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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ukrainian authorities are trying to convince people of the necessity of prostitution by law

A long-standing topic of legalization of prostitution is again actively discussed in Ukraine. Despite the many arguments about benefits to the budget, on the fight against corruption and cultural rapprochement with the European countries, the sex trade is still considered to be in the Ukrainian society it is shameful – that cannot take power of the country.

“Generally, we have prostitution, we need to legalize for itself, fighting corruption is impossible, it is recognized in many countries. Another thing is that the legislator must carefully study the issue of legalization, that all was according to the law,” – reports the Ukrainian newspaper “Today” the words of the Deputy head of the Ukrainian police, Vadym Troyan.

“This industry employs tens of thousands of women, so it is necessary to arrange something”

Prostitution is really legalised in many countries of Europe, such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Latvia, Hungary. In the Netherlands there are even a trade Union of prostitutes. Prostitution is legalized even in a country such as the UK. Evil tongues jokingly say that taking into account Ukraine’s course towards European integration, the legalization of prostitution is a logical step.

A Mecca for sex tourists

Because of the political and economic situation in recent years, Ukraine has become a real Mecca for sex tourists, according to Ukrainian publication. Trying to get cheap sex, more and more foreigners come to this country.

The question of legalization of prostitution in Ukraine has long been discussed, but after coming to power Poroshenko it began to lift more rapidly. Even back in 2000-ies was the chief of militia of Kiev Vitaly Yarema noted that it would be nice to think about, to enter prostitution in the framework of the law. On the eve of the European championship on football 2012 in Ukraine and Poland for the legalization of prostitution made by Vitali Klitschko.

Only recently, in late may, on the website of the President of Ukraine appeared the petition, which proposed to legalize prostitution because “it would be only advantages. The petition was signed by 52 people. “The collection of taxes in the state Treasury, as here in Germany prostitution is legal business in their GDP consists of 5% of prostitution! Plus and people will be safer because once it’s legal work, they will be forced to undergo a medical examination”, – reported in the petition.

Police for legalization

In September 2015, the head of the Kyiv police Oleksandr Tereshchuk stated that it considers it appropriate the legalization of prostitution in the country. “I’m not for prostitution. But in order to restore order in the country, order in the city” – quoted by UNIAN the chief of police.

Police stressed that in 2015 in the capital of Ukraine was eliminated a record number of brothels, and the fact that this business is controlled by “groups”. In the same month, the Verkhovna Rada was registered the draft law “On regulation of activity of prostitution and sex establishments”. In the explanatory note to the bill stated that prostitution is already legalised in most countries of Europe, and consequently its illegality in Ukraine plays into the hands of criminals and causes losses to the state budget. In turn, the lack of state regulation leads to the development of the scope of trafficking, forced retraction, including minors in sex business”.

“Hmust hold a referendum

A month later, in October 2015, a well-known Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko suggested to allow calamitous for Ukraine, the issue on the referendum. “That’s debatable. Such issues can divide society,” — said Gerashchenko.

In may for the legalization of prostitution made by the Deputy Mikhail Gavrilyuk. According to the MP, the main reason for legalization is health care. “I believe that the way abroad, we need to do. They are the women of easy virtue in public houses undergo a medical examination, that there are no diseases,” – said the Deputy. With the money from this industry can legally Fund the budget.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from “national self-Defense” Oleg Novikov at the time offered more than the original intermediate option: to give prostitutes patents on the sex business.

Onthe very ridiculous idea”

There are, however, in Ukraine, those who strongly opposed the idea to legalize prostitution. According to the former head of the Department for combating trafficking in human beings and cybercrime of MIA of Ukraine Yuriy Kucher, the legalization of prostitution — a ridiculous idea. It turns out that since prostitution is booming in all countries, and to eradicate it is impossible, it can only lead.

“Our society this will not be taken. And corruption is not eradicated, and the budget is not replenished. Still will be dominated by corruption. To cover something they will pay, but you will find loopholes great part concealed. Again, they usually do not work alone, but together with pimps, who give the lion’s share of the profits,” – said the Coachman.

“This is a multimillion-dollar business, not for nothing that prostitution is the oldest profession. And even talking about what will be guaranteed medical care, entry into the work, the payment of pensions in old age priestesses of love and so on — it’s ridiculous. Who would refuse from profits that bring prostitutes?! From pimps and ending with the militia, SBU, Prosecutor’s office, which with this business to feed,” said the Coachman. The “this “scope of services” used by many, including MPs. To close brothels and profitable,” he concluded.

The representative of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights Mikhail Chaplya in turn, and does not favour any attempt to raise this issue. He believes that the state should not engage in prostitution. “Prostitution is a trade body. There is a simple question, and whether the government should generally intervene in the right of a person to dispose of his body, which is not the state gave him?” – said the defender.

“We should go to legalization”

Ukrainian political scientist, Director of Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin speaks of the great complexity of the problem. According to him, prostitution in Ukraine there is a large volume.

“This industry employs tens of thousands of women. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange something. Now these women are essentially sexual slavery. Very often it is, unfortunately, a choice. Need an open debate in society. To abandon this hypocritical position. The problem really is, and how to get out of it – nobody knows,” said Soskin newspaper VIEW.

The expert noted that the experience of European countries suggests that legalization may be the key to solving the problem. But in Ukraine the society and the authorities a clear answer is still no.

“Maybe we should go to legalization. Maybe in some truncated part. This is a very difficult question from the point of view of morality, Christian issues. But to solve the problem by force, no one has succeeded, so we must try somehow this question somehow output,” – says Oleg Soskin.

Prostitution as a wrong Parking

In turn the ex-the candidate in mayors of Odessa, public figure and businessman Vadim Cherny stressed that in all civilized countries prostitution is not prohibited at the state level.

“It can prevent individual formation, for example, city or County in the United States… But in no civilized country prostitution is not forbidden as a profession. It is a question of the behavior of two consenting adults, which does not harm the society… So there is no doubt that Ukraine will go on this way,” Black said the newspaper VIEW, reminding that Ukraine has long prostitution is not a criminal offense and falls under a minor administrative offense along with wrong Parking.

According to him, now in Ukraine, prostitution is largely legal, and the existing oppression from the police is completely illegal.

Another thing – the relation of the state to organized crime – pimps and brothels. “Really, the question here is moot. The state may have some interest in seeing it banned. But as for individual prostitution, then, first, there is no moral or religious reason to prohibit it,” says Black.

Also, while this scope is not legalized, these women are forced to pay about 60% of the income to the pimps, “which exist only because there are policemen”. “It is the fear of illegal actions of the police puts the professional under pimps, who have become the intermediaries between the women and police,” he said.

As for the number involved in prostitution of person, then Black is convinced that talking about tens of thousands of women not necessary. He explained that in Odessa, a major port city – can count no more than 500 active prostitutes, and on special sites – two or three hundred. “And it is the largest port city. Unlikely in Ukraine more than 2-3 thousand people involved in this sphere”, – says Vadim Black.

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