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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Rosselkhoznadzor has threatened to ban Belarusian milk

Russia intends to limit supplies of Belarusian dairy products. Our officials worried about its quality and health safety of the population. While this warning. If violations continue, the Rosselkhoznadzor reserves the right to deny delivery of some Belarusian enterprises, or completely veto the import of Belarusian milk. For Russia, this is an unpleasant consequence, because 30% of our dairy market close the purchase of this Republic.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor, our country can completely ban the export of dairy products from Belarus because of problems with its quality and safety.

In 2015 in Russia from Belarus accounted for more than 304 thousand tons of “milk” including 56 thousand tons of dried products. According to Russian authorities, even the major manufacturers falsifiziert dairy products by adding chalk, starch and soda.

The Rosselkhoznadzor said that in the case that such violations will be detected again, the Agency will be forced to impose restrictions on the supply of dairy products from Belarus as a whole or individual enterprises.

The Ministry of agriculture of Belarus said that he had not received official claims from the Rosselkhoznadzor about the quality of the Belarusian milk powder. The Minister of agriculture and food of Belarus Leonid Zayats said that he had not heard about the claims, and all the products that his country supplies to the Russian market is counterfeit.

“High-quality products and does not raise any doubts among consumers. Such claims did not exist before to the Belarusian product. There were some claims to the Belarusian cheese, but we took them off,” said the Hare. According to the Minister, the Russian market can sell counterfeit products, issued for a Belarusian. Such cases, he said, were already.

As has declared “MK” the representative of the Russian dairy lobby, the claims of the Rosselkhoznadzor seem a bit far-fetched and ill-timed. “In the past two years our farmers, making up for their own lack of goods, were forced to turn to those foreign suppliers who have not previously made an active purchase of products. “Procurement “milk” in the same Belarus increased from 13% to 83%. We increase the import of dry milk from Serbia, Switzerland, Uruguay, Argentina. Observed re-exports from Kazakhstan”, — said the representative of the industry.

“If you put new obstacles in Belarus, the prices of the available goods in Russia will continue to grow. According to VTSIOM, more expensive milk, at the end of April, said 70% of Russians. If our market will disappear and Belarusian food products from this category, the milk promises to be a delicacy,” — said the representative of the fishery.

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