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Friday, February 23, 2018

The system of determining the minimum score of the exam will change

Rosobrnadzor plans to introduce the method of calculating the minimum score of the Unified state exam (use) – a very important figure for all school leavers. Therefore, the Department will respond to check the audit chamber, which revealed a number of violations in its work. However, perhaps the SP requirements achievable in full, and the reason is not bureaucratic.

The chamber, as stated on the website of the Ministry, approved the conclusion about execution of the Federal budget the Federal service for supervision in education and science (Rosobrnadzor). Among the identified deficiencies – the lack of guidelines for the establishment of a minimum score on the exam. The minimum score of the exam is a very important indicator, it only scored a student can obtain a certificate of secondary education. There is another indicator – the minimum score for admission to universities. In other words, the chamber declares that the ” opaque way sets the key indicator that determines how many Russian schoolchildren will get the document on secondary education and will be able to enter higher education.

“I guess, technically, the chamber of law: there is no rigid method of how to calculate the minimum score. But I don’t know how such a method possible”

“At the same time approved the acts and methodical recommendations on the establishment of a minimum grade in the service do not exist, – stated in the message of audit chamber. Scores are based on actual achievement of the past, which in turn demonstrates a lack of qualifications. So, in 2015, the bar exam was admitted to the 30 thousand students less than in 2014 (650 thousand). General certificate of secondary education got 24 thousand students, which is two times higher than that in 2014.”

As reported by the newspaper VIEW the source in the Ministry of education and science (it is maintained by Rosobrnadzor), guidelines will really develop. “A letter from audit chamber received, work in this direction is conducted” – said the source. What exactly are these methodical recommendations, the source is difficult to say.

“I guess, technically, the chamber of law: there is no rigid method of how to calculate the minimum score. But I don’t know how such a method possible,” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Deputy of the state Duma, member of the Russian Committee of the “Education for all” Oleg Smolin. Indeed, the very idea of the exam is to determine the level of knowledge of pupils, which may not be the same.

Smolin reminded that the minimum score of the exam is indeed calculated differently. “At the time, the minimum passing grade established after the exam has passed, in fact, – Smolin said the newspaper VIEW. And it had rigged the result, how many guys you can leave without a diploma. Then the minimum score of the exam began to set in advance – again, not very clear how the calculations. In my opinion, last year when a very bad passed the math exam, had to change the minimum score after the exams. All it proves is that the idea that the exam excludes the human factor, does not stand up to scrutiny.”

“This year, with the exam watch a particular situation: very easy math major and highly complex mathematics relevant,” – said Smolin. Thus, it appears that the Ministry deliberately lowers the bar for those who just want to get my Ged, not having any ambitious plans, and overestimates it for those who want to go to a prestigious University.

It should be noted that this trend is global. In the US, for example, the conditions for obtaining a diploma in many States are simplified, and the requirements for entering the universities grow. Such a policy is most often due to the need to combat youth crime. After all, young people who failed to finish school and not having therefore, life prospects, often join the ranks of the inhabitants of prisons.

According to the ideas of Smolin, is not a formal evaluation criteria, and a realistic assessment to allow for the fact that the child has earned, and yet not to deprive him of the right to further education and work.”

As the Deputy considers, it is necessary to make a decision that allows any child in some form of continuing education. “I suggested that another Minister Andrei Fursenko. Well, you have not passed the math exam, shouldn’t you close the road in humanitarian University. Not passed you two, the exam can still go to College for a program of middle managers. Three have not passed the exam – but maybe your hands are working well? It is not lawful for you to close the receive working specialty,” he said. However, this idea neither the chamber nor the Ministry has to date not discussed.

However, critics of the service are reminded that the lack of guidelines is not the only problem associated with the Unified state exam. “Do a lot of problems around the use. We have repeatedly pointed out to them, the chamber including”, – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Vladimir Burmatov.

He cited a number of examples of bad, in his opinion, the work of the service. “Every year forms do not have enough students this year,” he said the newspaper VIEW. – Well, how can that be? Because to one person knows how many finishes school. And financial scandals? It turns out that the exam is expensive multiples compared to previous years. For example, last year we showed that it is five times increased in comparison with 2013″.

Burmatov mentioned and, as he put it, “completely insane purchase of cameras, metal detectors, jamming mobile phones before the examination that, in his words, “does not give any positive effect, as the statistics of violations on the exam does not change”.

In any case, innovations regarding the calculation of the minimum points, is hardly relevant for the current exam, because they are already almost over. The final examinations in basic terms the students passed June 20. As reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of Rosobrnadzor, from 22 to 30 June is provided only so-called reserve days. They will be re-exams for those who got poor results at one of the compulsory subjects (Russian language and mathematics), missed the exam through illness or those whose results were annulled due to violations committed by the organizers of the exam.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of education and science Dmitry Livanov said that the minimum scores for graduation and for admission to the University this year will remain at the level of 2015.

“There will be no change, and even will change the threshold points required for obtaining a high school diploma and for admission to the University. We want at least three years to stabilize the situation”, – quotes his words TASS.

Thus, the minimum score will correspond to the order of the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov of March 23, 2015.

Minimum scores for graduation are in the Russian language on 24 points, in mathematics profile level on 27 points.

And for admission minimum score is:

Russian language – 36 points;

mathematics profile level – 27 points;

physics – 36 points;

chemistry – 36 points;

Informatics and ICT – 40 points;

biology – 36 points;

history – 32 points;

geography – 37 points;

foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish) – 22 points.

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