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Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 of the most useful of the laws of the State Duma 6-th convocation

Vain among parliamentarians competition for media coverage became a competition for the most extravagant bill. However, while the indignant audience is discussing proposals and empty promises, responsible deputies continue its activities for the benefit of the country.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

1. The law on annexation of Crimea

Undoubtedly, the support the law passed by deputies of the 6th convocation. After only a few days after the referendum on the Peninsula, the state Duma, by an absolute majority voted for the creation of Russia’s new subjects – Republic of Crimea and city with special status of Sevastopol.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma on March 20, 2014

2. Facilitating the access of cancer patients to pain control medication

The adoption of this law was preceded by a series of tragic news that MPs and the government could not ignore. From now on, the terms of issue of medicines for cancer patients are much less strict – a prescription for strong painkillers operates three times longer, and return the vials used drugs the doctors no longer have.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma on: 16 December 2014

3. The ban on SMS spam

Despite the prohibitive nature of the law, the citizens met him with great joy. Regular SMS advertising, sometimes coming in the middle of night tortured millions of Russians. Thanks to this initiative, the number of persuasive communications has decreased significantly, as well as have the opportunity to complain to the operator on the actions of would-be advertisers.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma: July 2, 2014

4. “The Law Lysakova”

Anyone who has ever tried to back your car out of impound, knows how painful and humiliating was organized this process. In this case, the evacuation of the machine was not always legally justified, even more annoyed motorists. The law Vyacheslav Lysakova allowed to take the car without paying in advance and given the opportunity within 10 days to challenge the actions of the tow.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma: may 22, 2015

5. Anti-Smoking law

Maybe not the favorite of some Russian law, but certainly one of the most useful. After its entry into force, the use of tobacco invariably falls in cafes and restaurants you can relax without the risk of proponate smoke, and cigarettes became much less affordable for children and adolescents. Moreover, the contributions of the tobacco industry in the budget only for the first year grew to 100 billion rubles.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma: February 12, 2013

6. Extending for 2 years the parent capital

Payment to mothers with two or more children, has become one of the major reasons for the growth of the birth rate in the country experiencing a huge problem with demographics. Adopted on the initiative of the President of the law has ensured the existence of this program for another two years until 31 December 2018.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma on: December 18, 2015

7. “Law shield”

The inhabitants of cities know firsthand how important it is to maintain and develop the fragile environment surrounding these settlements. Initiated by onf “Law shield” prevents deforestation around major cities, obliged to restore the cut for sanitary reasons, arrays, and reinforces the responsibility for violation of environmental legislation.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma: 17 June 2016

8. Discount on fine with a prompt payment

Another gift to the Russians from the State Duma and chief defender of motorists Vyacheslav Lysakova that allows you to pay only half the fine for traffic violations, if not postpone it indefinitely. Despite the fact that the law brought relief, it increased the responsibility of drivers who prefer quickly now so cheap to get rid of “hanging” on them fine.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma on December 12, 2014

9. Permission for second passport

At the end of 2015, Russian travelers and business people breathed a sigh of relief – second passport allowed freer to plan their vacations and business trips. Due to the fact that at the time of visa application passport for the Embassy or visa center, people were deprived at this time, the opportunity to leave the country. Now this problem is solved, and lovers of foreign travel and those who are forced to fly a lot abroad on duty, truly free hand.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma: December 4 2015

10. Increase of insurance payments on Bank deposits 2 times

Held in recent years “big cleaning” of the banks has affected the investors are not the best way. A trusted unscrupulous financial institutions for the savings, which are not covered by insurance payments to 700 thousand rubles. However, passed in December 2014 the law on the doubling of this amount has significantly reduced the number of casualties from the deprivation of the license of banks that violated.

The date of the adoption of the law by the state Duma on: December 19, 2014

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