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Friday, March 16, 2018

Teleportation in Russia will begin in 2035, but not with people

And yet we sooner or later will master the technology of teleportation. Already by 2035, maybe sooner. “The nature of the us does not forbid it” – so spoke about the development plans of the program “National technology initiative”, developed by ASI, head of the Russian quantum center Ruslan YUNUSOV. How fantastic it will be to enter into the lives of Russians – in the article “MK”.

photo: pixabay.com

The STI program is divided into two parts. First, you want 10 billion, covers the period from 2018 to 2025, which included the development of network protection from cyber threats for the civilian population, domestic intelligent systems urban management, unmanned vehicles. The second takes us into the more distant future, 2025 to 2035, when some of us literally become computer features. That is get micro chips in the brain to communicate with complex electronic systems with the power of thought, and the term “teleportation” will no longer cause absolutely no rush, as will become commonplace.

So, who and by what the scientists want to protect us from hypothetical villains?

– Classic link — a fiber that carries impulses. Each pulse of billions of photons, says Yunusov. – An attacker can intrude on the line, nip off probation unit of photons and read the transmitted information. The person at the other end of the wire that is meant to receive information, do not even know about this hack. We offer an alternative solution – the line quantum communication. Information that flows from point a to point b, to intercept, no one can, because at the time hacking it will immediately disappear. Moreover, the guarantee here is provided not by the possibilities of mathematical encryption, and the physical laws: we can’t take a single elementary particle (quantum) and quietly considered her condition. This is based on the principle of quantum cryptography. At this time, we have launched the first 30-kilometer branch of a connection between the two branches of the same Bank.

Whether to use such systems then the civilian population referred to in the program? Experts do not doubt that. After all now in the greatest price? Information. No matter what — about quotations on the exchange or about the health of my dear aunt. But because the protection of valuable data will eventually be demanded at all levels of society.

Ruslan can not help but ask you about the notorious teleportation mentioned in the program in the section “after 2025”.

– The question here is of course not about physical teleportation, as it is currently the most: someone went into the stall in Moscow, and was published in new York and quantum teleportation. Explain on the level of a single atom. If we want to teleport a single atom, we don’t need to move it in space, it is enough to consider all its characteristics and just hand it over to another atom.

– Why it’s called teleportation, and not just information transfer?

Because in quantum physics we can’t read information without changing, without damaging the object. In other words, reading information from the first atom, we destroy it immediately. Or rather not him, but his condition is not to clone the same atoms.

– How is the writing process?

By means of the photon. He carries state of the atom from point A to another atom located at the point V. the result is as in the presentation, we teleport : took it, it disappeared and then appeared at another point.

If took the man, and thought of quantum information from all of its atoms to the photons, then these photons are sent to the point in recreating exactly all the information we would get the same teleportation that is seen in movies. But this is of course a huge challenge, she and 2065 not be realized. While we can use these methods within a quantum computer or enhance quantum communication systems.

It is planned that within 5-10 years we will develop quantum repeaters. They can be put on every hundredth kilometer and they will help to pass the information on, as if its endless. This will be a particular application of quantum teleportation in the national economy.

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