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Monday, March 19, 2018

A top-secret project “Status-6” resembles the idea of Sakharov

The Kremlin is quite easily recognized, kept secret until now arms was indeed “exposed” in the air of Federal channels. This ease suggests that we are talking about psychological warfare, the purpose of which is to convince the US to abandon the project of a global missile defense. If so, the provocation failed – the media of the Anglo-Saxon world is in a panic.

The story supposedly accidental “exposure” of the plans of the new secret nuclear weapons underwater Autonomous (i.e. not driven by a human) torpedo project “Status-6” plowed the Western world and has become almost the main news for a few days. Most of the major and reputable publications of English-speaking countries filled with publications on this subject and numerous comments of the experts. No wonder: it’s about the unexpected vulnerability of even the United States to a fundamentally new type of Russian weapons, as well as his “cannibalistic” character.

The 24-metre torpedo, weighing 40 tons is expected to blow up on the traverse of the major US cities to trigger a giant tsunami that swept the half of the country”

Another thing is that nothing new happened and “cannibalism” has nothing to do with it.

Let’s start with the fact that the frame has got only one presentation sheet, much of which was washed out, which indicates the natural in such a situation, censorship. And the whole “leaked” information was known, including in the US, where the creation of a new type of Russian nuclear torpedoes debated for several years. It is, in principle, is not about the supernova project, and creatively reworked old.

For example, the estimated appearance of the project 09851 “Gate-SMP”, now known as submarine station “Khabarovsk”, became public last summer. More precisely, immediately after the presentation and the Banquet that followed the laying of the draft June 27, 2014 at Sevmash, the participants of the event were given gifts, including ballpoint pens, on which were engraved the case of the future submarine. But its purpose is really overgrown with rumors.

The most harmless of them was the rumor that “Khabarovsk” – the long-awaited far submarine sonar watch is essentially new and extremely necessary for the Russian fleet view (like the old “Bottlenose dolphins”). Then speculated that “Khabarovsk” for the transport and management of deep-sea vehicles, including top secret.

In relation to this project, the American specialists for the past year were semi forward version. I would like to recall the recent story about how the commander of the US submarine fleet in the Pacific Admiral Frederic Perret suggested that Russian submarines can damage fiber optic cables laid on the ocean floor. The Admiral laughed in unison, without thinking about what Perry had in mind a theoretical possibility to load the “Khabarovsk” and “Belgorod” submersible is really able to carry out such a diversion. Why – is unclear, but the Admiral Perry just announced one of the rumors, which, in turn, offered him naval intelligence – third on the capabilities of the intelligence structure of the United States.

The next time the hearing was “PostScript”, “Khabarovsk” to the class of nuclear deep-water stations (AGS), which mutated from the assumption that the project generally will not combat and is only intended to test advanced weapons systems. Now this assumption is basically a statement that “Khabarovsk” intended for use in the project “Status-6”, although along with it can be used and the experimental submarine “Sarov”. Generally for maintenance of torpedoes “Status-6” requires a minimum of two vessels (including a special), which should ensure the safety of the torpedo in case of an emergency situation. By the way, “Sarov”, which entered the fleet in 2008, the project is also ancient: the building was built during the Soviet era, and then transported to Nizhny Novgorod for revision and completion.

Data storage media including “Khabarovsk”, sometimes appeared in the press. Enough to carefully read the open annual reports Sevmash in 2014, in which the prescribed contract No. 120-14 from 03.06.2014. The laying of the submarine took place on 27 July 2014 in shop No. 50.

The project “Status-6” is strongly associated with the age-old idea of “king-torpedo” a name of academician Sakharov, T-15. This monstrous-sized device was a 24-foot torpedo, weighing 40 tons with a thermonuclear charge 100 megatons, which was supposed to blow up on the traverse of the major US cities (one in new York, Charleston, New Orleans or Pensacola and two from Los Angeles and San Francisco). The goal is to trigger a giant tsunami that swept the half of the country, a large part of the population traditionally lived in close proximity to two oceans. In addition to the purely destructive functions, the use of the T-15 would lead to the destruction of the main naval bases of the USA and most part of the fleet, including the aircraft carrier, not released by this time in the sea.

At that time Soviet submarines did not yet carry ballistic missiles, and torpedoes seemed promising carrier of nuclear weapons. But the giant “king-torpedo” of the Soviet Navy was not able to do.

Then Sakharov proposed a new variant of a preventive attack on the United States: using the fact that he is an American of Hungarian origin, Leo Szilard first called “cobalt bomb”, in the modern world called “dirty”. This is not an atomic bomb in its pure form, but rather radiological weapons, which implies a very strong but short-term contamination of vast areas. Sugars were supposed to build a ship (not a torpedo anymore, but the ship is), the outer casing of which is composed of cobalt-59. Inside the ship was supposed to be ordinary nuclear charge, after blasting of which the neutron bomb would be cobalt housing, which would become extremely radioactive cobalt-60. Such a ship could cover up under the usual “merchant” and put, say, on the outer Harbor of new York. Coastal cities would simply deserted, while the half-life of cobalt-60 is small – about five and a half years, after which the affected area is quite possible to live.

“In the United States consider a system of “weapons of retaliation” “inhuman,” but this is pure hypocrisy”

Andrei Sakharov, in his second life became a great humanist, in the memoirs referred to the moral and ethical factors that stopped the development of the project. Supposedly after a conversation with Admiral Fomin, who pointed out to him the “cannibalistic” character of the plan, he was “horrified” and refused to work on it. It is at least a distortion. First, Sugars incorrectly indicates in his memoirs, even the name and title of Admiral Peter Fomin, and secondly, on its own initiative to stop the development of the project designer could not. Would personally – development handed over to another designer, or another KB. In the Soviet Union practiced a competition between different teams of designers, research institutes, between branches of the military, to which these research and development centers have been assigned, and even between different factions within the military industrial complex and supported their employees of the Central apparatus of the party and the ministries. The reality is simple: the then fleet was simply not able to ensure the use of any “king of torpedoes” or “cobalt ship”.

It is believed that the development of a cobalt bomb was quietly discontinued around the world on the initiative of Leo Szilard stated that a total of 510 tonnes of cobalt capable of destroying all forms of life on Earth. Then went to the famous joke about cockroaches that can survive a nuclear war.

In parallel, Soviet scientists have developed so called concept of nuclear winter, whereby after a limited nuclear war will be irreversible climate change (lowering the temperature from beyond the veil of soot and dust, which will cease to skip the sun’s rays). The concept is now questionable, it is successfully criticized, relying in particular on the real experience of the Gulf war, when the massive blasting of oil wells, the sky closed dark and the temperature in the Bay area decreased on average by four degrees. Popular version of what “nuclear winter” was invented in order to scare Western governments and to force them to renounce the deployment in Europe of offensive nuclear weapons in particular “Pershing”.

Overall, it’s a long and complicated history. Suffice it to say that the consequences of a nuclear conflict were computed by the mathematical model, which is not based on any science data. Even the data of “year without a summer” (1816), when the two largest volcanic eruptions led to abnormally cold weather, it could not be adjusted in the input data. In addition, the effect of “firestorm”, which was described after the bombing of Japan and Germany (including conventional, not just nuclear), does not take into account the current state of the industry and effect the destruction of harmful productions.

It’s the fact that some American media suggested that the demonstration of the system “Status-6” – repeats the propaganda effect of the concept of nuclear winter, which should stop the American idea of creating so an effective missile defense system, what you don’t have to expect a retaliatory nuclear strike. Or, at least, not so afraid of him. Like, in the answer Russia has a fundamentally different forms of attack, combining elements of nuclear weapons and new technologies, which will cause the US and its allies irreparable damage. Special emphasis is on the “aggressiveness” of this technology. It looks quite strange, since it is based on the arrogant assumption that, while America creates missile defense system, Russia will sit idly by.

Against this background, in the US the Obama administration was criticized for the concept of transition to “small forms” of nuclear weapons at the expense of re-equipment of strategic forces that occupied Russia. In this series, especially pushing for the recent upgrading of the European military bases, the new “bounceability bombs with small nuclear warheads. And in parallel, carefully monitor publications in the Russian specialized media, and the most fantastic sense. For example, in the last year, numerous interpretations have been several articles on the possibility of mass bombing of the Yellowstone Park, which is a huge volcano. According to these publications signed by people with academic titles and Colonel epaulets), a massive nuclear attack on the Park will cause a large scale eruption, in comparison with which his ideas about the direction of America tsunami height of 300 meters will seem childish prattle. All of this fits into the framework of the system of mutual intimidation most exotic methods.

Meanwhile, the project “Status-6” has obvious advantages, which have remained in the truest sense of the frame of the television picture and in no way connected with the practical application of this weapon.

First, it is assumed that the noise of the engines of the torpedo is completely transferred to high frequencies. This means that the American system of early underwater detection is unable to detect the torpedo at a distance of several hundred meters (the sensors of this system are located at the bottom of the ocean about the same distance from each other, that is “Status-6” can slip between them unnoticed). This obviously leaves US defenseless, not only the territory but also out to sea aircraft carrier groups, previously considered invulnerable. And it doesn’t matter is it’s a cobalt bomb or a “normal” thermonuclear charge. From aircraft carrier groups do not remain, and it will be may not total but limited nuclear war, which theoretically finished, even the United States, the humanism of public opinion which has been greatly exaggerated.

Second, the “unmanned” technology does not require human intervention in the direction of the torpedoes, which means that it can be used as a “weapon of retaliation”, i.e. to fulfill its mission when destroyed command centers and control systems. In the United States consider a system of “weapons of retaliation” “inhuman,” but this is pure hypocrisy: in the nuclear standoff, nobody can count on impunity for the first kick. The one who first dared to press “the red button” should not feel safe and must bear the responsibility in full.

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