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Monday, March 19, 2018

Psychologists have described than for girls dangerous game princesses

Game of princesses and other stereotypical “girly” activities have a not very beneficial influence on the formation of personality and thought patterns girls. When girls are educated “dolls” grow, they are often trapped by gender stereotypes. To such conclusion the group of researchers from Brigham young University, which conducted a study involving more than 200 children of preschool age.

photo: morguefile.com

The scientists collected information about how often boys and girls devote time to the various games and entertainment, and what games is about. The specialists shared toys and entertainment on traditionally designed for girls (e.g., dolls or tea sets”), for boys (e.g., soldiers or figures of superheroes), and those that can be considered in this respect neutral (puzzles and coloring). In particular, scientists found out that 61 percent of girls at least once a week to play with toys depicting princesses from cartoons, writes the Daily Mail.

Further investigation revealed that the girls playing the princesses during the year, the Outlook is much more common is largely based on gender stereotypes than those in the such toys did not play. The doshkolnaya, on the world which could povliyat experience of playing with dolls, much more often limit themselves to actions that could be interpreted as “not feminine” — avoid games, in which can be dirty and sometimes experimented with one or another object, trying to study it.

Experts expressed concern that in future such “gender-based” thinking can prevent self-realization of girls — for example, it may be a subconscious reluctance to engage in stereotypical male female Sciences and, thus, may not discover the area in which she could succeed.

Interestingly, a few boys playing dolls, princesses, has grown on average more attentive and caring than the others — according to the researchers, these toys are allowed to “balance” the impact figures highlighted the courageous superheroes. Based on this, the scientists came to the assumption that to protect girls from unwanted stereotypes should not interfere with her play with dolls, and do more to help her find other interests, contributing to the formation of a broader view of the world.

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