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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin in September, will present paintings, graphics and sculpture of Raphael

Get ready, in September Moscow will stand in line — the first in Russia exhibition of Raphael. The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin hoped (yet not all agreements attached to the paper) to present 10 paintings, 9 drawings and 2 sculptures of the Italian masters of the museums, mainly from the Florentine galleries the Uffizi and the Palatine. To accompany the works in the exhibition will be one thing from the collection — “the Lady behind the toilet, or the Fornarina of Raphael student Giulio Romano; now the canvas complements “Olympia” by Manet.

Self-portrait 1506.

Rafael is a symbol of Italy and one of the main representatives of the Renaissance. Outwardly, the art is very calm, but to enter into it hard. To quickly overcome the barrier the exhibition will build to pass the value of the master for Russia. Help in this landmark work of Raphael: paired portraits of Agnolo Doni and his wife Maddalena, Scozzi, “Madonna of the chair” and, of course, the famous self-portrait.

It’s Rafael, the way described by Giorgio Vasari: “He was by nature gifted with the humility and the tenderness that can sometimes be observed in people who more than others are able to connect to the natural benevolence of the beautiful decoration of the charming courtesy, manifesting itself in everything and in all circumstances, equally cute and pleasant.” And first Secretary of Pope Leo X, the mathematician Jacob Ziegler, describing the creative qualities of Raphael, called him “the first among of all painters in the field both in theory and practice, and in addition, and the architect of such great talent that invents and executes things provided to the people of high intelligence are not feasible”. By the way, by the architect Rafael believed in painting as he delicately passed the scale and proportion.

Something that Raphael — artist number one in the world of art does not depend on our sympathies, it has long been established historically, says exhibition curator, curator of Italian painting at the Museum of Victoria Markova. — He became the chief exponent of the ideas of the Renaissance as caught the formula of harmony of a person’s appearance and his inner world. This did not work either Leonardo nor Michelangelo, nor Tiziano.

In the end the master became a myth that was spread in Russia because of the Zhukovsky and Kuchelbecker. Our culture has increased by Raphael; a Dostoevsky mentioned him wherever he could (in “Teenager”, “the Brothers Karamazov”, “Demons”). But most of all to the Italian master turned Pushkin since the early poem “the Monk” to the last love poetry, where the poet compares the lady of his heart with Raphael Madonna. By the way, the artist was born and died in one day, lived for 37 years, just like Alexander. Belinsky claimed that between Pushkin and Rafael deep connection: the poet formed the foundations of Russian culture, and the artist — world.

In the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin generally issued by the Italian autumn. In addition to Raphael here will show the exhibition of works by Giovanni Piranesi, which will explain the influence of the architect on the painting. And in the near future, as hinted at Ms. Markov, one of the projects will dedicate and Caravaggio.

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