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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The feast of the balalaika prohibited by Obama

The feast of the balalaika in Russia began to celebrate recently, less than ten years. Although on June 23 as the Day of the balalaika is celebrated not only in Russia but also in other Slavic countries. The tool has a long complicated history, he was sometimes even in the center of political events.

Head of the Center for folk culture and art of Vladimir Devyatov told “MK”, how did balalaika and bought all the usual.

Photo: press service of the artist.

— The day of the balalaika observed since 2008. It is a holiday not only for those who play the instrument, but for all performers of folk music. However, official status has not, and were in the country on the rise of the spirit of patriotism. Celebrated mainly creative community. Held in honor of his concerts, festivals, parades. In Crimea, held on 23 June each year, the festival of folk instruments.

— How did the idea?

The idea of a holiday came to the club folk-music, which is headed by a Director of a folk instruments Quartet “Skaz” Dmitry Belinskiy. The holiday is celebrated in other countries where live Slavic Nations. Dmitriy Belinskiy asked the President to make the holiday a balalaika official. But he refused.

— Why is is celebrated on 23 June?

— June 23 marked the 320 anniversary of the first mention of balalaika in historical documents, also 125 years since then, as the tool came to the young master Vasily Andreev, who has transformed the balalaika, incidentally, he was the organizer of the national orchestras.

— In connection with which the first mentioned balalaika?

— In 1688, the officers of the Streltsy order detained peasants, who had a balalaika. In that period Alexei Mikhailovich issued a decree prohibiting to play the balalaika, dombra and gusli. The tools were burned, and those who played them were sent into exile. Balalaika appeared on the verge of XI and XII centuries. In Russia, the balalaika appeared, probably due to the Tatars, who could bring the instrument in the yoke. Or is it converted dombra.

— How has transformed the tool Vasily Andreev?

— Vasily Andreev, who came from a noble family, formed finally the balalaika: a form of notation system. Although his parents preferred the piano, as was the custom in the nobility, Vasily Andreev was very fond of folk instruments. We went with them on foreign tours.

Who did the balalaika in the Soviet Union?

— In Soviet times there were several workshops, which made this folk instrument. There were individual masters, they used several species of wood: beech, pine, spruce. The inimitable sound of the balalaika, there is no other such tool.

The balalaika is one of the symbols of Russia, as it was regarded abroad?

— Since the 1940s in the US, the balalaika illegal to sell. Until 2000, the ban did not concern Alaska, but then spread to the territory. Barack Obama has extended it to 2020. To play the balalaika, of course, possible, but you need to purchase a special license.

Special thanks to the people’s artist of Russia Vladimir DEVYATOVA and the folk group “the Yar-Marka” newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” wants to Express the performance at the oral edition of the newspaper in the city of Fryazino, held June 21 at the Palace of culture “the Source”. The program was also attended by well-known actor, beloved by many, Sergei KUPRIK and wonderful singer-songwriter, his songs Sergey VERTINSKY. Thanks to their talent, the celebration was held at the highest level!

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