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Friday, March 23, 2018

MIFF will show football fans

Tomorrow is the 38th Moscow international film festival. “Ke-dy” by Sergei Solovyov on the novel by Andrew Gelasimov “Paradise found” about the world of Russian autism, says the Director, ask him a start. That will see the audience, we have learnt from the organizers and participants of the MIFF.

Frame from the movie “the Box”.

A contest with a monk and a devil

In the main competition of 13 films from Poland, France, Iran, Costa Rica, Brazil, Germany, the Philippines, South Korea, Bulgaria… there are no huge names and filmmakers from around the world. And it is for the festival — the norm. But almost every Director has his biography at least one glorious victory at the prestigious film festival and can boast of working in Russia. Russia is represented by only one painting, which is unusual for practice in recent years. It’s “the Monk and the demon” by Nikolai Dostal screenplay by Yuri Arabov, which was run, but due to lack of money closed. The action takes place in the monastery, where a new monk Ivan Shaposhnikov. And with it gets in there dark forces trying to knock him off the path. Starring one of the most talented actors of modern Russian cinema Timofey Tribunal.

“37” — picture of 30-year-old Danish PUK Grasten is based on the events that occurred on 13 March 1964 in Brooklyn, where he was raped and murdered a young girl. Eyewitnesses of the crime were 37 people, but none of them stopped the murderer. “The machinations” of David Grieco, who worked 17 years as an assistant to pier Paolo Pasolini, talk about how the Italian classic in 1975, mounts his controversial film “Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom”, after which the negativity vanishes. Grieco took about 100 documentaries on movie stars, and in 2005 worked in Russia over non-fiction painting, “a Fictional story”. And “Diary of the driver of Milos Radovic from Belgrade partly grew out of the startling statistics. It turns out that over the years train driver unintentionally causes the death of about 15-20 people. The hero of the film becomes one of these murderers of innocent 60 — year-old Elijah. Under the wheels of his train killed 28 people. 19-year-old adopted son Elijah is also becoming a driver.

The jury, as always, speaks Russian

The Chairman of the main jury was Ivaylo Hristov is a Bulgarian Director and actor, who has played more than 50 roles in theatre and cinema. His “Losers” a year ago awarded the Grand prize of the festival — “Golden George”. So Ivaylo Hristov headed the jury. This practice is to invite the winner of the previous festival to lead the jury trying to enter, program Director of MIFF Kirill Razlogov. Educated in the Soviet bloc, the Bulgarian Director knows Russian language.

The jury is the eldest son of famous Indian actor Raj Kapoor is the producer, Director and actor Randhir Kapoor. He starred in more than 65 films and is the Executive Director of the company “R. K. Films & Studios”, which was founded by his father. German Director Ulrike Ottinger, before becoming a Director, was engaged in painting, he attended lectures in art history and religion, and this was reflected in her filmmaking. She was filming a documentary in Asia and the far East (“China: art and people,” “Joan of Arc of Mongolia”, the eight-hour “Taiga”). Later captured events associated with the fall of the Berlin wall. In 2004, he filmed “the Twelve chairs” by Ilf and Petrov, the Russian and Ukrainian artists.

Russia in the jury is Victoria Isakova — student of Oleg Yefremov, the theater actress. Of A. S. Pushkin. Starred in “the Island” and “Homeland” Lungin, the TV series “the Thaw” Todorovsky, “the Apprentice,” Serebrennikov. Kazakh Director Rashid Nugmanov — also our people. He studied in the legendary workshop of Sergey Solovyov in the Cinematography that gave rise to the “Kazakh new wave”. His most famous movie “Needle” with Victor Tsoy. Took it it still a third-year student. After several years of living in France returned to Alma-ATA and headed there for the film festival “Eurasia”.

Come to us Abdullah

MIFF stopped chasing the stars. Or maybe they just don’t want us to come — who knows, but at least two of the stars of the world of film directing will visit Moscow. A classic of Spanish cinema Carlos Saura will present a special program “Carlos Saura in music, and that’s his choice. The main thing to come, but while his foot won’t step on the Moscow earth, sure of anything to be impossible. Saura — the person unpredictable. Another speccast — British classic Stephen Frears. It is expected for a short visit to represent the Queen. Not excluded: some of these Mohicans will be awarded the prize for contribution to world cinema. And that’s who honor award “I Believe!” to them. Stanislavsky, I know not even the organizers. The issue is decided almost at the last moment.

Coming to Moscow for two days and the legendary 81-year-old Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze, which everyone knows the role of Abdullah in “White sun of the desert”. The festival will show the film “Teli and Toli” Alexander Amirov with his participation. It was shot in North Ossetia. Producer Natalia Ivanova says: “We often forget that the Caucasus is Russia. Our film is about strange and not the most happy people. 6 years I have been the scenario: during this time went Sofiko Chiaureli, she was going to do. Partner Kakha Kavsadze was a great Chechen actor Dagun Omaev”.

Documentary the best that will be at MIFF

Traditionally the strongest part of the program of the festival falls on a non-fiction. Its curator — the winner of the “Emmy” film Director Sergey Miroshnichenko has told “MK”: “the Jury will be headed by known French Director Tom Balmes (the movie “Kids” — the monitoring of the first years of life of children in Mongolia, Japan, Namibia, USA. His last painting “Happiness” about eight-year-old monk from Bhutan). The jury will include: Director of the Krakow festival Krzysztof Gerat and Russian film Director Sergey Debizhev (removed the USSR’s first music video “Train on fire”, the author of the underground cult film “Two captains-2”. — S. H.). They will watch an interesting program. One picture we took of the festival in Karlovy vary, which will be held immediately after the festival. The program “Free thought” — non-competitive, made up of paintings, have already received worldwide recognition. For example, “Brothers” Wojciech Starone about the Polish migrants who find themselves in Siberia, and then in Kazakhstan.

30 years without Tarkovsky and football fans

Within the festival much love from the audience and a few foreign guests enjoyed the “Russian program” (curated by film critic Irina Pavlova). She called them a portrait of inter-festival years. Short film — a lot of social drama and absurdist Comedy, in particular, films about football hooligans, rampant fans who have become particularly relevant in light of recent events. Feature “Box”, according to its producer Elena Glikman — scared stiff movie about football. For this reason, the TV channels didn’t take it, but after matches in France such questions are out of date.

In the program — a lot of young filmmakers, films which have not yet passed on all the festivals, but not forgotten veterans. / Theatrical retro programme dedicated to the 80th anniversary of “Soyuzmultfilm”. Show a lot of films for children and not just more statements, as it was before. This will open the “Russian program” clean and bright — a new film of the Faith watch “Rent house with all inconveniences”, but will end with grim — almanac Igor ugolnikova “the First world war, WW1”.

photo: Boris Kremer

Igor Ugolnikov said:

— The story of this film dramatic. We decided to create an international anthology about the First world war, where all the countries — the participants took off to their novels. The Russian novel was to tell about women’s battalion of death of Maria botchkareva. Artistic Director of the project agreed to be the French film Director Claude Lelouch. But Emir Kusturica was ready to shoot the Serbian novel. But events occurred in Ukraine, and international partners began to leave the project. In the end we made the film “the Battalion”, and only now returned to the idea of the anthology. It consists of 7 short stories made by 7 countries — Russia, Britain, Germany, Serbia, USA, France, Turkey. My favorite French animated Novella, crowning the almanac.

“Goldfish” by Alexander galibina literally torn from the producers, who kept her for unknown reasons “under the bed”. Irina Pavlova says that this quality of textures, 1946 for the last 15 years in the movie are not met. This is the level of the old levelmask military classics.

photo: Boris Kremer

Dmitry Dyuzhev will present the debut of “Lights” by Ilya Teachers, where he played a man named Dmitry Dyuzhev, but not himself.

This bright genre Comedy, and I had to resist. For me it was a challenge. I thought I might lose by keeping it. But I realized that get a lot, if you show determination and courage. I offered to invite to the role of another artist, but he did not know where to go from fume and the Mat of my colleagues. Viewers probably will say: wow, we knew it, and builds himself. But I’m not playing myself — I play artist. To such a degree, as my hero, I probably would just in their Teens to drink. When we did “the Team”, people thought, here is the real killer. Saw a different role and decided that I’m gone. With me you can do everything for the sake of art. My body is my doll. And it’s easy for me to be funny, ugly or bold. Today the cinema is kept at enthusiasts, is the debt, on the knee with the help of improvised means. Now welcome audacity. But isn’t educated and intelligent artist can be a impudent?

It has been 30 years since that moment as has not become of Andrei Tarkovsky. And his film “Andrei Rublev” — 50. About the work of Tarkovsky at the MIFF will speak not only film critics, but theologians and philosophers. In the House of cinema will show academic retrospective “30 years without Tarkovsky”, which will also includes major films about the Director of the Russian and foreign, those in which he starred as an actor. And this is one of the most momentous events of the festival.

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