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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The bomb exploded

The Chairman of Mosoblispolkom Irek Vildanov on Wednesday resigned. And the CEC it was immediately accepted. Two months ago, this was difficult to believe. And even a week ago, when all the election experts have started talking at once that the chair is under the Irek the Raisovich staggered.

Why such an outcome seemed unlikely? First, on the nose elections in the state Duma and Moscow region Duma. The question is, who will now conduct the election process in the Moscow region to Moscow region residents chose not anyone anyhow, and the right of deputies, namely those that are loyal to the regional authorities?

And second, Villanova is already a term of office expires on his post he has served five years, and he is a very experienced lawyer who knows all the details of electoral law, and most importantly a loyal man. After the last gubernatorial election he was even in the intensive care unit rattled — so worried about the case. Such people in our country do not “merge”. Nevertheless, now out in shame — without of honorable send-off, sweet speeches, awards and diplomas.

So what did happen? Irek Vildanov has become a bargaining chip in a larger political game? Or in the state of Denmark something is really changing and we’re all on your way to a better, bright, clean?

On may 28, after the Central election Commission cancelled the controversial elections in the Moscow suburb of Barvikha, the “MK” wrote: unfair elections undermine the credibility of the government.

And if the party in power can not be honest to win even where the native population adjusted to her loyal, it inadvertently suggests that the state is not all right. And we wrote that the scandal in Barvikha attracted the attention of the whole country. Therefore, the CEC, or rather, its Chairman, Ella Pamfilova was forced to intervene. And it was unprecedented. But what’s next, we asked.

And then Ella Pamfilova opened Pandora’s box.

Although the elections in Barvikha canceled for purely formal reason, the CEC acknowledged that the campaign had established numerous violations of the law. And then decided to conduct its own investigation and check all the documentation of the local PEC. But suddenly it became clear that all ballots were destroyed. And started a new scandal worse than the first. And again, Ella did not become silent about the discovered violations — on the contrary, told the media that the destruction of documents connected with preparation and conduct of elections, “this is a flagrant violation, the bomb”!

Here is the conclusions to the Moscow regional election Commission and its Chairman was asking clearly. But the power of inertia and pessimism among the masses is too great. On the other hand, where will the optimism? Even the observers of the public movement “Sonar” and “the Voice”, which Irek Raisovich was referred to as “Nazi collaborators”, passed special training in the Polish camps, did not believe in his resignation.

Vildanov is just a cog in the political game, experts said. Maybe that’s how it was until recently. But now, almost for the first time, the CEC refused to cover the marvels that were doing the regional electoral Commission.

We can only guess, what was the trigger for the resignation of the Irek Vildanov. Perhaps Ella Pamfilova has indeed released a certain Genie out of the bottle, deselect it, in Barvikha, and recognizing the fact of fraud during this election campaign. But most likely the fact that the Federal government decided the elections in 2016 must pass at the new for the Moscow region scenario: honestly, openly, legitimately.

This is confirmed by the words of the most Pamfilova. The main reason of violations of the election in the Moscow region — the use of administrative resources, she told reporters on Wednesday. “It would be unfair to say that many violations in the Moscow region is more to blame Moscow regional election Commission. The main reason is the use of administrative resources by heads of entities of different levels, improper organization of work on the part of responsible persons”, — she said at the CEC session.

Right-the skeptics or the pessimists, time will tell. The wait is very long — up to 18 September.

The RESIGNATION of the HEAD of MOSOBLISPOLKOM COMMENTED on VICE-the GOVERNOR NATALYA VIRTUOSO: “there Is a detuning of the system to ensure election. Task — only a fair and transparent vote in September. All of the elements of the old system, not rebuilt under the new requirements, will be eliminated. Friday’s scheduled joint meeting of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova, Moscow region Governor and all the presidents of Ticks. All polling stations will be equipped with cameras. On September 18 Odintsovo will be organized by the Observatory, where the candidates, observers and the media will be able online observe 3,5 thousands sites. We will do everything to conduct the reference from the point of view of transparency of the election on 18 September.”

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