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Monday, March 12, 2018

Russia has developed a unique method of 3D printing bones

A group of specialists of the Siberian Federal University, announced the creation of a new method of creating bone structures with 3D-prototyping and computed tomography. It is planned to print the bones from a fully biodegradable material called polyhydroxybutyrate.

photo: pixabay.com

According to the doctor of biological Sciences Catherine Shishatskiy, which quotes the press service of the University, additive prototyping method allows to obtain products of almost any shape and size. In combination with the capabilities of modern equipment, able to obtain images with an accuracy of fractions of a millimetre this opens up the possibility of creating structures, uchityvaetizmenenie anatomical and morphological characteristics of patients

As reported by another representative of SFU, Constantine Kisterskiy, when printing of biocompatible synthetic bone materials used in technology layer-by-layer fusing of the material, which allows to apply the polymer without izmeneniyah chemical structure or use of the adhesive composition.

The biomaterial from which you want to create bones, was previously developed by the Krasnoyarsk biologists. For its reception and establishment of scientific bases for their use in medical practice Ekaterina Shishatskaya in 2010 was awarded the prize of the President of the Russian Federation.

In the short term, the experimental implants will be tested for compliance with Russian and international standards for implantable products.

In March of last year the specialists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University introduced the first printable bone fragments of domestic polymer. In December, other scholars, also from Tomsk, said that they managed to create a 3D printer capable of printing individual prostheses specific peoplelow based on titanium and niobium. A few months ago, they announced another successful application of 3D printing in the Russian medical specialists, the resident company of the SKOLKOVO Fund successfully implanted laboratory mice thyroid, printed on 3D-printer manufactured in Russia.

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