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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Technology divorce: why do dealers not happen living machines

The days when you could look into the showroom and, pointing a finger in any specimen, to drive it home, over — let me think — even in the middle of zero. Today, buying a new car has become a lottery.

Photo: loopele.com.

At the end of the last century, the car flew in our country like hot cakes, so in the showrooms to find a “live” product was quite difficult. Now machines in the salons as it was not, and is not, although the Russians almost do not buy. Of course — “crisis shmizis all things.”

If the dealers simply did not have time to replenish their stocks, today do not matter, because in some cases fails to sell even the remnants of 2014. Much easier to work with on pre-order, insuring their own risks with consumers ‘ money.

The scheme is almost perfect and in any case not unprofitable: the customer wants the car — he’ll get it, but when? Some are waiting for the coveted “swallow” (and not even imported from abroad and manufactured at one of our plants) from two or more months. And those who play premium games, Farshire future “horse” for the most ever, a dull moment in anticipation of an order of the months eight to ten.

Sorry, but we are not talking about personalize any Bentley or Rolls-Royce, a car where for a particular client literally equip manually. For example, the Volvo XC90 with all sorts of additions will have to wait nearly a year — Yes, children are faster born! And how do you the LADA Vesta, which at the start of sales, the buyer could see only a quarter? Rides like a sedan not from Izhevsk, and from overseas…

Incidentally, AVTOVAZ has decided to revise the scheme of interaction with the dealers and even increased the production volumes to fill storage areas to continue to force customers to suffer waiting for the ordered car. Quickly provide their customers with machines and the Koreans, who, despite everything, trying to keep a minimum stock live cars in showrooms.

Dealers, as already mentioned, at the expense of consumers to minimize their own risks: they do not hurl spent on logistics, shipping-customs clearance until they receive payment. Besides, it clearly States the amount you are required to pay as a Deposit for the next car, the contracts are sometimes missing. If, say, the Manager of the salon offers to pay 20% of the cost of the vehicle, just in case ask him to show where indicated. Because the temptation is great: how not to cheat hooked a buyer? In this case, you can try to reduce the amount of the prepayment, discussed mutually acceptable to both sides option.

This item of expenditure as “storage”, the dealer is now ruled out completely. But the picture would be incomplete without the traditional for our country overtime divorce for money: for example, the contract price, the TC one, and upon delivery to the dealership was different. Naturally, not cheaper, and Vice versa.

The point here is sometimes not even in the swings in exchange rates and the dive of the ruble, and in the banal desire of the seller to deceive the consumer in the agreement Russian and white that the price on the vehicle may change, but how and why — traders, of course, list not found.

And why? In fact, some manufacturers still do not even fix minimum prices for their products, recommending to seek the counting of that particular model to your personal Manager. So, sorry, can walk up to the fact that the price tag of a product will depend on the shoes that you stepped on the threshold of the dealership or from the car that you brought.

How to be funny may be, but buying a brand new vehicle becomes a lottery. If you are very lucky, I’ll leave it right out of showroom, catching a rare live specimen or a car, which, for whatever reasons, the customer refused. In most cases, be prepared for a long wait.

Vyacheslav VASILENKO, the browser portal Avtosklad”.

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