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Friday, March 16, 2018

The doctor-killer Chernov offended by Russia for a ban on peeing in the sink

Anesthesiologist Alexander Chernov, who admitted in an interview with Ukrainian television that was killed on the operating table, the wounded militiamen, as it turned out, was also to the same writer and journalist. On the website “Prose.<url>” he has his own page (after the scandal of her hurriedly blocked). It published works reveal a non-trivial inner world of the author. One of them is called “Jet magic splash”.

photo: youtube.com

Dedicated this creation is not the murmur of crystal streams of some of the Bakhchisaray fountain or mountain spring, which is bent with a jug, a beautiful maiden, and — would you believe. the process of urination. The author shares his experience of the administration of this act natural during night duty in the office of the Department head. And advises colleagues to use for the implementation thereof, not toilet, which is used for this purpose, and… the sink located in the same office. (Yenakiieve doctors, thoroughly disinfect all the places of stay Chernova!).

“After the sink – that’s it, brilliant, daily nurses natively… Water, opened, took, sent directly to the sink drain… and as the sound of water stimulates a pleasant pain immediately prior to the outpouring…

The water temperature can be selected depending on the time of year, mood… in the Summer I like to put fingers under the occurrence of “my” teplomerezhi jet cool jet from the tap. And what a thrill to lightly sprinkle on… hot flesh and cool water at the end of the process! In the winter (though the heating is actually never “lame”) sometimes wish to feel goryachest crane jet, warming hanging over the sink “thing (men’s) dignity”!”

The reading of this opus evokes the physical feeling of nausea. And it preceded “art-performance” pseudo – informational message with the title “Gennady Onishchenko banned doctor-anesthesiologist Chernov A. E. pee in the sink.” Supposedly, during a press conference in Norilsk, the head of Rospotrebnadzor said that “peeing in the sink is unacceptable not only on hygienic, but on moral principles.” Funny? In my opinion, disgusting.

Judging by these “works” mentality Chernova clearly wrong. However, visible abnormalities has not prevented one of the “democratic” and “Patriotic” Ukrainian media website “the Island” to make Chernova your correspondent and regular contributor. It is noteworthy that revelation Chernoff about how he struggled with the “separatists”, was published on this website a year ago, albeit not as candid and detailed as in a television interview. But calls for “colleagues” to kill came to him in the hands of the “enemy” is in this text.

That is, the text has quietly been on the site for over a year, and neither editors, nor readers, nor the sponsors of the “Island” has not caused any issues. It is clear that the audience of the site consists mainly of residents of Ukraine in Russia is little known. And that audience sees nothing unusual in the murder of a doctor patients. Whose money is running the website? As follows from the posted information, its main sponsors are the American Foundation NED (National Endowment for democracy), the media development Fund of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, international Fund “Revival”. Why am I not surprised.

When the doctor killer was captured by the militia for criminal attitude to the patients (that is, for what he later himself confessed), he was declared a political prisoner, he fought democratic society, human rights defenders and journalists. Chief editor of the “Island” turned to “Doctors without borders” with the request to intercede for the prisoner – “the doctor and the journalist. I guess if it wasn’t released, he could become the second Savchenko and today would sit in PACE

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