role was, of course, Gypsy Karma in the film “Carnival”.

For the learned, and autograph asked for. The film was released in 1982, and our theater went on tour to Japan. Sailed on the ship from Khabarovsk. Back in Moscow, we were warned that you must behave with dignity, you represent the Soviet Union! And suddenly to me such attention from the administration: and move to the cabin a good offer, and at the table invite. I was scared at first because not used to popularity. Turns out they saw the movie “Carnival”.

Once in the actor’s House we go to dinner. Popping up the man much drunk: Hey, Karma tell fortunes! At this point, part Sasha Abdulov, sees this scene and almost a breast man enough: come quickly apologize to the actress!

— Irina Muravyova, which got the main role, Nina Solomatina, maintain relationships?

— Unfortunately, not enough time, and friends we did not. I’m sorry that the picture is not included the scene with me, which, according to the scenario, was a final, even more sad, than it turned out in the end. We starred at the Kursk station, it was cold, chilled to the bone. Our last meeting with Nina: she goes from Moscow and I’m running away from her husband. With a baby with a black eye greeted her on the platform. She asked: “Who are you a boy or a girl?” — “Boy.” — “And where is he, that I should bring the money?” — “And he died”. I’m standing in the wind, I have the tears. Then Tatiana said, “I had to take this scene. It is too tragic was…”

Lioznova was on the performance “Olesya” by Kuprin in the production of my Georgy Nikolaevich. I played with her, walked across the stage barefoot. Then Tatyana with humor said: Kate, you’ve got smart feet. And then he added: I cried at this performance…

— I wonder if you were familiar with Boris Boracay — big love Galina Brezhneva?

— Of course, I knew Bob. It first we worked in the theater “Romen”. A handsome man was blue-eyed. He lived in the dormitory of the theater on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Then Bob left the “Romen” and entered GITIS at the Department of musical Comedy. Gogh tried to save him, when he wanted to drive out for absenteeism. Galusha Brezhnev usually sat in the theater in the front row and watched the performances. She asked in the theater of our artist Zina her to tell fortunes on cards. She believed in fate.

And my last meeting with Boris was accidental. He said: “Kate, I wanted to get to the Bolshoi theater, and listening to Arkhipova sat her my voice did not like, and I didn’t get. I’ll call Back”. And immediately took in the Large. Bob the more I saw. I think it was removed…

— From Roma are all waiting for fun.

— It is clear, we cheer people. But Gypsies and sad are. In General, the Roma people and good music. Roamed, not tolerated over a violence. Remember the Gypsies that used to be stations, they still behaved majestically and independently.

— Because Gypsies come from India. Indian films are close to you?

— They are always musical, romantic. At home we were visiting the famous Indian actor Shashi Kapoor. The tables are covered, even Piglet put, but it never touched. The Indians saw hands waved: do not!

And Shashi Kapoor we then met in Yalta. He invited us and wanted to take our daughter Lala.

— You have visited in India?

— Went to the theater on tour in the Soviet times. I remember a funny story. We were carrying to sell cameras “Zenit”, crystal and champagne. They these bottles are bought, and then emeralds from green glass did and we were sold. Imagine the weight of very heavy we were carrying as hand Luggage! A quiet horror. Gogh with son-in-law went to earn one. I went to the jewelry store, asked the owner, and he bought everything. Gogh said, we still have room! He picked it up. Then we went to the Museum, and came out to meet our Indian. It turned out he was the owner of the Museum. With Goga, they rushed into each other’s arms, brother! brother!

— And you bought in India?

The coat of the opossum. The husband was persuaded to take a mink coat, but I said it was for old women.

— Then in the USSR were empty shelves. Many artists remember skimped on the road, to buy clothes or a tape recorder.

— We are also well-known. We were on tour in Japan. Imagine: eighty-second year! Then daily, you could buy a carpet! Resolved over three rugs to bring, we Goga could take six for two, but bought two. Save on food, of course. First sat on a dry sausage, which brought with them, and then switched to tea. 45 days all dried up. Sometimes we in the Embassy were treated, and once we Goga secretly, so that no one saw in the restaurant ordered chicken.

photo: From personal archive
Boris Yeltsin three days before his departure awards Catherine Pearl title of people’s artist of Russia.

But we brought dvuhmestnij, TV, VCR and camcorder and accomplishment of the Soviet women — bag on wheels!

— Then no one was!

Not only this, but also much more. In Japan we killed abundance. Any fish, caviar — mother dear! Coats in the shopping center every day to change! Bought today one style, tomorrow it will be all new — even better. Again drag back the boxes, sellers are smiling, and we give them “arigato” say “thank you” in Japanese. Nikolai Slichenko scolded us: people you can calm down?

The Japanese are very welcoming, friendly. Gave us gifts, and we give them bread flour, which she brought. They didn’t understand what it is. Incidentally, there are no Gypsies. In my opinion, it is the only country where Gypsies are not reached.

— You have the whole family is artistic! Daughter Lala Pearl remembered for vivid roles in the TV series “Carmelita”, “a Taste of pomegranate”. And grandson Andrew continues the dynasty.

— Grandson also graduated from RATI-GITIS. Studied on a paid Department, although we have George Nikolaevich there are two issues of Gypsy drama course was ten years ago and now. Only 25 graduates. Look for them in different cities, call up relatives, friends — in short, Gypsy-mail works. To find talented young Roma with the votes is not the problem, but unfortunately, very few boys who have completed 11 years and without a high school education to universities are not accepted. I am for all of our students begging money from the heads of administrations, so the boys studied, and for the grandson we are paid.

Andrew has two higher education: acting and directing. In the theater “Romen” in the premiere performance of “Hello, Pushkin!” Andrew played a major role.

— And why is it Pearl? The name continues?

— Yes, Andrew Pearl, and dad is something he Grokholsky. So it turned out. When he was born, Lala with Roma were not painted. And today I dreamed a dream, as if the grandson says, I’m changing the name Pearl on Grokholsky! Our granddaughter — Anastasia Grokholsky. She said to me: “Grandma, I want to be a Pearl!” I said, “Nastya, shut up! Dad will be offended!”

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