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Saturday, March 10, 2018

The report of the German intelligence on the Russian agents are suspiciously naive

In Germany, a report issued by the office for the protection of the Constitution and the Ministry of interior on the activities of foreign intelligence services on German territory. Only a few paragraphs devoted to China and Iran, all the rest – on the penetration of the structure of Germany’s Russian residency. Report with startling frankness reveals the details of the work of Russian intelligence, and it looks especially suspicious.

Joint report on the activity of foreign intelligence on the territory of Germany was prepared by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany and the protection of the Constitution. And that intelligence and counterintelligence, which grew more from the “organization Gehlen” – the type of security the new Federal Germany, was established immediately after the war under the auspices of Americans of the officers of Nazi intelligence agencies.

“The German report looks completely unprofessional document precisely because of its plausibility”

A special emphasis of the report on the conduct of electronic espionage by Russia and China not only as a tribute to the General fashion to blame the electronic problems is Moscow and Beijing, sometimes, to heighten the horror, and even North Korea. It is especially strange against the background of constant scandals involving wiretapping by American intelligence agencies, senior officials of the Europe, including Angela Merkel, and now the successive French presidents. The scandal around the wiretapping of the phone of the Federal Chancellor softened that showed the dependence of the German government from overseas friends.

The immediate author of the report – the Minister, and in the recent past the Minister of defence of Germany Thomas de maizière is the representative of the exceptional even by the standards of the German historical surnames of the hereditary military and politicians. By origin they are French Huguenots – refugees in Germany after the massacre of St. Bartholomew. The father of the current chief of the German police, Colonel Ulrich de maizière was one of the senior officers of the Wehrmacht during the Second world war, a frequenter of Hitler’s bunker, and he was one of the first learned about the suicide of the Fuhrer. In 1945 he was in the American zone of occupation and under Chancellor Adenauer became one of the organizers of the revival of the German army in the form of the modern Bundeswehr.

On the other hand, his cousin Lothar grew up in the GDR, made a brilliant career in the SED and, in the end, led to the GDR after Honecker. That is Lothar de maizière was the last Prime Minister of the GDR, sign documents on the elimination of this state, and he personally gave “a start in life” his press Secretary – a young Angela Merkel, proteinous it to the office of the Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Now Lothar de Maiziere, paradoxically, a consistent critic of the policies of Angela Merkel, and his statements about her sometimes go beyond the borders of the pan-European rules of conduct.

Cousins, despite being born in the “other” Germany, are in the same party – the Christian democratic Union (CDU), is largely similar views and, despite the historically non-German origin, represent one of the most influential German political field names.

So the published report on the activities of foreign intelligence services in Germany is mainly attributable to their personal political project, not as a result of the activities of the Organization for the protection of the Constitution. The head of counterintelligence for Hans-Friedrich Maassen is not a professional in the business, but rather a political appointee with a mixed reputation. Apparently, the combination of the political ambitions of the family de Mazerov and bias Masana and spawned the strange document, which was presented as a report on the revitalization of foreign intelligence services in Germany, primarily Russian. Common words on the growing influence and capabilities of electronic intelligence – this is normal. At the same time, this aspect is presented rather formally, and it is easier to speak, is not entirely clear. According to the document, foreign agents in Germany less use traditional methods of exchange of information, and are increasingly resorting to electronic data transmission system. There is no accurate account of what is meant. For example, communication via Internet and instant communication of information from a directional source is a fundamentally different thing from the point of view of the technique and intelligence activities and structure of human intelligence. It’s one thing to communicate with connected through switches pornochat, which is very common in the world of ISIS, or passing by the building of the Russian Embassy on the bus, in hundredths of a second “shoot” tons of information from the electronic device directional.

But then in the course of German counterintelligence report describes in detail the “questionnaires” which is now used by the Russian intelligence when working with agents of German citizens. It is noted that the last five years the Russian intelligence service did not take active steps to gather information in Germany, and intensified only with the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. Representatives of the Russian residencies resumed personal encounters with their informants and agents, asking them the same questions.

Basically, these questionnaires include economic sanctions. And not even they themselves, and the so-called red lines – what part of Moscow’s behavior will be to Berlin is completely unacceptable and that will affect the tightening of sanctions. Further information is needed about the contradictions between government line against Russia and the position of the business community, disagreements and contradictions within the EU, as well as new energy technologies, in particular, the so-called fracking.

The latter, however, can be left to the conscience of the authors of the report, since fracking technology in Germany is prohibited by law. But the fact of the publication of such “questionnaires” curious. The fact that in the bureaucratic world of intelligence, these “questionnaires” are a single document, which requires reporting. That is, the polling agents can actually be in a uniform pattern. It would seem to be unnatural from the standpoint of common sense – everyone is different, everyone has different level of tolerance and understanding, but at the same time in mass, it a quantitative approach, such an approach may release some coherent picture of the world, of course, if it competently to understand. It is possible.

But the German report looks completely unprofessional document precisely because of its plausibility, if we take into account the bureaucratic features of Russian intelligence, inherited from the KGB. No sensible counter-intelligence of the world in sound mind and memory did not confess that she has access to this kind of fundamental “questionnaires”. They would have to hang under lock and key in the farthest castle in Bavaria, around to set the dragons fighting and then for months to provide Russian intelligence disinformation, since you are so smart.

And since you are so smart, then why would it be necessary deliberately to “burn” his own counterintelligence system, claiming that you have the ability to trace the time frequency of contacts between the Russian residencies with his network of informants? The report indicates that Russian intelligence in Germany in the last year is constantly engaged in outreach among their contacts (probably refers to the German politicians, scientists and journalists with whom the agents are in contact with potential agents of influence) on Russia’s policy in Ukraine. Almost lecture he reads about the meaning of events (“distribution friendly to Russia belief”) in the absence of Russian troops on the territory of a neighboring state, and the like.

That is the German counter-intelligence publicly States that all such contacts are she has “under the hood”. This is either huge incompetence or flagrant self-promotion. There is no need to explain how illiterate to disclose such data if there is a potential opportunity to play on the same field, the more and more on their territory. I can understand the attempt to scare the Russian residency to those suddenly flustered, thinking that they burnt, and went in droves to urgently change employees. These personnel movements never remain unnoticed, but on the other hand, the counter-intelligence always easier to work with already identified by the staff than to spend the time to develop newcomers.

And then again there is the question of political bias of this document. German counter-intelligence Agency in deep crisis. In any friendship nor were these services, and personally Maassen with the United States, the humiliation from the wiretap of negotiations, Merkel has not been canceled. And then suddenly published a report which clearly says that the German counterintelligence almost lunch and dinner along with Russian secret services, knows all about them and not even want to play counterplay, but just openly posting sensitive information. This is not serious from the point of view of classical intelligence. Even if only because all the data that covertly refer to the authors of the report mean just not about espionage, as usual, the classical human intelligence. Intimate conversations with people. The recruiting agents. Recruitment of agents of influence, the formation of network ties. That is the very thing with which Western intelligence has long been a big problem.

It may well be that all these “questionnaires” invented by the German counterintelligence. Don’t need to be a great mind to predict what would now be interested in Moscow. And to create such a report – is not of great concern. Assuming ideal variant, in which there is no self-promotion and political games family de Mazerov and Pro-American Mahasena, this is just an attempt to put pressure on Moscow. In reality, there are de Mesery, and the apparent ability to partially control the contacts of residency and transparent availability of certain political figures in Germany.

Here is something to think about though and not worth to take to heart too much, at first glance, unprofessional looking report. To play the fool is much more complicated than smart.

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