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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tests of the Russian missile will refresh the memory of NATO

Army air and missile defense videoconferencing Russia successfully tested missiles short-range missile defense system. It happened against the background of preparations for the NATO summit in Warsaw and the approach of the US missile defense system to the borders of Russia. In this sense, the tests are clearly a signal, and it is for the us military.

As reported in the press service of the defense Ministry, the launch was on the ground Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan, the aim of the launch was the confirmation of tactical and technical characteristics of missiles, in service with the VKS. The commander of the air defense and missile defense, Deputy commander of the VKS, Lieutenant-General Viktor gumenny, which arrived at the landfill to monitor the preparation and conduct of the test launch, said that “the antimissile system of missile defense in the course of the tests completed the task successfully struck conditional goal at the set time”.

“During the Sochi Olympics system s-300 was located in a converted courts

Recall that missiles are designed to intercept warheads and warheads of ballistic missiles. And these tests were held against the realization of U.S. plans to deploy elements of its missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The first set has already earned the former air base Deveselu in southern Romania, a second similar object is laid in the village of redzikowo in Poland.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia will be forced to respond to the introduction of the American system. As recently as late may, Vladimir Putin reiterated that the United States can place in their installations strike complexes, and this is poses a direct threat to Russia, and in the most sensitive of American medium-range missiles from Romania and Poland can threaten Moscow and the Central industrial district.

A new Russian rocket designed just to cover the areas. Theoretically it is not even contrary to the Treaty on the limitation of missile defense systems with the US – the same one from which Washington withdrew unilaterally. Despite numerous violations of the American side of the whole Treaty system in the missile and anti-missile weapons, including in Europe, the Russian side is planning to use the missiles only for its intended purpose – to cover areas and objects.

In favor of this version says that SAIs “Almaz – Antey” at the same time maintains and modernization of Moscow ABM, and development of promising system s-500, which thanks to their tactical and technical characteristics and mobility will be the basis for the firing subsystem of the aerospace defense of Russia.

At the same time, work continues on the improvement of s-400, and in professional environment there are arguments that some versions of s-300 was better than s-400, since they are made including on a modular basis, with the result that they can be placed on the roof of the building and on the train platform, and in a remote place. During the Sochi Olympics system s-300 was located in a converted ships, providing security from the sea (also the defense of Sochi provided the “Torah” – as a module, and tracked). Characteristics, e.g.,-300V is higher than competitors (due to the application of both electronic and aerodynamic methods), but the military s-300V and more expensive than facility-300P, because more expensive vehicles and complex technical solutions against noise.

S-300 systems copes with the American subsonic cruise missiles (and on the way, we will remind, From-400). New, successfully confirmed their performance characteristics of the interceptor missile designed to intercept warheads and warheads of ballistic missiles. If you add to this “triad” of the already mentioned system of the melee at low altitude type “tor” (different modifications, including those with new missiles), you can speak about a full closure of the sky over the area or object.

To compare such systems with their American counterparts is difficult because in the U.S., in principle, not engaged in the development ABOUT the short-and medium-range, believing that the American continent is protected from such threats, both geographically and politically. But later specialized versions of a new missile can be placed on other media, such as on military ships. This will create a Maritime defense system that is equal to or even superior to the American system of Aegis.

Now the US plans to create in the Eastern Mediterranean for more missile defense system based just on the Aegis and standard. Not that that’s much bothering anyone, but the Russian fleet still need more ABOUT the middle range. And not a “weapon of last resort”, and the effective suppression system of the missile attack by superior enemy forces. To invoke limitation and on this basis to present Russia a formal claim, no one can. But until that effective marine use C-500 requires the creation of new additional electronic equipment. Work is also underway to create a fundamentally new perspective types of air and missile defense, but not openly talking about their alleged characteristics.

It remains to note that a successful test of a new missile was held on the eve of the Warsaw summit of NATO. It is clear in its agenda these tests will not change anything fundamentally, but will refresh the understanding of some basic things – if not the poles and the Romanians, the Americans, who are familiar with missile technology and technical characteristics.

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