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Friday, March 16, 2018

In California found OS, which was considered extinct for over a century

A group of researchers representing the University of California at riverside, was able to detect the OS type, 101 years ago recognized completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. Wasp Oobius species depressus are known to be natural enemies of locusts and of wood beetles, so their discovery could be good news for gardeners and farmers.

The last time OS Oobius species depressus was found in Illinois in 1914, after which they for a long time and was considered extinct. However, in October 2015, scientists were able to photograph the female, in which the characteristic black back and managed to find the representative of the “disappeared”. Then search the asset information continued purposefully, and today in the University lab they have about hundreds. In the future, Oobius depressus is planned to plant for pest control.

By the way, one of the authors of the open, Sergiy tryapitsyn, currently an employee of the University of California at riverside, was educated at the Moscow agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev and the Russian University of friendship of peoples.

In General, the cases of the “return to life”, wrongly recognized completely extinct — a phenomenon quite rare, but not unique. This phenomenon even has a name — “the Lazarus effect”, referring to the name — gospel character, which, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.

By the way, recently scientists have mentioned the probability of this effect, recognizing the extinct reef mozaichist rats that lived in the Great barrier reef. Noting that these rodents have completely disappeared from only known of their habitat, the researchers, however, noted that there is a very small chance to find animals of this species and their close relatives in New Guinea, where, according to one existing version, the rodents in the past on the Great barrier reef.

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