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Thursday, September 21, 2017

“Brakit” or not “brakeset”: the British choose the lesser of two evils

Thursday, June 23, the people of great Britain to decide whether there will be United Kingdom in the European Union or not. The time, without exaggeration, a historic, not only for those who go to the polling stations – because earlier “common European home” no one left.

photo: pixabay.com

Shortly before the referendum on the “Brassica” (dubbed so by a possible British exit from the EU), the British Agency Survation has published the data of the next survey. For the preservation of the status quo are 45% of Britons; to leave the European Union — 44%. The remaining 11% at the time of the survey, not undecided, and who knows what direction they will take?

As supporters of the unity of the EU (including British Prime Minister Cameron) and his opponents (among them, for example, the party of Cameron, justice Minister Michael Gove) used in defending its position very one-sided rhetoric.

First you go on about the problems inherent in a possible withdrawal from the Union, without specifying how to respond to the challenges of the common European home, and that is largely pushing the British into the camp of skeptics: migration costs, which require membership, etc.

Skeptics, in turn, offer their supporters to look at the future of the Kingdom through rose-colored glasses, saying, will leave London from the influence of Brussels, and will flow in the UK rivers of milk and honey along.

However, the position of Cameron, concentrating on the cons of brexit, looks more honest statements of his opponents. Problems at the exit from the EU will – in this meet all the experts. And most of them said that guess now the scale and nature of these problems is very difficult.

The skeptics, with its promise of the London economic and political independence, try to avoid sensitive issues such as, for example, the conclusion of new agreements with EU members. Or bring them to the idea that the UK will become in this sense a kind of Norway.

But Norway is in the EU took place, and the British, wishing to trade with the members of the Union will have to obey the conditions formulated by the Brussels – has lost the ability to influence them (what London can do, unlike Oslo). This argument seems to have exhaustive, in favor of maintaining the status quo, although he’s not the only one. We are talking about the loss of a colossal number of jobs, about a possible second referendum on membership of Scotland in the United Kingdom, etc..

In our country some “hot heads” also actively argue about the virtues of a British exit from the EU – this time, to Russia. Such people will be enough to remind at least on the deterrent role played by London for the EU, braking, for example, the creation of a European army – perhaps it is too necessary to Moscow. As for sanctions, whether in the EU, outside the UK remains one of the most anti-Russian countries of Europe. And if the skeptics, along with a number of local politicians, not burning with love for Brussels, we should not regard it as a kind of their solidarization with Moscow.

The success of eurosceptics is often blamed on the fact that for the layman the membership of his country in a kind the block — including the EU – something ephemeral, and life is not directly affected. It’s hard to argue, but the coin has another side.

Those opponents of the EU who do not see the benefit from finding it in the UK, hardly see and the problems associated with brexit. Moreover, it is unlikely that many are aware that “there is no” EU referendum will not result in a momentary departure from Brussels – even there not sure exactly how much this process will take two years, three, four…

“Of two evils choose the least” – says the Russian proverb, but unfortunately, just to say that the British are worse — one way with the EU or not – is difficult.

But they can listen to their own old saying: “better the devil that you know than the one don’t know.” Problems stay in the EU, UK residents are already familiar with, and these problems somehow – and often quite effectively – resolved. But who will shoulder the burden of the dangers of “a single voyage” – while a riddle. Judging by the rhetoric of eurosceptics – and not just British, is clearly not them.

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