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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Musician band Radio kamerger the police left without a cello

On Monday in Central Moscow police detained musician band Radio Kamerger” Seeds laskina, who played the cello. He was accused of disturbing public order. Tool away, leaving him at the police station until the trial, to be held June 28. The Manager of the musician Olga Openok told “MK” about the details of the incident and the possible future fate of the musician.

– It happened on Nikolskaya street – said Olga, – a small company (there were three of us) we walked there, sat on the bench. Simon played and sang (without connection). By the time the police came (21.00) we were about to leave – no one sang and not played. However, the Seeds were detained and taken to the police Department China-Town. He was charged with “organising non-public event of mass simultaneous stay and (or) movement of citizens in public places” (article of the administrative code 20.2.2 p. 1). This, as we have explained, the decision of the court may be punished by a fine from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. Obvious picture of the empty streets the police didn’t stop. With the threat of “take by force” the police had planted the Seeds together with the cello in the car and taken to the police station.

– How is it that he was left without a tool?

In the end, after midnight it was released, but without a musical instrument. The cello remained in the Department as evidence of the “crime” of Seed – to trial, which is scheduled for June 28. All week the musician be without his instrument, to ascertain the details of the crime, you know? This week Simon and his group should happen 4(!) performances – two at the largest music and theatre festivals, one solo at the club and the performance in the qualifying round for another festival. And daily rehearsals.

– He provided some resistance during the arrest?

– No, he was just angry and verbally expressed that he did not agree with the prosecution.

– How are you going to defend your position in court?

– We collect information, data. Consult with lawyers. We look for witnesses. I witness police count refused. We write in social networks, to respond to specific people who were in this moment in this place. We’re accused that we are “organized”, although nothing happened, we just played the instruments, rather for yourself.

Watch the video on “On Nikolskaya street in Moscow, police detained the cellist”

The musician is charged with “organization of mass events with a fine from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

The author of the video: Konstantin Khomchenko

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