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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The expert explained why Vladimir Putin takes the soul “Vasily Terkin”

With a light hand of our President, the media, social networks “remembered” about the poem “Vasily Terkin”. At a meeting with representatives of the Russian historical society Vladimir Vladimirovich, hearing the remark of one of the participants that schools now need to learn more of military literature, has contributed to the amendment: we need not more military, and more good literature that “takes the soul”. And as an example, read the excerpt from the wonderful works of Alexander Tvardovsky.

This statement “the first person” in the country on the literary theme of “MK” asked to comment on the Honored teacher of Russian Federation, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Director of the Moscow Center of education № 109 Evgeny Yamburg.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

– Ferry, ferry – left Bank, right Bank…” for more than a decade has passed, several generations have changed, and “Terkin” continues to “take the soul”. Even the President it as a reference quoted…

– Poem by Tvardovsky that is the exact getting into people’s kastusiou element. That is why it is so popular has been and remains. Therefore, with the statement of Vladimir I, as a teacher, in this case, it is difficult to disagree. Because of the “nationality” text “terkina” child-student that poem is easier to perceive than, say, a literary work of Pasternak. But I would urge you to be consistent: having said A, say B. after that, it is Necessary that our younger generation knows about the continuation of a remarkable military poem Tvardovsky – “Terkin in the next world”. In this work, which brought the author so much trouble, he tried to make sense of post-war events. Well, besides, if we “pass” in literature Twardowski, we need to talk about his work as the chief editor of “New world” about those significant events that are connected with it…

– When it comes about “literature about war”, it is impossible to forget about Simon’s trilogy “the Living and the dead.” Or, the modern teenagers are “bricks” difficult to master?

– Of course, a thin volume of “terkina” easier to read. But in each case it is a question of individuality. – The individual personality of the student. And personality of the teacher. To the fore is the question of the submission of the material, its sincerity. – If you do not burn yourself, it is impossible to light the others.

It is important not to overfeed” in this literature. Alas, I recall vivid examples of the Brezhnev era.

As for the subject of conversation that arose at the meeting with the President, I honestly don’t understand what it is all about, “military literature”? Books that describe battles, military operations, adventure brave scouts? Alas, in this primitive “range” is served in many of the Great Patriotic modern “bestsellers” and movie serials. But these authors turns out not war, and “war”. But the great works of Grossman, Nekrasova, they’re not talking about “war games” – they are about a man at war. And even if the text does not mention about gunfire and explosions, the war is still present. The genuine war, with all its anti-human.

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