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Saturday, March 24, 2018

New details of the conflict Museum of the East and Centre of the Roerichs

The public stirred up again after the appearance on the website of the International centre of the Roerichs (ICR), a controversial news. It is reported that the Museum of Oriental art (SMOA) and the Ministry of culture are going to demolish the stupa of the Three gems, built on the site of ICR in 2008, the Ministry of culture and the Museum of Oriental art held a press briefing, voicing their positions.

Photo: icr.su

Opens the debate, the Deputy Director of GMV Tigran Mkrtychev: “the ICR uses the mortar to cover the squatter underneath it. There is a basement, the existence of which violates the sacredness of religious object. There are no permits for the erection of this building we have. The Director of the Museum of the Roerichs Mr. Pavel Juravichi stated that this building is in the process of registration.

Vice-President of Tibet house in Moscow Hope Berkengeim sure the mortar will be better if it will go into a GMV, because “she’ll never become the object of provocations”. And Deputy head of the Department for relations with religious organizations of the government of Moscow Anton Ignatenko believes that the first thing to decide is whether the stupa cult construction. To solve, in his opinion, only members of the Buddhist religious organizations. Then the word takes the Chairman of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia Sanjei Lama and said: “Definitely, the stupa — cult, a religious object.”

Has clarified the situation, adviser to the Minister of culture Cyril Fisher: “When the building was transferred to the control of GMV, passed the inspection of premises, during which many questions arose. At the moment about any speed it was not, we figured out what buildings has he. We were interested in the building №5, the building adjacent to building # 4. We requested documents from the ICR to find out whose. Substantive response was not received, that is, we were not provided copies of documents on which the ICR occupies these buildings. We never found out what happens to a wing of the Museum of the Roerichs, building No. 9, it doesn’t even pass the gate was locked. Then we sent a letter for clarification of what is happening in the Government of Moscow, after which began the emotional vanity.”

Started and public confusion, because he says one thing, GMV — other. Who to believe, July 19, will decide the first trial. In the meantime, the Director of Oriental studies Institute Valery Androsov advised the city authorities and the Directorate of GMV conduct propaganda on the Internet, to explain in detail their intentions, including the desire to improve the territory of the Museum of the Roerichs and keep the stupa as the center of Buddhist culture in Moscow.

Then he broke down and interfered with the Director of GMV Alexander Sedov: “Fear God, we are not a religious institution and the secular. Religious Affairs — not our competence. Not the time to talk about the future of the stupa, which today no one owns. While we and the Ministry of culture accused that we intend to destroy a mortar. It’s a lie!” The funny thing about this story is the reaction to what is happening in the ICR. We called them and asked why on their website you can find information about the demolition of the stupa. What we said: “what the stupa demolished?”.

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