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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin stated that no nation should live in the past

In Moscow opened a nationwide historic meeting to mark the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war. “See in this a profound meaning, because this day as the Day of Victory, not divides us, and unites,” – said the newspaper VIEW, one of the participants of the forum. President Putin talking to the participants of meeting urged to develop the country based on the experience of previous generations, but not to live only in the past.

On Wednesday morning in Moscow, in the Museum of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill opened nationwide historic meeting that convened the Russian military historical society (RVIA) and the Russian historical society (RIO).

“No country, no people should live in the past and bathe in his infinite heroism, it is harmful and dangerous for the future of the nation”

At the same time the Central archive of the Ministry of defence has published documents disproving aimed at the falsification of history of Russia the claim that the Soviet Union allegedly planned an attack on Germany in the early 1940-ies. The chief of the Central archive of the Ministry of defense Igor Permyakov presented these papers at the conference. He noted that from the captured documents of the German military command 1940-1941, relating to planning war against the Soviet Union, makes it clear that Germany expected from the Soviet Union only defensive action. Among the archival documents he presented the Protocol of an interrogation of field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, taken by the red army captured during the battle of Stalingrad.

Is the document “the testimony of General field Marshal of the German army, Friedrich Paulus about the reasons for the rejection of the “operation Sea lion” – designed, but not implemented operations of the landing of Nazi troops in the British Isles. “We have this document is first stored on special storage, then after the need arose to disclose the documents that directly talk about the falsification of historical events, we decided to withdraw from particular storage and to provide for the introduction into scientific circulation”, – quotes Permyakova, RIA “Novosti”. The German commander reported that the reason for the refusal of plans to land in England was introduced in the summer of 1940 plans for the attack on the Soviet Union.

He also gave Hitler published in early March 1941 a Directive about cooperation with Japan. “In her first paragraph noted that the operation “Barbarossa” (German attack on USSR) Japan should not make any statements. Thus, planning perfidious aggression against our country, military and political leaders of Nazi Germany in order to preserve the secret of its plans did not consider it possible to inform about them even its close ally like Japan,” added Perm.

“Only these documents clearly indicate that the Soviet Union had against Germany and its allies any aggressive intentions”, – said the head of the TSA MO.

Myths and truth about the great Otechestvennoi archival documents it is possible to make two conclusions, added Perm. “First: despite assiduously circulated, especially in Western countries, false claims the Soviet Union was not planning an aggressive war against anyone, its military planning is entirely aimed at ensuring the country’s defense. Offensive combat operations were considered only in response to aggression. There are documentary evidence, including German documents,” said Perm.

“Second, the allegation that someone in the top leadership of the Soviet Union supposedly does not believe in the possibility of a military confrontation with Germany and its allies, also are unfounded, unfair and amateurish. The study of archival documents shows that the Soviet leadership was aware about the situation and the extent of military and economic capabilities of the country took the appropriate action. The only question is whether these measures have been effective and sufficient to the beginning of the war”, – added the head of TSA MO.

In addition, the environment of the German historical Institute in Moscow together with the Central archive of the defense Ministry unveiled a new series of documents – 341 folder with the translated papers from the archives of the Third Reich, protocols of interrogations of prisoners of war and personal letters of soldiers.

An important part of our national identity”

The first meeting of the Russian historical meeting took place on the day of mournful anniversary – 75 years since the start of the war, said participants of the meeting, chief editor of magazine “Historian” Vladimir Rudakov.

“I see in this a profound meaning, because this day as the Day of Victory, not divides us, and unites. Professional historians often have different points of view, argue about certain interpretations, and that’s OK, without these discussions, the impossible science. But at this date we remember what unites us. And we are United that the war memorial is an important part of our national identity. And therefore, any attempts to substitute scientific discussion historical provocations and falsifications of the past is unacceptable”, – said Vladimir Rudakov newspaper VIEW.

“I as the chief editor of popular science journal “the Historian” was particularly close to the idea, which sounded here in many speeches – the idea that historical science needs popularization. Unfortunately, at us in 90-ies it so happened that science and society were left to themselves. Science has lost much of its channels of influence on society, it was itself trying to survive in a very difficult situation. And at this time the society get out of its ideological dead ends of their own methods, often without reliance on scientific knowledge. In the end, the path of scientific and popular, of the ordinary knowledge about the past differed greatly. In this split a flood of historic consumer goods, rushed there everything was delivered to the surface element of the market. And not only market: there was a space that was quickly filled with outright fakes and hoaxes, often of a political nature”, – said the meeting participant.

“The school is not in forces was to compensate for the lack of quality popular history. Because the school has their own, very important task. On the one hand, it conveys to children a basic level of historical knowledge, thereby working to ensure the continuity of generations. On the other hand, she solves applied problems, because students should enter higher education, and the school is obliged to help them. But popular history in the form of high-quality literature, movies, magazines, which in plain language denounced to the nation important to her values, was not enough. Fortunately, now the situation is gradually changing: there’s our journal, active historical society, a new impetus for his work he received the society “Knowledge”, – said Rudakov.

“We need military, and good literature”

On Wednesday evening the participants of the all-Russian historical collection received in the Kremlin by President Vladimir Putin. During the conversation, he called the important and interesting subject for historians build models of the world in the case of Hitler’s victory in world war II. Putin urged to pay attention to what Hitler planned to do if defeated, the Russian people, wherever Russian people was far away there in Siberia – and would be virtually doomed to extinction, according to the President. He is confident that such facts “need to know everyone, including those who are trying to overstate what happened, and make some conclusions, to which no one today has the right to judge them,” Putin was quoted by TASS.

During the meeting, the writer and TV presenter Yuri Vyazemsky recalled: fostering in young people a sense of patriotism, should not be abruptly and positively something to impose. “Patriotism is like a plant, and a very complex plant that has to grow according to its own law. A special role is played here military literature, and not only Alexander Tvardovsky, but such difficult writers like Viktor Nekrasov and Vasily Grossman,” – said the presenter.

“She, in my opinion, is just the best, can educate this huge feeling of our Russian patriotism, compassion and cares for the Homeland… it seems to Me still tell Livanov that we need more military literature, especially now. There are great writers. Me he can’t hear and can hear you,” said the President Vyazemsky.

“I think you will agree with me, that I was going to say. We need more than military literature, and we need more good literature,” said the President. He quoted verses of Tvardovsky’s poem “Vasily Terkin”, noting that these words “take the soul” and that such works need.

“Military theme is very important, and today we’re talking a lot about it because today June 22, the day of the great Patriotic war. But we need such positive present and future. Just no what we’re talking about, without the knowledge of their own history – I know that each of us here agree with that – without knowledge of the past is impossible to look to the future. It is a known cliché, but he’s right, he can’t go anywhere. Well, Livanov all say” – promised the President.

At the same time Putin recalled that no country should live in the past. “No country, no people should live in the past and bathe in his infinite heroism, it is harmful and dangerous for the future of the nation”, – said the head of state.

Putin said it was necessary “to go forward, largely based on the Foundation of what made the previous generations, to educate young people on the basis of all the best that has been done over the previous decades and centuries by our predecessors”. The only way to feel confident in this fast changing world, the only way to choose the right guidelines for the development, summed up the Russian leader.

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