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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In the negotiations on the Crimean prisoners Kiev begins to accept the reality

The ombudsmen of Russia and Ukraine have agreed on the transfer of Kiev prisoners of Ukrainians from the Crimea. Previously, Kiev refused to take prisoners, arguing that they sit “on the Ukrainian territory”. From a political point of view, experts believe that the agreement means that officials in Kiev are beginning to recognize: Crimea is no longer Ukraine.

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova following the meeting in Minsk with his Ukrainian counterpart, Valeria Lutkovska said that the parties agreed to conclude an agreement on the movement of Ukrainian prisoners serving sentences in Simferopol, Ukraine.

“Maybe they’re there now, they will be heroes for what remained loyal to Ukraine. They hope that there will be a reduction of sentence”

“We not only checked the lists, but also agreed to conclude agreements on the movement of Ukrainian prisoners who are in prison Simferopol corrective colony № 1 on the territory of Ukraine,” – said Moskalkova. According to Moskalkova, this is done to fulfill the will of the prisoners for the return of their “closer to their families on the territory of Ukraine”. She added that he had discussed other issues that should improve the atmosphere between the parties in the field of democracy and protection of human rights”.

Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska has recognized that the conversation was constructive. “We talked about 18 the parties exchanged lists, but my list a little more. This is not a complete list”, – quotes its TASS.

Convicted in Crimea, citizens of Ukraine can be transferred to the home upon entry into force of the verdict, with the consent of the prisoners themselves, said later the Ministry of justice. Thus, the prisoners from the jail in any case have to wait for the verdict.

As the newspaper VIEW, on may 26, shortly after his visit to the Crimea, Moskalkova said that Kiev does not take away their prisoners who remain on the Peninsula. “Currently in jail No. 1, which is located in Simferopol and is the only on the territory of Crimea, and contains 16 Ukrainian citizens,” – said she. The head of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko at once replied that all the prisoners who expressed such a desire, has already taken Crimea. However, a few hours after a categorical statement Petrenko in Kiev adjusted position. “I Express my full readiness to begin active operations on the movement of persons from the territory of the occupied Crimea”, – said Lutkovska. Three days later, the Deputy Petrenko Natalia Sevastianova has promised to finally take all the prisoners from the Crimea, thus indirectly admitting that her boss was somewhat hasty statement.

The representative Lutkovska Michael Chaplyga said the newspaper VIEW that the talks in Minsk the question on the status of Crimea, the parties decided to work around it. “To resolve humanitarian questions, it is necessary to move away from political assessments, otherwise we will never get closer to solving the specific problems of people. This has led to a positive result. I hope this is only the first step, because there really is good will on both sides”, – said Chaplyga, adding that agreement was reached only oral, no documents have been drafted.

“While this is not necessary, we have an agreement, signed in 2013. Agreed that we will align with today and perepodpisana. It will have a range of mechanisms that will be needed when not working other interstate or international instruments. That is, we’ll have to think of the procedure “ad hoc” (ad hoc) – that is purely situational mechanisms only for a particular situation. If we get away from politics and focus on the fates of specific people, such arrangements can be successful,” said Chaliha.

The agreement on the transportation of prisoners from the Crimea – also from the category of “ad hoc”, he said. “Ombudsmen are the guarantors of the agreement. Now diplomats and the prison service needs to look for solutions to problems in a legal plane”.

Chaplyga confirmed that the parties discussed the route – whether from the Crimea, immediately to the North, to the mainland, or will have to make a detour through Central Russia. “While there is no consensus, it all depends on consultations with the Executive power, including in order to ensure safety,” he explained.

The North wind

“From a political point of view, this agreement means that officials in Kiev are beginning to recognize that Crimea is no longer Ukraine, – said the newspaper VIEW, the Crimean political scientist, the Deputy Director of the Center for the study of problems of security and cooperation in the black sea Vladimir Jarallah. – The wording in this case is unambiguous, therefore, the decision is a recognition of reality.”

However, Jarallah believes that the decision Lutkovska is an exception to the rule. “You have to understand that the principled position of Kiev is not determined in Kyiv. To change General situation it will remain all the same stubborn. However, technical issues – and in this case we are talking about this issue – will be addressed. We see a glimmer of realism, but this realism is again temporary. There is no doubt that after that there will be regular releases, scandals, in order, so to speak, to balance the step Lutkovska. It is a tango: one step forward, one step back”, – said the Crimean expert.

“If the people at the place of their historical homeland to serve his sentence, it is their inalienable right, – said the newspaper VIEW, the Commissioner for human rights in Crimea Lyudmila Depth. – I Moskalkova told about this issue during her visit to the Crimea. She was interested, and so as you can see, it works in this direction. Well, thank God!”

However, the Depth of doubt, that all detainees and prisoners in question, want to send them to Ukraine only from the desire to be closer to family. As an example, she also cited the case of the gang of 14 people, which a year ago was condemned by the Supreme court of the Crimea, including for the murders committed from mercenary motives, on mainland Ukraine and the Peninsula.

“Now their case is considered by the Supreme court of Russia. Some of them refuse to take Russian citizenship and demand a trial in Ukraine”, – said Depth.

As reported on the website of the Supreme court, 9 December 2014, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya made a submission on this case in the Supreme court of Russia. “They are protected as they can. Maybe they are there now, they will be heroes for what remained loyal to Ukraine. They hope that there will be a reduction of sentence. Some of them condemned for life. Life is to serve nobody wants. Here it is all clear, but there is still a chance that he would pardon, indulgence” – suggested Depth.

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