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Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia in the pit stability

The country received a receipt for the Crimea, Donbass and “stability”. In receipt: unemployment, poverty and hopelessness. Petrodollar dolce vita is over. In Russia now only growing prices, taxes and utility bills and falling incomes, purchasing power and standard of living. 19 million was below the poverty line. While the minimum wage in Moscow on 14 413 rubles, and in Russia — 9452 and therefore, a huge number of those who are not included in the official “poor”, barely make ends meet. 39% of families have no spare cash, and all proceeds go only for food. The worst thing is that these people cannot afford not only things, but also medicines. Almost 50% of people suffering from structural hunger is. This is not the limit! The crisis is not yet over. But the government is not a single resignation in the list of “Forbes” — no bankruptcies, and the number of dollar millionaires unchanged. “Sweet berries eaten together, the bitter berry one?

Propagandists, of course, trying to redo ugly picture “opinion polls”, arguing that 80% of Russians consider themselves happy, 94% are looking to the future with optimism, and 82% support the President’s policy. But don’t believe in it, even the most desperate patriots and optimists. Universal jingoistic swagger was replaced by a heavy hangover, and instead of talking about Russia rising from its knees, increasingly heard the saying “worse than in the 90s, will not. Worse — will. In the 1990s, people choked the free hand of the market, and now it will join another and the strong hand of the state. There will be all new and new taxes: real estate, land, vehicles, securities, for all that is possible. And more and more bureaucratic subterfuge by which the state will receive little, but with all and for anything. All new construction and projects with the value overstated by an order of magnitude or two, by which “elite” will support their well-being. And with each new collection, extortion and large-scale construction in invisible ink will be displayed: “a tax on Crimea”, “payments for raw material economy and decades of incompetent do-nothing”, “money for officials and security forces.”

The fact that the time is coming anxious, quickly realized the middle class, sensitive to change, as there is something to lose, and easy to upgrade — because it has the opportunity to go. With the introduction of sanctions, its ranks greatly thinned out: some went bankrupt, others ran away. Power and to the crisis created the conditions, to a more or less honest business in Russia became unprofitable. And even the sanctions and promises to support domestic producers did not change anything: we have a well for those who steal, and bad for those who work, and the smaller the business, the more it Rob. But because of the anti-Western rhetoric of the government, many entrepreneurs are dealing with other countries, and even scared that their address will be taken from the ban to the taking of funds and property. Insuring, they find refuge in the Baltic States, where it is easy to obtain a residence permit, Europe, Asia and even Latin America. In recent years, the country had lost so many economic immigrants that we can talk about the “economic boat”. Many people buy second citizenship, many of those who, with the adoption of new laws plans to abandon the Russian. (The question why Russia needs such citizens and is there for them to cry, is beyond the scope of this article.)

What will happen to those who remain here? Seem them 90 flowers?

In the 90s people didn’t have money. But loans were not. In Russia today, about 38 million of Bank creditors, and that 59% of the working population (excluding debtors underground microcredit organizations). And 8 million have at least three credits, and each of the sixth is nothing to pay the debt. More than half is taken in 2016, the loans went to pay off old. Besides brought up to the ideology of consumption, people can not refuse loans even in hard times. To be poor and unemployed, they continue by inertia to gain debt to last money to buy equipment or a trip to the resort. And even more bogged down in a financial quagmire. The laws adopted in the interests of the banks and the police inaction and connivance of the authorities — on the side of collectors. After all, what allowed the banks, not allowed to ordinary mortals. Every year with the help of criminal banking schemes, the country displays billions, and only in exceptional cases the case comes to trial. But it is one thing to withdraw capital abroad and not to return to the Treasury of millions in loans. It is almost safe. And the other time does not give the Bank a hundred thousand rubles. However, finally adopted the law on sewers, 2017 prohibiting the use absolutely criminal the power to absolve debt. The law is very necessary, but to rely on the laws in the country where they are observed. In Russia, they exist to get around them. So the collecting will move from the legal sphere in semi — instead of the official Bank employees, the debtors will come shaven-headed children, to the Bank as if has no relation. By the way, recently the bailiffs allowed the write-off of Bank assets debtors (and nobody cares if you need them for vital operations, or your salary does your large family, Bank money is needed). And the more you will grow credit debt of the population, the more will be taken such measures to help banks to return the money.

In the 90s, when after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the “communal” has not had time to take off, could not pay for years, putting off bills until better times. There were no mechanisms of knocking out debts, besides public utilities have not yet been divided between the contractors, many of which are now in the hands of those same officials and their “daughters”, only without any responsibility of the state. Now debtors who have delayed payment for a few months, come the threat of disconnection of gas, electricity, water and heating, redress (which in Russia is always on the stronger side) and weaning of the apartment by law. Power, of course, serves the interests of management companies: increases penalties and simplifies the foreclosure process. Trying to squeeze money from a tight budget, people are wondering: to pay bills or to repay the loan. And make a decision based on someone you fear more: ransomware-public utilities or gangsters-bankers. Across the country water and electricity, perhaps, will not shut off, but the point off and eviction will begin. And at risk will be the most vulnerable. My porch light cut the pensioner, living with a sick son, and “gentle threat” from the housing service came to the widow of the invalid of the great Patriotic war.

So far, the Russians pretty well pay the bills, but, according to experts, in the near future debts on utility bills will be massive and will grow exponentially. And in advance, anticipating the benefits, those interested in the collection service (and the debtors on housing and communal services the new law on the collectors, incidentally, does not apply). This, given the way they work, of course, scares. At the Center of development kollektorstva there was a separate section on extortion debts on utilities, which enumerates the methods of work with debtors: special messages in the media and distribution of leaflets; participation of specialists in debt collection in General meetings of residents; legitimate threat, non-standard options. From the last paragraph of the creeps. What are the custom options? Iron? The soldering iron? The matches under the fingernails?

Another sign of the times, which was not in the 90s, today anyone no pity. A young family with a child there is nothing to pay foreign currency mortgage? Parents not to pay tuition son? You have to sell the TV, car or cottage to pay the loan that was taken to buy those same TV, car or cottage? Didn’t have to take money from the Bank! No money to pay the bills? Sell the apartment and buy the one that will be affordable! No money for medical treatment or study? Go to work! There is no work? Themselves to blame! People have no sympathy, no solidarity. One should not expect protests and rallies in support of those who fell into debt. Even when in the pit will be all Russia. The police and the judiciary insures our government from any popular disturbances.

In fact, the punitive apparatus (from police and courts to provide banking structures) is the only area in which somehow present state. And it all makes for its citizens? Wasting funds, including pension. Reduces the cost of everything that is not connected with the army, foreign and domestic. Leaving the social sphere, closing of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, additional education destroying, canceling benefits and reducing the already penny allowance. Only from 2001 to 2013 in Russia was closed 24 000 schools 4800 4800 hospitals and clinics (data after 2013? no, apparently decided the information “to classify”).

The state does not assume all obligations regarding the future of the country. But nevertheless still costly to his people. In the 90s the government has taken up the Soviet legacy (this is rich, what is still something left). In the “zero” cashing in on resources. Today, she remains to squeeze money out of its citizens. The aim of the whole vertical state, the entire power system, from government to security forces. And since squeeze will have often the latest, the process will be cruel and painful.

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