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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hour lobbyist: before the advent of Putin, the state Duma discussed 30 laws

President Putin called for the Duma plenary session and thanked the deputies of the sixth, departing to the history of convocation for unity, the annexation of Crimea and constructive interaction with the Executive authorities.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The last plenary session of the state Duma will be held June 24, but the President decided to congratulate the deputies ahead of time. Early Wednesday morning at the building on Okhotny Ryad were on duty reinforced police and in any case was a paddy wagon, even though dug in the center of Moscow streets did the possibility of a breakthrough of the enemy is almost zero.

The deputies who the day before gave a harsh command, “as you wish, but to be!” provided the notice in a hall. Men and women with Deputy badges on the chest was elegant as ever, from the first white shirts and bright summer dresses breezed the second holiday.

Teachers will understand when before prom in high school suddenly see washed and beautiful bums who, at best, skipped recklessly, and at worst interfere with life and work and about which the rest of the day before I thought “probably would have gone!” seizes you almost light feeling. A few years lived together, shared everything…

Putin a smile and praise conducted by the state Duma on vacation (18 photos)

In addition, they really go!

In the agenda there were 65 bills. In the morning it turned out that 9 of them are still not ready for review, and moved them. No explanation was postponed to June 24 and the so-called “anti-terrorist package”: “MK” repeatedly wrote about these remarkable already when you make the documents, the second reading of the national anthem turned into a legal mess. Probably someone from the decision-makers in the Duma, still read the texts and still decided to think…

Is the concept of “hour of the wolf” — between night and dawn, when a raging evil spirit. And the concept of “the hour of the lobbyist — it is the last rush days of the Duma sessions, when bills passed several dozen daily, unnoticed slip need different interest groups or departments of the situation.

Before the arrival of the President of the Duma for a half hour obsujdali more than 30 laws. The law that the cadastral valuation of real estate will not deal with individual appraisers, and the budget companies… a Law requiring all officials under threat of dismissal to annually report to the boss ‘ of their pages in social networks… the law establishing the National guard.

Vladimir Putin arrived in 11.46. Last time, when he, as Prime Minister, spoke kind words to the outgoing elections to the Duma (it was 23 November 2011), the Communists to honor him by standing refused. Those were strange times!

Now hall got together, there was applause. LDPR faction did not sit down longer than others, continuing to applaud loudly, and for which the President especially Vladimir Zhirinovsky thanked.

On 22 June the head of state expected devoted the first part of a short speech history. The main lesson of that terrible war, he said, is that “it could be prevented,” but “timely and firmly curb uncontrolled Nazis and their accomplices” failed through the fault of Western countries: “In the direct proposal of the Soviet Union, our country on joint action for collective defence should have either direct refusal, either these proposals were just talking. The leadership of some Western countries chose a policy of containment of the Soviet Union, sought to put it in the terms of international isolation”.

“What lesson have we that today, rejecting old worn out ideological differences and geopolitical games, to unite in the fight against international terrorism?” — asked the President. According to him, “it is necessary to create a modern non-aligned, equal for all States the system of collective security” and “Russia is open to discuss this critical issue and has repeatedly stated its readiness for dialogue”, but while “positive response” sees.

As Vladimir Putin versions of the reasons for the outbreak of the Second world war lacked important details: not a word was said about the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact aka non-aggression Pact, signed in Moscow by the foreign Ministers of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on 23 August 1939. As if there was no him, no secret to him of the application on the division between the USSR and Nazi Germany’s spheres of influence in Eastern Europe…

Then Vladimir Putin began to thank deputies as they themselves never praised: “for deep content understanding the state interests of Russia, for the consolidated legislative support for the proposals related to strengthening the security of our country”, for the “tremendous job” for the fulfillment of social obligations to citizens and improve the political system of the country”, for “constructive dialogue with each other, other subjects of legislative initiative” (that is, with him, the President, too).

“Historical result” of the work of the convocation, he called the legal integration of the Crimea and Sevastopol a part of Russia.

“Ready for consolidation for the cause, for the sake of Russia — a distinctive feature of your Congress, and it is very important that these traditions, including strict adherence to the rules of parliamentary ethics, were adopted and continued by the new composition of the state Duma”, — the President continued. That is, the consolidated he would like to see and the next Duma.

He, however, said that “it should not be rushed, superficial approaches to the adoption of legislative acts and the laws should be systematic and systemic.

“This is the main task of the new convocation,” — said Vladimir Putin, deputies said tomorrow will be tomorrow!

The President left, the deputies loosened the knots in the ties, the hall became accustomed to half-empty. “Systematic”, “deliberate” and “deeply meaningful” work on the laws continued. Then lawyers will gasp and take antidepressants, and citizens — groan and swear…

But that is for later.

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