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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The state Duma adopted the law on support of socially useful NPOs

On Wednesday the state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill to support social non-profit organizations, which should enter into force at the beginning of next year. We introduce a new status for NGOs “by the public utility services”. The list of such services will be approved by the presidential decree. NGOs can obtain this status if longer than a year provide services of adequate quality.

The state Duma on Wednesday, June 22, adopted on second reading a bill on the support of NGOs providing public utility services, reports RIA “Novosti”. One of the authors of the bill, the head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Olga batalina noted that these amendments form a new system of relations between the state and the nonprofit sector, the Foundation for equal partnership in the provision of socially significant services to both state institutions and non-profit organizations with attraction of budgetary funds. “Such a task was set in the message of President Vladimir Putin. And today’s law task is implemented,” – said batalina.

“Socially oriented NGOs will be stronger, more solid, with great potential”

Recall that in his address to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin stated that non-profit organizations that have proven themselves as flawless partners of the state, should receive a number of benefits, including up to 10% of means of regional and municipal social programs. They need to be installed status by the public utility services, Putin said.

We will remind, the day before the profile Committee of the state Duma on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations approved the bill and recommended the adoption in the second, mainly reading. In the first reading the bill was passed on may 20.

The authors of the document were made by the group of parliamentarians headed by the Chairman of the Committee of the lower house’s labour and social policy Olga Batalina and Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova.

The Committee approved the second reading of the amendment, according to which the commencement of this law in case of its adoption postponed to January 1, 2017. Previously it was assumed that it will be effective from 1 November 2016.

The list contained in the decree of the President

The bill provides for the introduction of a new status for NGOs “by the public utility services”. According to the explanatory Memorandum, it may be recognized as socially-oriented non-profit organization that “for one or more years providing public utility services of proper quality”.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Galina Karelova, introducing in April the bill, said: in the list of public utility services, in particular, included social services, providing social assistance and medical support to children, the disabled and the elderly.

In addition, Karelova mentioned pre-school education. To the public benefit services it was also suggested to include the prevention of social orphanhood, prevention of Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction.

As before said Olga batalina, the list of such public utility services will be approved by the presidential decree, and be disaggregated and decrypted by the government. It highlighted that NGOs should not carry out functions of a foreign agent, as well as having any debts for taxes and duties.

“The new status gives NGOs new preferences in the future work”, – emphasized batalina. According to the parliamentarian, the list of socially important activities, work in which will allow NGOs to qualify for a new status, it is expected to determine by decree of the President for several years. “These activities will reflect public inquiry, formed today,” he added.

“The bill will stimulate the development of the non-profit sector, socially oriented NGOs will be stronger, more solid, with great potential,” she said.

His contribution to the formation of the bill was introduced and the head of the Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov. In early may, he had prepared an amendment to the bill, clarifying the concept of “political activities” for NGOs, which offers unconditionally to determine what charitable organizations, organizations of culture and art cannot be related to the structures involved in political activities.

“If the organization, which clearly goes far beyond the scope derived from the notion of political activity, will try to hide behind, it will not work, as the evaluation approach in the analysis of the remains,” – said Nilov.

We will remind that the bill describes the conditions under which NGOs may be included in the register of non-profit organizations implementing socially useful services, and to enable it.

Inclusion in the register gives NGOs additional incentives and benefits. According to Batalina, the list was discussed and will be reviewed after the adoption of this normative act.

“It is proposed to limit the period of inclusion of NGOs to the roster two years, one year she works on a par with state institutions. Thanks to this NGO for two years acquired the status, additional incentives and benefits,” explained the author of the bill. Two years later, this status will need to be confirmed.

“In any case, we are at the beginning of a long journey”

May 20 presenting the bill before the first reading, the head of the Duma Committee on labor and lipolytica Olga batalina said: “activities that enable us to create a non-profit organization to a socially oriented, it becomes more, it is now difficult to find NGOs that are not socially oriented, rather than Vice versa”.

According to the MP, “at every stage of development, the state and society shape their priorities, and they are certainly narrower than the range of activities covered by today NKO.

“As this spectrum of activities is determined principally by the decree of the President, it is natural that the presidential decree will determine – not for one year but for several years the key priorities of the current period. And they will determine, in fact, a joint direction of the state and NGOs”, – said the Deputy.

“And those for whom this will seem attractive and which, because of their competence, qualifications, and personnel will be able to work in this direction will do so on an equal footing for budget resources with other state and municipal institutions”, – said the MP.

According to Batalina, for the second reading of the bill was supposed to create a specific list of privileges and preferences for NGOs by the public utility services. “In any case, we are at the beginning of a long journey, and regardless of whether this set of preferences part of the Federal law or it will be separate by-law, in any case, this way we get to the end and this set will be defined”, – assured the Deputy.

Batalina also said that the state Duma is ready to form a specific list of privileges and preferences for NGOs by the public utility services. “But a partner in this work is the government and the relevant Ministry, Ministry of economic development who is authorized and responsible for the development of this activity. I hope it will work out,” said batalina.

The challenge for “Community”

The development of socially oriented NGOs was one of the topics on the forum “Community”, held last week in Yekaterinburg.

“For the first time this year we are holding the forum at the moment when passed the key to the NRA document is a set of measures aimed at promoting the development of socially oriented non-profit organizations and their access to the social services market, – said, speaking at the forum, a member of the Public chamber of Russia Elena Topoleva-Soldunova. – This is a serious document, we discussed the project and made a number of suggestions and now we will present the finished document and discuss what role can NGOs play in its implementation.

In early June it became known that the most interesting proposals on the forum “Community” will be included in the Concept of promoting the development of socially-oriented NGOs, which develops Public chamber of Russia. The document will be presented at the final forum Community in November.

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