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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The situation in Russia today is more important than superpower status

The statement of Vladimir Putin about the United States as the only superpower has caused a surprising reaction: some saw it as almost flattery, Washington. Meanwhile, the President just told the truth, and it is not bitter to us. Especially in recent years, Russia has effectively regained its status as the second nation in the world – not the economy, but the overall impact on world Affairs.

Speaking at the Petersburg economic forum, Putin called America the sole superpower.

“For Russia, the function of “holding” is now more important status of “superpower”

What the President said? That States are the strongest country in the world, and Russia understands it and is willing to work with such a powerful country. Moreover, such a strong country needs both Russia and the world. The only condition for our relations – we don’t want USA interfere in our internal Affairs and interfere with other countries and regional blocks to develop relations with Russia. That statement is amazing?

States became a superpower during the Second world war, when superpower was the Soviet Union. Our two countries for almost half a century determined the course of human history. But after the collapse of the USSR (resulting in the first phase of the mistakes and stupidity of our leadership), the States remained the sole superpower.

Moreover, the entire structure of world order has become subject to rapid deformation. Washington perceived the disappearance of the Soviet Union as a victory in the cold war and started the construction of the world-American on a global scale. You can call it a unipolar world – the Atlantic the process of globalization, the main thing that the United States considered themselves not just the leader of the whole world community, but also a teacher, a Punisher, an organizer.

Not all were declared openly, but the General direction was clear – the States were determined in a short period to rebuild the whole world for themselves. So they defined the rules around security, world trade, Economics, culture, values and even family relations. Other civilizations had to accept American leadership, and the election – or face punishing sword of globalization.

The obvious absurdity and impracticability of this plan, but many of the Atlantic strategists did not think so. Huge military, financial and propaganda advantage the United States over all other countries, the perception of States as the leader of the United West plus the Messianic belief in their own right – all of this enabled the Anglo-Saxons considered their plans for global domination feasible.

Came from Rome, and so will we – the more so because Rome was the model for the founding fathers and remains the ideal for the American elite. The fact that Rome possessed only a part of the world – the Mediterranean and beyond have left many civilizations, about the existence of some of which the Romans didn’t like the fact that the Roman Empire failed under the burden of conquest was not a problem for globalizers. They felt that the story ended – the new Rome defeated on a global scale, it is only necessary to execute his dominance.

The Afghan and Iraqi wars were steps in this direction. Military force to get into the center of Eurasia, to reformat the greater middle East, to create points of pressure on the two major powers of Asia – Russia and China. China was perceived by States as the main potential threat to their hegemony, but its economic growth seemed possible to keep in the geopolitical framework.

However, in the last decade to the naked eye, it became clear that the world in American was not held and will not be held for ever.

The financial and economic crisis of 2008 exposed the artificiality and fantastic scale of cheating the global financial system, which was the heart and motor of globalization American.

The middle East and the Islamic world in General has turned into a seething cauldron, which is already one of the foreign players may not even try to control.

Russia began to firmly defend its national interests, Iran has not caved in under pressure from the West, China came to the operating room of the global game.

Still under the American protectorate of Europe and Japan, demonstrate the desire to gain greater autonomy.

And most importantly – humanity itself in all the diversity of its civilizations and cultures categorically refuses to agree to the submission rules “of the world-American”.

In these circumstances aggravated the contradictions within the American society and American elites. Not everyone in the establishment, and certainly a small part of the American people are ready to bring US to the altar of the Moloch of globalisation. Because it is clear that the farther the US will persist in its quest to “own the world”, the harder for the States themselves will then roll back. And because the impact will not supranational inherently elite, and the patriots of the States, as States, and among ordinary Americans, and among the establishment.

To stop the suicidal policy of “global hegemony”, to fix the status of the United States just as the strongest world power – that, in fact, offers the same Donald trump. And talking about it Vladimir Putin, calling the US the sole superpower. You can remain the strongest in the world, he says the Americans – and we, Russians, agree. But you should consider the area of our vital interests – that is, to abandon what you were doing as a world globalizer and dictator. If you are ready for such a policy – it is not principal that you are the most powerful in the world militarily and economically.

Indeed, because Russia is not opposed to America itself, and the policy of globalization, which is implemented through the USA supranational global elite. If the US abandon the role of “batons of globalization, their strength and power is not present to us such a threat as now. In the end, both China and the EU are not economically inferior to the United States (EU, even surpasses them, and China is on the same level), but in the military and, most importantly, ideologically they do not consider themselves “responsible for the whole world.”

And the current USA I think – which is the natural concern of Russia, twice only in the last two hundred years encountered aggression predecessors USA on “globalization”. The third time we definitely need to avoid. Including because the scale of the new war will be catastrophic for all mankind and for us. And, thank God, we have all possibilities for this – purely military, and, equally important, strong-willed.

Not by chance in the same St. Petersburg economic forum Putin meeting with the heads of world news agencies, speaking about Russian reactions to us missile defense in Europe, said not only about our response to him, but also about the balance of power in the world as a whole:

“What it all will lead, I don’t know. But I do know that we will be forced to respond. Only I already know in advance that we will be accused of aggressive behaviour, although this is the only answer. But it is clear that we must ensure safety, not just mine – it is very important to ensure the strategic balance in the world… It is the strategic balance and provided, guaranteed peace on the planet, has spared us from major armed conflicts over the past 70 years. And it is good, although it is, you know, based on mutual threat but nevertheless the mutual threat has provided us with the global world for decades”.

A strategic balance not only nuclear power, although it is clear that Putin spoke about them. The strategic balance is also such a system of checks and balances, which does not allow the only superpower to become a global hegemon. This is the kind of insurance that will provide peace in the world at that historical period, which would require US to descend from the pedestal of the “chosen people”.

Is there in American society the power to do it yourself, or will play a major role external compulsion and blows, of course, also important – but we should not depend on this choice. Russia can ensure a peaceful transition from the failed unipolar world to a multipolar, balanced rivalry-the collaboration of several world’s major centers of power. And this “restraint” will be more important than the status of “superpower”, which Putin in his speech at last year’s forum in St. Petersburg is not accidentally called “ephemeral”:

“Russia does not claim any hegemony, not pretend to be some ephemeral superpower status, we do not impose your standards and models of behavior or development. We seek equal relations with all members of the international community. With the United States, with our European partners, and in Asia we will build relations on an equal again, and mutually respectful basis.”

Alternatives are actually just not – and not only us but the rest of the world, including the yet superpower, the USA.

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