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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Men prefer to wear condoms only when having sex with ugly women

A group of scientists from the UK, representing the universities of Bristol and Southampton, found that heterosexual men are more likely to use condoms if they find a woman that plan to have sex, not too attractive. A study on the effect of beauty on partner desire men to safe sex, experts published in the journal BMJ Open.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists invited to participate in the study 51 man of traditional sexual orientation in age from 18 to 69 years. Each of the participants, the researchers showed photographs of twenty women and asked to answer some questions about each picture. Men, in particular, asked whether they find the girl beautiful if they would like to join her in an intimate relationship, they would prefer to use contraceptives, and whether it seems to them that a woman can be a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases.

As it turned out, the more attractive a man thought the woman, the higher the probability that if he wanted to have sex with her, would prefer the sexual act took place without a condom. The scientists also found that study participants could be suspected of venereal disease as, in its opinion, beautiful, and less attractive research participants. Other dependences were to some extent predictable — in General, men are more likely to want to have sex with beautiful than ugly girls, but they preferred to protect themselves, and sometimes to avoid sexual contact if you suspect a potential partner sexually transmitted diseases.

Experts admit that they can confidently explain their findings, and note that to confirm and better understand the results achieved will require additional, and perhaps more extensive research.

Last year another group of scientists conducted a study, also covering the relationship of men to female beauty. As found by experts from Peking University than richer feel young man, the more he is inclined to find fault with the appearance of his girlfriend.

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