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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Medvedev did not know how the steel was tempered

They say that history tends to repeat itself. If this is so, then repeated it with nuances. Many still remember how before the start of the last campaign for elections to the state Duma the speaker of the Federation Council, then it was Sergey Mironov) have tried to combine the state Affairs with a PR of his party in the visited regions. Then it caused a public outcry. And now any discontent is not in sight, although the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev is doing the same thing: to all the planned visits of government delegations at least the last six months mandatory timed meeting with regional activists of “United Russia”.

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On Tuesday, the LADIES met with Magnitogorsk party members on the biggest Chelyabinsk to grow, although technically he visited the region to find out how they got to the steel industry.

For a start, Mr President decided to see how steel is tempered, and visited the Magnitogorsk iron and steel works, accompanied by Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. Seen and heard in the Prime Minister pleased. Despite the crisis and the sanctions the share of exports last year rose by 7.2%. Now a quarter of the plant’s production sold for hard currency. New cold rolling line, which was commissioned two years ago, allows the body to produce rental for cars. For the year increased and the salary of workers — almost 10%. Now 45 thousand Magnitogorsk resident, employed at the plant receive an average of 52 thousand rubles per month.

The program provided for the informal meeting of the Prime Minister with the workers. But the host of the reinsured: the overwhelming number of workers of the factory on the day Prime Minister’s visit provided the output below gleamed. To work out only those who were supposed to mimic the frantic activity in the two shops within a few minutes, until after they took the LADIES. Plant employees told “MK” about themselves, and were not offended. Many of them spent an unscheduled day off, sunbathing on the opposite Bank of the Ural plant. Even if Medvedev and noticed that the plant to his visit cleared by the workers, gave no sign. His chief still was a conversation on another site — the famous hockey championship “Arena metallurg”, but not with the athletes, and activists of “United Russia”, which filled the peaks.

The moderator of the meeting with Medvedev citizens was the former head of the justice Ministry, state Duma Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov. His first parliamentary mandate by the way, he received the Magnitogorsk single-mandate constituency, there lives his mother, so the athletes respect him and think local. However, when Pavel is called passing in Magnitogorsk the event “the largest economic forum” United Russia”, which will set the vector of development of the country”, it seemed an exaggeration. Although in addition to local residents, to which came the LADIES to raise the popularity of the party in the Urals, the forum was attended by United Russia in other regions, and forums held in anticipation of the main United Russia, was attended by deputies of the state Duma status.

The text of Medvedev’s speech differed little from similar speeches to party members, for example, in Novokuznetsk and Yekaterinburg, so residents of the southern Urals listened as the LADIES reading it on a piece of paper, patiently, but without much interest. Well, in fact, what does it matter to metallurgists working in the city-forming enterprise, to the party’s plans to increase the share of employed in small and medium-sized business or to the party program of financial literacy? And that “United Russia” and the government pay special attention to the health care and education, achieve lower inflation and growth the availability of financial resources” everyone knows. Just do not really believe. Therefore, supporters and members of the ruling party was expecting the same parteigenosse personally say about them and for them? And was hoping to ask him his close to the region’s hotspots.

First, I got it: LADIES congratulated the players and fans of the Magnitogorsk “metallurg” with the victory in the championship of the NHL, and Pavel Krasheninnikov happy birthday, which he spends on duty. But with the urgent matters for the locals all turned out to be worse than expected: the LADIES offered to talk about the global — to discuss the party’s program, which “EP” will take on the Congress at the end of the week.

Hall, however, to speak on General topics not really wanted, but because the activity did not Shine. The only interesting suggestion made there was to introduce into the school curriculum the lessons of entrepreneurship. Given the fact that the school has already reduced hours of Russian language and mathematics because of two kinds of depdession, was not very clear: was this a serious suggestion, or ironic. Anyway, the LADIES did not react to it.

“I am confident that the victory of our party will be the victory of every citizen of our country”, — summed up the LADIES, and rounded out the meeting with metallurgists.

Michael TEETH, Magnitogorsk.

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