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Monday, March 12, 2018

Putin gave the installation to the polls

Vladimir Putin, speaking at the last plenary meeting of the state Duma of the current convocation, called the key tasks of the new composition of the lower chamber. “The legislature is an independent branch, and its work should not interfere with any market interests, no desire to hurry to make a decision”, – said the head of state. Putin also called on election stakeholders to ensure stability in the country.

On Wednesday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and state Duma deputies to the 75th anniversary of the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union observed a minute of silence in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war. Then the President of Russia addressed the Russian Parliament.

“The parliamentary parties there are a lot of advantages… But in the upcoming election campaign you will have to take the exam before the voters”

Began his speech the head of state with the words of the great Patriotic war. “The Soviet people took on the most powerful blow, but answered to the enemy’s mighty resistance, stood in the full sense of the word, death, defending the homeland. Completely and finally defeated the aggressors in their den, won a great Victory,” – said Vladimir Putin.

“Today we bow in front of this heroic generation. Our fathers, grandfathers gave their lives to save Russia and all mankind from the “brown plague”. We will always remember their sacrificial valor, their heroism. The bright memory of all who forever remained in the war, to all of our veterans who are no longer with us. I would like to honour their memory with a moment of silence,” said the President. The deputies of the state Duma stood up and paid tribute to the heroes and victims of the great Patriotic war.

Speaking in Day of memory and grief, Putin reminded those who unleashed the Second world war. “Their ideology of hatred, blind faith in their own exceptionalism and infallibility, the quest for world domination led to the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. The main lesson of the last war is well known: it could prevent, required timely and firmly curb uncontrolled of the Nazis and their accomplices”, – he said.

“NATO is reinforcing its aggressive actions”

The President compared the rise of Nazism before world war II with the threat of international terrorism. Putin called on all countries to unite to fight against international terrorism.

“What is the lesson that still need (in addition to the Second world war to today, rejecting old ideological disputes and geopolitical games, to unite in the fight against international terrorism? The danger of the spread of this common threat is growing on our heads. You need to create a modern, non-aligned, equal for all States the system of collective security. Russia is open to discuss this critical issue and has repeatedly stated its willingness to dialogue, but we again, as this was the eve of the Second world war, do not see a positive response, – said Vladimir Putin.

According to Putin, NATO’s opposite enhances its aggressive rhetoric and its aggressive actions near Russian borders. “In these conditions we must pay special attention to the solution of problems related to improving the defense of our country”, – he stressed.

“The leadership of some Western countries chose a policy of containment of the Soviet Union, sought to put it in the terms of international isolation. However, the real terrifying global threat came then from Nazism; its danger is underestimated, overlooked, refused to recognize that enlightened the threat is emerging and growing stronger criminal regime,” – said the head of state.

“It should not be a hasty, superficial approaches”

Next, the President addressed the issue of quality of work of the state Duma. Vladimir Putin called on all political forces participating in the election campaign, to ensure social stability in the country. “It is important that all political forces were aware of their responsibility for maintaining social stability, achieved in the elections is not only the results as such, but mainly, the confidence of citizens in the elections”, – said the President.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that “the legislature is an independent branch of government, and its work should not interfere with any someone’s opportunistic interests, no desire to hurry to make a decision”. “It should not be a hasty, superficial approaches to the consideration and adoption of legislation, I particularly want to say about it. Providing routine, systematic, in-depth substantive discussion of the draft laws is a key objective of the new convocation in the organization of the legislative process”, – said Putin.


“I would like to thank the State Duma deputies for a deep, meaningful understanding of state interests of Russia. Because you know how to vigorously defend and, of course, for your consolidated legislative support for the proposals related to strengthening the security of our country”, – he added.

“You have made a great job”

The head of state praised the work of the Russian Parliament. “Your work, its results can certainly be assessed as worthy. That is especially important, I want to stress, largely due to the accepted laws are fulfilling their social obligations to our citizens and develop critical sectors of the economy, improve the political system of the state,” he said.

“In all these areas you have carried out a great job. These successes – the result of the efforts of all factions, their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with each other, with Government, other subjects of legislative initiative. Consider a truly historic result of your convening, the legal integration of the Crimea and Sevastopol, which was preceded by your sincere, heartfelt moral support of the residents ahead of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation”, – said the President.

“Consider a truly historic result of your convening, the legal integration of the Crimea and Sevastopol, which was preceded by your sincere, heartfelt moral support of the residents ahead of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation. You are actively, somewhere emotionally, and where necessary, have ably supported the mood of the vast number of Russian citizens – residents of Crimea and Sevastopol”, – said Putin.

“Will again take the exam”

The President touched on the issue of Russia’s political system and upcoming in September the choice to the legislature. The decree about date of elections to the State Duma signed by the President – they will be held on September 18 according to the mixed system.

“It is now ten times more to political parties than it was five years ago. But we know that the quality of the political system is not measured by the number of parties and their ability to influence the solution of problems that concern our people. The parliamentary parties have a lot of advantages, and these features, of course, honored. But during the upcoming election campaign, you will have to take the exam before their voters”, – said Putin.

The head of state touched upon the social issues. “I want to emphasize that soon the state Duma will come the deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies, and therefore, the representative function of the Parliament, its relationship with the regions will be significantly strengthened. It is very important that in the course of your work, our citizens have received additional guarantees of their social rights. They should be provided by laws governing education, health, housing and communal services”, – the President added.

“Special attention in your previous work for previous years was paid to these issues, including the support of maternity and childhood protection. Of course, it is very difficult, one might even say – the hard questions. But how we solve them will depend the future of our country. And of course, all important and security, and international Affairs, but nothing is more important than the economy and social sphere”, – said Putin.

Then Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of the anti-corruption component of the state Duma. “In recent years, managed to create efficient anti-corruption legal framework. Tightened requirements for all categories of state and municipal employees, prohibitions on the opening of accounts in foreign banks, possession of the assets of foreign companies”, – concluded the President.

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