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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cowardly Senate and angry Orlando: gun amendments were not in

There are situations that are not forgotten. They stick in the memory and remain there forever. Sometimes it is high tragedy, and sometimes a farce. And sometimes both together. And for some reason, this last leaves a special mark in the memory of man. Only the Senate of the United States played such a tragedy-the farce on Capitol hill. The highest house of Congress is cowardly tails between their legs in front of his supervisor — National rifle Association of the United States. The order of the day were four separate proposals for strengthening, reduction in the sale of small arms.

photo: pixabay.com

Over the senators hovered the ghosts of the dead to Orlando 49 people. Their relatives were sitting on the guest seats of the Congress. But they were not guests in this tragicomedy. It was under their views clouded by tears and anger, the vote of the senators.

The amendments were seemingly the absolute minimum, called in the language of the Congress is “additional progress”. But this “additional progress” had been overturned in the dustbin of history. Suggestions or, rather, the amendments provide that people under the supervision of the authorities” and included in the list of “Federal terrorism” are not eligible to purchase firearms. This amendment is absolutely clear I would close the vents that has a law about checking the backgrounds of buyers. Was the amendment and that people with sick minds also do not have the right to buy weapons.

In addition, all four proposals-amendments to control the sale of weapons involving such issues as preventing the sale of weapons in the hands of those who have selected passports as terrorism suspects. It would seem, “privivochnoi”?

The Republican Senator from Maine Susan Collins, who worked on the compromise text of the amendments, which caused discontent among leaders of both parties in the Senate, proposed to prohibit the sale of weapons suspected of terrorism. Those people who are on the list banning them from flying, and also lists additional scrutiny at airports. But even this bill by the Republican Senator was rejected by the chamber.

The gun lobby played a huge role in how the senators voted. His role in the failure of the amendments is absolutely clear now is not disputed. The Democrats have structured their amendment so Republicans denied them, and the Republicans have structured their amendment so they voted against the Democrats. In this scenario, no amendment failed to gain the approval of 60 senators out of 100.

“Our voters see the consistency of this inaction,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the minority leader. — It is unfortunate that our attempts blocked by the Republican Congress, which marches to the sound of the orchestra of the National rifle Association.

Senator Dianna Feinstein of California, the highest in rank of his party in the Senate intelligence Committee proposed an amendment that any person listed as a suspect in a Federal terrorism do not have the right to buy weapons. In fact, this same amendment was voted on in December last year after a mass murder in San Bernardino, California. But then she was not accepted by the senators. Senator Feinstein said: “the time has Come for us to rise.” Time, it came long ago. It’s hard to say what is meant by the word “climb” Madam Senator herself, but only. But even that she tried to get up — it was ruined in the Bud.

Republicans claimed that the people listed in the list of Federal terrorism have a very wide girth and therefore suggested a slightly different version — that the government was arrested for 72 hours and the sale of weapons by anyone, from terrorism suspects. 72 hours, after which the man, a suspect in a Federal terrorism receives the coveted weapon. Said Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, leader of the majority: “no One wants terrorists to buy weapons and explosives”. But this did not prevent him to vote against their own words.

Two other amendments which were not adopted by the Senate, was introduced by Senator Christopher Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut. It was he who flibustiers last week to draw the attention of senators, and the public to the problem of the arms trade. His proposal was as follows — to strengthen the verification of the backgrounds of gun buyers at weapon exhibitions and on the Internet. The proposal made by the Republicans, was supposed to focus more on the treatment of mental illness.

As for the Obama administration, the hostess tried to influence senators which goes and did not want to vote for the obvious suggestions. “The point of view of the administration is that the people of the United States should be included in the ongoing debate,” said Josh Ernest, the press Secretary of the White house. He noted progress in that the Senate’s vigil is actively debated in the media and society.

Connected to the issue of trafficking in weapons and GOP candidate for President, Donald trump. He was on the side of the Republicans, who are trying to preserve the rights of gun owners. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for the presidency has made the issue of gun control a Central part of his election campaign.

By the way, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who was the main opponent of Clinton from the Democratic party voted together with the party comrades. The fact that the issue of gun control very difficult Sanders. It is in principle opposed to such control. After the vote, members of the Democratic party came to him and congratulated him. He sat scowling menacingly.

The Senate voted, or rather, failed amendments as times in the day when the U.S. Supreme court refused to hear a challenge to the Constitution of Connecticut. It concerned legislation passed in 2013, after the mass murder in elementary school “sandy hook”.

Measures that were proposed by the Senate, was doomed to failure from the outset. After the massacre in sandy hook that killed 20 young schoolchildren, the Senate rejected the amendment, Although the majority belonged to a Democrat. Now the Democrats are in the minority and are the so-called amendment of Senator Murphy. The amendment would extend background checks, except for the transfer of weapons as gifts in the circle of the same family. Republicans called the amendment “too wide”. However, so do some Democrats. Among them, ion Tester from Montana, the Chairman of the Committee for the election of senators. Some Republicans who have to reckon with the fact that they will be elected this year are cautious. One of them is Kelly Ayote from new Hampshire said that all the measures proposed in the Senate, inadequate and that it would vote against them.

Although policy related to gun control and hardly will affect the General election of the President, the tragedy that took place in Orlando, pushed her to the fore.

“We will continue to push until we see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat from new York. But how many more Americans must die in order to have a glimpse of this mysterious light at the end of the tunnel?!

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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