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Monday, March 19, 2018

FAS intend to bring down fish prices in three times

Why did the Soviet Union fish was worth three times cheaper than meat, and now the price of these products are equal. This question is the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev. In his opinion, this price increase reason — “rogues”, which controls fishing in our country, deliberately overstating the cost of production at least twice. Artemyev has threatened to punish such unscrupulous manufacturers. However, experts believe that overpricing is guilty of not only the owners of fishing trawlers, but the traders that are chasing the big money invented dozens of ways of cheating customers.

photo: morguefile.com

“We do a big check, and make a counter way,” Artemyev said, explaining that the FAS checks to see how the price of the fish, from fishermen themselves and as you move across the country through dealers in the trade network, and then performs a reverse check.

Indeed, here is something to think about. The cost of frozen cod in the cheapest segment stores only increased in recent months, an average of nearly 10%, the price tags on the salmon steak was tightened by 30%, salmon rose by 40%.

Only for I quarter of this year, according to Rosstat, fish in General have risen more than 11%. Tell me, to blame the sanctions? But all the fish caught by domestic companies. Where is the imaginary replacement of foreign goods own so-called import substitution.

On the one hand, Russia has proved that is able not only to provide themselves with seafood, but also to increase their exports to foreign countries. Thus, from January to March this year, fish supplies, fish products and seafood from our country abroad has grown to 1.66 million tons. Revenues from these shipments amounted to $3.2 billion, the Main buyers were China and South Korea.

On the other hand, while the Russian fish will reach the shelves of local stores, according to the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov, its price increases in 3-4 times.

One of the reason for such injustice (note that the cost of meat in this way increases the high half, which is also quite unnaturally) that the producers themselves are not always the culprits in this price increase. Not the last role played by traders, which by all means tries to increase the cost of the final product that is “complete”.

In the course are the following tricks.

For example, the kit. It is not only the “twisted” scale. It is possible to increase the initial mass of the product. Live fish placed in a tank without air, where she swallows the water and its weight can increase in 1,5-2 times.

Many food products are divided into quality grades. To trade under the guise of high-quality products may sell poor quality. An unscrupulous seller may not take into consideration shrinkage, leakage, spray, raskrasku. Large commercial enterprises have workshops for the production of semi-finished products, salads, fried or cooked products, which can use poor-quality, defective, expired products.

All of these actions lead to the fact that we buy the fish, the cost of which is equal to the cost of fresh, and the seafood needs to be thrown into the dustbin.

However, to completely remove sin from the fishing factories and their owners still not worth it. According to some independent experts, cod, Pollock, haddock, herring and other marine fish species are extracted by the Russian fishermen, but their circulation was controlled by overseas companies, even owned by our entrepreneurs. It turns out that Russian enterprises catch fish, obviously owned by foreigners. Tools such deliveries lead to higher prices in domestic prices and the Russians each year are forced to limit their consumption of seafood.

Igor Artemyev promises to fix it. “The time has not yet expired. We will complete this work, we will soon be launching. But it is clear that the price is at least twice the increase in non-productive middlemen. That is, the dealers, using the fact that distribution channels is largely monopolized, not providing any services, this fish is not doing — no frosting, no gutting, — set the price about two times higher than it should be,” — said the head of FAS.

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