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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

US preparing Ukraine and Lithuania to fight against “Russian propaganda”

Marie Yovanovitch, who, most likely, will replace Geoffrey R. Pyatt for the post of U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, announced new programs for training Ukrainian journalists to “counter Russian propaganda”. About the same said Anne Hall, the likely next U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania, a country distinguished in the field of combating Russian influence.” The statements of the candidates will be given effect, experts believe.

At a hearing of the U.S. Senate approval of candidacies of Ann Hall and Marie Yovanovitch to serve as ambassadors respectively in Lithuania and Ukraine discussed the Crimea and the fight against “Russian propaganda”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Any information that does not match the opinion of the United States, called the Russian propaganda”

Earlier, the Senate assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland complained that the US supposedly lack the resources to fight against “Russian propaganda” and require new investments. “We are in Europe training for journalists who have fled and those who then going to return home, said Nuland. – We support a number of Russian news organizations in the Baltics and other countries bordering Russia. These media refer to the Russian-speaking population of these countries and oppose Russian propaganda. In addition, we support Russian-language broadcasting in Ukraine – it produces some effect in Russia.

The “new broom” in Kiev

“Sanctions against the Crimea will remain as long as there is the Russian annexation of the Crimea”, – told the senators of a possible new Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the decision to replace US Ambassador in Ukraine was made in the second half of may. Ambassador Jeffrey Payette, who is believed to have played – along with assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland – a significant role in the euromaidan events, should now lead American dippredsatvitelstvo in Greece.

At the end of April, Payette said that Ukraine has already passed the difficult times of the conflict in the Donbas and started to build a “genuine European democracy”.

As for the likely successor Payette, Marie Yovanovitch, then, as recalled by the newspaper VIEW Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky, Jovanovic is remembered in Ukraine: in 2002, being a representative of the Embassy in Kiev, she played the role of the person who voiced the claims of the USA concerning Ukraine sold Iraq radar stations “Kolchuga”. “It turned out that no “chain Mail” was not sold, but she is well remembered in Ukraine”, – said the source. The Americans, however, in the end, “never apologized,” said Pogrebinsky.

Now, talking to senators, a candidate for Ambassador to Kiev, said that “Ukraine has made progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, and also accused Russia and the separatists in fuelling conflict”. According to Jovanovic, Ukraine has made great strides in terms of transformation over the past two years.” However, in her words, “there is still much to do, especially on the program of cooperation with the IMF and the fight against corruption.”

“The creation of a “Troll factory” – error”

As to “counter Russian propaganda” in Ukraine, Yovanovitch noted that the U.S. “provide opportunities to Ukrainian media community itself could withstand” this “propaganda”. She noted that “we have a number of programs, but did not go into their details.

Note that the outgoing Ambassador Pyatt in January of this year, pretty harshly criticized the information policy of Kiev. “The biggest mistake of the Ukrainian government to create a “Troll factory”… for punching counter-propaganda in social networks. A huge mistake is to create a “Ministry of truth”, which tries to generate an alternative history. This is not the way to win the information war, said the Embassy statement. Observers linked this statement with the activities established in December 2014 by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine (also called “Minstets” – on behalf of the Minister, is known to media Manager Yuri Stec).

“In fact, Ukraine does not need media that are financed by the state. What Ukraine needs is a successful Ukraine”, – he said.

Wave of information attacks by Western media on Rossiya, political analyst, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph” Vladimir Skachko, Payette, with its harsh criticism of “Troll factory” in fact, disingenuous. “Who gave grants to feed this pack of eaters? – noticed the jump in conversation with the newspaper LOOK. – Who did the most dedicated trolls to Parliament, put them in the Cabinet, thanked posts and mandates? Did the American Embassy for 25 years.”

According to the interlocutor, with the new Ambassador Yovanovitch “will be the same. No one will ever release the Ukraine as she did not want to. In Ukraine there is order in that unattractive form in which it now resides. And while Ukraine will agree with that order, nothing will change”, – concluded the jump.

“Masha and the Bear” as a weapon of the Kremlin

About the “anti-Russian propaganda” and said the possible new head of the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania Anne Hall. “We are working with the Lithuanians in the training of journalists. We also include Russian-speaking reporters in his program,” Hall said.

According to her, “Lithuania faced Russian propaganda for a long time, in fact she never stopped.” She argues that “the sophistication of this propaganda increased after 2014”.

According to Hall, “it is aimed primarily at Russian-speaking population, but can have a devastating effect on society as a whole.”

Lithuania yet scored only restrictive measures. Recall that at the March meeting of the Russian liberal opposition in Vilnius (“the Third forum of free Russia”, by the way, initiated by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania) were not allowed the film crew RTR. Security called the police who escorted journalists.

Over the past three years, the authorities of the Baltic States has repeatedly banned the broadcast of TV channels “RTR-Planeta”, “NTV-Mir” and the First Baltic channel. In early June, LKTA – Lithuanian Association of cable television – issued a statement according to which “cable TV is ready to boycott the channels that spread propaganda on the Internet”.

“Russian propaganda” in Lithuania are found in the most unexpected places. As the “Sputnik Estonia” with reference to the three Lebanese source.lt, head of the Lithuanian Center for the study of Eastern Europe, the candidate in deputies of the Sejm Laurynas Kasciunas called Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” information diversion and the new propaganda weapon of the Kremlin. The analyst also said that the show KVN carries the “encoded political messages that often politicians use during the election campaign. “The Lithuanian viewer should not watch Russian television. As information weapons in Russia can use anything,” warned Kasciunas.

“Managed to grow”

The statements of the candidates to be the ambassadors of the USA will be followed by real action, said the analyst, President of the Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev. “Moreover, what they call Russian propaganda refers to any activity of Russian journalists, information agencies. Any information that does not correspond to the opinion of the United States, called the Russian propaganda”, – the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

Grigoriev recalled that the training of people working against Russia is a serious component of the American activities. “If the work went through various grants, nonprofit foundations, and through events, including for journalists in Russia, but was applied as work on the development of civil society, the programme for the training of journalists, now talking about it openly. Journalists will be trained to work in the Russophobic, anti-Russian style,” said the source.

“Nurturing a community of journalists with Russophobic sentiment, unfortunately, effective. If we take the Ukraine, the Americans and the EU have managed in many years of work in this direction to create a layer of journalists. About 60-70% of Ukrainian journalists grew up in Russophobic, anti-Russian spirit”, – stated the analyst.

A similar situation in the Baltic States – a significant number of journalists takes anti-Russian position, but there is a separation of journalists with the anti-weighted or Pro-Russian views happened long ago, said Grigoriev. He added that the division “supported by the States of the Baltic countries. And additional efforts, the US can hardly here something will give. Those that can afford to maintain an independent perspective, or Pro-Russian journalists likely to remain in their positions. “And those who hold anti-Russian views, and already are working against the interests of Russia, in addition to train them does not make sense”, – concluded the expert.

While Ukraine agrees with the order, nothing will change

“We do if someone wants to get more “cookie”, position, prize, any warranty of business, it needs to have the information war with Russia, a reflection of the Russian aggression, catching the agents of the General staff of the Russian armed forces and agents of the Kremlin throughout the country, as well as to resist bronekopytnye Buryats in submarine helicopters, – said Vladimir Skachko. – All the memes that came up with people from the Ukrainian “Ministry of truth” to fool people and distract the attention of useless objects”.

He emphasized that “everything from top to bottom or bottom to top, engaged in this exciting game: the dividend on the anti-ghosting”. Participate in ordinary people who “chew” this information, as well as officers, generals and ambassadors,” he added.

There is a flip side of the coin from the creation of a parallel world: the people who create it and who enforce it, start to believe it themselves become victims of this imaginary struggle, recalled the jump. “Ukraine has ceased to notice their own problems and their causes. She can’t put a diagnosis to begin proper treatment. If all time to say that to blame Russia, all the forces rush to the fight with Russia”, – said the analyst. According to him, the situation is reminiscent of an anecdote: Ukraine went to war with Russia, lost two divisions, 200 tanks, 800 aircraft and four ships. And in Russia? Russia in the war did not come. “So it turns out in Ukraine. She fights with Russia in the war, which Russia has not yet come”, – said the jump.

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