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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In the theater “na Perovskoy” inflames the conflict between artists and management

It seemed that this season will be without scandals in theaters. Except that some critics have found the relationship between self and about the “Golden mask”. But there it was — the noise, started in a small theatre On Perovskaya” is about to shake Moscow. What happened in the company of the sleeping area? Someone who “eats” and why? out reviewer “MK”.

Theatre “na Perovskoy really small — 108 seats, 23 artist with a salary of 20-23 thousand a month, founded in 1987, Kirill Panchenko and from that time had a good reputation of the youth group, spelled out far from the centre — in Novogireevo. I remember the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina, Karina came after theatre Institute in the troupe, said that although there are no loud and polugracii names, but all the burning operation. It was not until 2014 until suddenly passed away the founder of the theatre Kirill Panchenko — it happened in Sevastopol on vacation, he was stricken by a stroke. With him as the Director worked with his older brother Andrew. And here artistic Director dies and begins…

However, starts immediately. Panchenko-senior tried to invite a new leader — the first candidate was Karen Nersisian, but by starting work on the play “the Cherry orchard” by Chekhov, he never finished. Perhaps the reason was that the theatre was set for a major overhaul and his first work, the Director was forced to show in House of stage veterans. But the repertoire he entered and scenery from the “Garden” still standing in the foyer. Then attempt to lead the troupe did Peter Orlov, again invited by the Director. But lasted four months. The plans were great, for two seasons, but as I told the artists, the management has not ensured the release of two almost-rehearsed performances.

We had to play 31 December premiere of “angel came out of the fog , but there was no costumes, no scenery was not,” says Ian Aliyev, the President created the theatre of the Union. — Director suggested that we get some of the rebounds, but the eagles refused to not embarrass her and our name. As a result, the audience is the show showed shows of trained crocodiles and pythons them together with trainers invited from the neighboring theatre of Illusions. The public was indignant.

It should be noted that the situation in the little theater long enough smoldered inside, not spilling in the social network. The artists explain that the internal cohesion and faith that here comes the artist, he put things in order. Including the Directorate, which is to ensure the work of the theater. However, the noise grew and the reason was the access to information everyone: on the procurement website interesting artists discovered that an unreleased performance with scenery and costumes spent 1 million 400 thousand rubles. They first surprised, then suspicious. Began to write letters to the Department of culture with the request to give them artistic Director. And, finally, formed a Union.

Of course, history is ambiguous and the combination of the “actor’s Union”, now you’re and sending, for example, in Taganka Theatre, where for several years from the activities of the Union reeling company. This is a Union first, “ate”, not choking, Yuri Lyubimov, and then one Director, now with an appetite to “eat” new — Irina Apeksimova. Courts, endless appeals to various authorities up to the President, the initiation of meetings — and all this is normal operation. And now the Union — “na Perovskoy. Artists are not white and fluffy but, in this case there is other circumstances, it makes sense to listen to the actors, who require only one thing — to appoint the artistic Director. Because no llera, Director performers in any theatre, and unmarked — in the best case, as the abandoned children in the worst son of bitches. And their theatre boat sails without a rudder and without sails to nowhere.

Did their own artists to negotiate with the Director to avoid labor conflict?

The Director practically does not communicate with the company, does not represent the people, not inform — told the “MK” literary Manager of the theater and a Union member Tatiana Kononova. Only a few days ago signed a collective agreement between management and employees. Even sighed, but began, you might say, repression against those who signed the collective agreement.

— How does it look? People get fired?

The Director asked his actors: “are You a Union member?”, if not, go back to work, and if you are in a Union, then there will be problems. To date, a draft order on the dismissal of seven people, of whom just five were involved in collective bargaining.

I tried to listen to the other side. Calling Director Andrei Panchenko, please comment on the situation in the theater. And in response: “You need a yellow that true or what?”

Two hours later, I received the following reply ( I quote verbatim) : “I did not understand a comment You want to hear about it.

What was the work of the Theatre to inform You that from 1 April 2016 after major refurbishment the Theatre started its 29th season, which ends July 10, 2016 For the period in the Theater they are going to play 5 Prime and 1 story for street scenes.

Young Director Yuri Nikolaenko, until the end of 2016 expects to deliver 2 pieces, 1 Patriotic , the operative Russia’s greatness and grandeur of human labor. 2 performance children’s fairy tale.

On the other I can’t tell, this is planned work in the theater. And not a word about their artists and the problems with them. But about patriotism is – all as expected”.

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