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Monday, March 19, 2018

The government will continue to support socially oriented NGOs

Speaking at the forum of the Public chamber of “Community”, President Putin said that public organizations – “this is, in fact, is our country, our people.” This is especially true of socially-oriented NGOs, which the head of state urged to provide better access to financial support.

President Vladimir Putin visited on 4 November, the forum of the Public chamber of “Community” dedicated to the development of civic engagement. “If you ignore the various pseudoscientific language, social organization, civil society is the country itself, the people,” – said the head of state. He recalled that “the basis of activities of public organizations lies the desire to improve our lives, to help people”.

“When we were one, have always achieved brilliant victories, and when separated, faced with the tragedies of millions of our citizens”

“We supported and we will continue to support all activities of public organizations, nonprofit organizations, and political and socially oriented,” – said Putin. He noted that for these purposes in 2015 were sent significant funds – almost 6 billion of grant support, of which more than 4 billion of Federal funding.

“Think this is not enough, especially for socially oriented NGOs, which, of course, more and better than even state and municipal authorities, understand and feel the needs, the needs of the people, finer and more efficiently react to these problems and could effectively spend public resources allocated for these purposes”, – said the President. He noted that in 2016, social assistance has more than 236 billion.

From well-established public organizations of a social orientation it is necessary to allocate those that are capable of solving the challenges facing state and municipal authorities, called on the President. “I think that it would be possible to create a special group or highlight a special group of NGOs of social orientation, swiping, of course, special select, to confirm their competence, and to open their access, eventually, to financial resources allocated by the state for social purposes”, – said Putin.

The President, referring to the civic activists, he added: “I am convinced that those who gathered in this hall, and those colleagues that you work with, will do everything we can to people in the country live better, regardless of funding, because all you do is in his heart”.

“Unity does not mean uniformity”

We meet on the Day of national unity, said the President. He recalled that when the holiday is planned to create, many shrugged their shoulders – they say, why do we need another one to the table once again to sit? “But now I see clearly and understand what we need this holiday,” – said the President, noting that for each country, and especially Russia with its multinational and multiconfessional composition, it’s important to stop once a year and remember when and what had happened to us, because of our victories and triumphs and defeats and tragedies.

“If you look at the course of history, we make sure that when we were United, we have always achieved brilliant victories, and when we were separated, we were faced with tragedy, destruction, misery and suffering of millions of our citizens. Faced with false values, criminal ambition and disaster. Therefore, it is important to realize themselves as one people, despite our diversity,” said Putin.

“Of course, unity does not mean uniformity of thinking, views on existing problems, the future of the country, ways of its development”, – said the head of state. “However, it is important to understand that the basis of these disputes, sometimes very acute, should always be one thing – love for the Fatherland, the desire to make it stronger, more powerful, more efficient, and people’s lives better”, – concluded the President.

Rewards for concerned citizens

After the President’s speech in the framework of the forum the awarding ceremony of the winners of the award “I am a citizen”. All awards were given in 14 nominations.

Expert Council of the award made the selection of 42 nominees from more than 1400 applications. In particular, in the nomination “Culture and international relations became the winner of Valentina Pogozheva, which is headed by the Vologda regional Patriotic public movement “Village – the soul of Russia”.

In the category “accessibility” mark the founder of the Samara regional youth organisation “Inclusive club volunteers” Alex Transoms. “According to statistics, almost 1.2 million people with disabilities,” he notes, adding that because of the lack of the habit of independent activities, many of them may never find their place in life and are close to the poverty line. To avoid this, I develop inclusive volunteering movement in which young people with and without disabilities can comfortably work together”.

The winner in the category of “Benevolence.” For contribution to development of charity” became the public man Vladimir Vavilov from Kazan. He created the first in the country hospice for patients older than 18 years. The Fund is named in honor of his daughter who died from leukemia at 3 years of age. Since March 2003 the Fund. Angela Vavilova helps children with oncological diseases in the Republic of Tatarstan. Every day the staff of the Fund have rospisnoy assistance in 35 patients and perform up to 150 for a house call. All hospice services are absolutely free.

“There are more questions than answers”

The final forum of the Public chamber of “Community” began its work the day before – the event was attended not only by civil society activists and staff of NGOs and representatives of government and business. Earlier, from March to November, similar forums were held in all nine Federal districts, where during the year from representatives of the third sector and active citizens received suggestions for improving the work of NGOs. There is a discussion of existing problems and possible ways of their solution, and support the most effective practices of civic engagement.

Speaking yesterday, Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov noted that all the important results will be summarized in “the resolution that we will pass on.” “Among the proposals – tax credits, the creation of a unified register, as well as infrastructure support”, – said the Secretary OP. Previously, Alexander Brechalov reported that the “Community” forum in the future may become an annual event.

The NCB for the country is very important, because they are immersed in those areas that the state did not have enough time, they offer solutions to the problems that are not always notice Federal and regional authorities, said the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities Igor Barinov.

However, the regulation of NPOs “there are more questions than answers,” said in his turn, Alexander Brechalov. “We are now in this point in the development of the third sector in what we were ten years ago in relation to small and medium businesses – said the Secretary OP. “I mean, we talk a lot about it, but don’t know what to do. Today will help us answer them.” He recalled that the most difficult to identify the really socially oriented NGOs, because of course, no one will say that his goal is politics or business.

The topic of NCOs – foreign agents are currently not relevant, said Brechalov. “Well, actually we are talking about? We have more than 70 billion in foreign funding over four thousand organizations receive. We have 100 non – profit organizations- foreign agents. Well, it’s not the subject,” he said, stressing that Russia is “too liberal legislation against NGOs that receive foreign funding”.

At the same time, many Russian NGOs do not use half of capacity, said the Secretary OP. “Someone believes that NGOs have few opportunities for development, but we made an inventory of all that you have, and we have a lot, and realized that you are using all of this not more than one percent,” – said Brechalov.

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