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Monday, October 24, 2016

It became known, what will be the Russian base on the moon

Olga Zharova, head of the press service of FSUE TsNIIMash (head of the group of Roskosmos), said that despite the difficult economic situation, Russia does not refuse plans on creation of the Russian lunar base. She also shared some details on what will be this base on the moon and how it would function.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

As write “news” with reference to Zharov, RSC “Energia” and TsNIIMash are working in the design of the future station. It is assumed that initially the number of members of her crew will be 2-4 people, but in the future the database will be expanded and at later stages to accommodate 10-12 people. The base itself will be located on the surface of the moon, while in its depths, in all probability, there will be a radiation shelter, power and so on. Zharov also said that when pressurized sections of more than 20 cubic metres base will be able to take crews of four, and the duration of each of these expeditions will be up to 30 days.

FSUE TsNIIMash (Central research Institute of machine building) is the main scientific organization of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. It includes the mission control Center in Korolev.

In a recent interview MK American astronaut Tom Jones, David said that the work on the lunar base is one of the necessary elements of the preparation for future, more ambitious projects such as manned Mars expedition.

11 April, on the eve of cosmonautics Day, all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion conducted a survey, according to which the Russians, in the majority, oppose the budget cuts to the space program. About half of inhabitants of Russia believe that the country should seek first to establish a base on the moon, and also the first to send humans to Mars. Of the need to be first on Venus, according to the same poll, believe only about a third of Russians.

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