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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The head of the headquarters of the trump was the former adviser to Yanukovych

Donald trump has changed his campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, who effectively held his campaign in the primaries and shared not only a radical approach and temperament of the boss, but dislike the Republican establishment. New Advisor by Paul Manafort has a stellar reputation among Republicans that will help Trump to consolidate the party. The only drawback of Manafort – he was an adviser to Yanukovych.

The most likely candidate in US presidents from Republican billionaire Donald trump has sacked the head of his election headquarters Corey Lewandowski. In its place comes by Paul Manafort – a political strategist with the experience. Manafort began to work with the Republicans since 1976, coordinated the campaign of Ronald Reagan, in 1988, was an adviser to George H. W. Bush, and in 1996 worked in the campaign rival bill Clinton Bob Dole.

“Of course, Monforte lies the spot – he’s not very well worked on Viktor Yanukovych. But a lot of Yanukovych who unsuccessfully worked…”

In the 2000s, Manafort decided to try the forces not only in the other party, but in another country, and worked in the Ukraine with the head of “Party of regions”, and subsequently Prime Minister and President Viktor Yanukovych.

Bruise as a reason for divorce

Information that the headquarters of Donald trump “will no longer work with Corey Lewandowski”, yesterday morning confirmed by the press Secretary election campaign hope Hicks. She added that “the campaign thanked Cory for his hard work and dedication, and we wish him all the best in the future.” One of the representatives of the headquarters of the billionaire told the newspaper that the last conversation during the morning meeting with Lewandowski was “very Frank”, in addition to trump when it was attended by his two eldest sons Eric and Donald.

“The dismissal of controversial figures Lewandowski is a strategic step for trump after months of disturbances and discontent on the part of many members of the Republican party and its sponsors,” says The New York Times.

The circumstances that contributed to the parting with Lewandowski, go far beyond any scene or relationship, explained in the headquarters of the trump. First of all, Republicans were worried about the lack of experience of Lewandowski, as well as trump in the election campaign. In addition, Lewandowski is not sought, and if sought, it turned out that he badly, to exercise tact and patience when dealing with the media, especially the opposition to Trump. For many months, he became the initiator of scandal and it was on the front pages of the media, what’s even surpassed his boss, noted The New York Times. In late March, Lewandowski was even arrested because he is with the force squeezed the hand of a reporter for the conservative publication Breitbart, Michelle fields, and then the journalist on the left hand bruising, so she fields and the police.

“To send a trump in a meaningful way”

Since then, many have guessed that trump will lose Lewandowski, but who will succeed him has long been unclear. And now the choice is made in favor strategist Paul Manafort. “He has the experience that will help Trump to cross the finish line,” said senior adviser to the campaign trump Barry Bennett. As mentioned above, the experience of Manafort really solid.

Lewandowski fully supported the outrageous image of the trump, and even when many were outraged by criticism of the billionaire in the government of the United States for tolerance toward Muslims-migrants, Lewandowski launched the slogan “Let Trump be trump.” This, however, did not contribute to raise funds for the campaign and is often scared off potential lenders.

“We can only welcome that if new people come, who have more experience and who can direct it into more meaningful, subject-oriented channel,” said one of the main donors of the Republican party Fred Malek, clearly meaning that to send in a meaningful direction need trump. However, he added that he did not know how the lack of a tolerant approach to national politics caused by the presence of Lewandowski. “I think that trump maintains its own train.”

How will the work of trump and Manafort unknown, stress the American media. Lewandowski himself continued to Express full approval and support of the billionaire: “If Donald trump wins, it will be good for Corey Lewandowski,” he said on CNN.

Merit Lewandowski stress and the headquarters of the trump. “Without a doubt what Cory did in the primaries was surprising: he helped him (the Tramp) get more votes than he was anyone else ever: received a record number of voters in 45 States out of 50, and expenses were a record low. None of this has been done before,” – said a senior adviser to trump Bennet.

“We played the first half alone, then the coach made a substitution”

Replacement of the head of the electoral headquarters made “not only because of internal reasons, although they obviously were. It is also a very important signal of American elites that trump is going to seriously compete for the Oval office and to consolidate the Republican party, despite the fact that it will be very difficult,” – said the newspaper VIEW, political scientist and americanist Dmitry Drobnicki. Thus, trump sex signal that he is ready to negotiate with those who are willing to cooperate with him,” said the expert.

He stressed that it was “not a dishonorable discharge. In contrast, the first half played one striker and then the coach made a substitution. Now the second half before the first debate between Clinton and trump will go a serious hardware behind the scenes struggle and struggle in the press. In these matters, by Paul Manafort – the number one among Republicans,” – said the source.

The expert agreed that Cory Lewandowski has had a very good primary campaign for trump. By the end of the primaries, Hillary Clinton had more than 800 employees at the headquarters, trump them was 80 – ten times less. “Trump spent the least money in the primaries, including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and the two nearest rivals: John Kasica and Ted Cruz. It was a very effective campaign. Managed to win over angry Republican voter, who trump has made a bid.”

Now you need to go to the fight for independent voters and for conservative Democrats. Due to these categories of voters won at the time, Ronald Reagan, without them is unthinkable victory of the Republicans, said Drobnicki. “In this sense by Paul Manafort is a very good bet,” said the expert, noting that he is well known among Republicans, and many appreciated for their own merits.

Spot Yanukovych

“Of course, it is a spot – he’s not very well worked on Viktor Yanukovych. But a lot of Yanukovych who unsuccessfully worked: from the Russian political strategists, and the West was trying to help him. But the figure was already very complicated, just doomed to lose, destroy…”, – said Drobnicki. In addition, it was a very unfamiliar environment and the political culture of Manafort, he added.

“In America he is considered one of the best specialists in electoral campaigns and in particular for conducting various intra-party approvals for trump’s very important,” – said the analyst.

The expert does not share the concerns that Manafort and accustomed to the radical approach trump will not find a common language. Trump, of course, to change his program, he will not abandon the walls on the borders, won’t abandon their winning enough of the rhetoric that we don’t know who to let into the country,” said Drobnicki, noting that by Paul Manafort will decide how it is “digestible package”.

He recalled that Manafort against immigration reform offered by Obama, and against the immigration policy, which offers Hillary. “He will be able to formulate requirements of trump, which will keep him the support of the people, who were very conservative, even isolationist, but on the other hand, still find the wording that will be acceptable to independent voters, the remaining part of the Republicans and even some Democrats,” – concluded the expert.

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