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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dashkevich, the composer praised Putin’s play piano: “Clearly trained”

And Shvets, and the Reaper, and on dude igrets is Vladimir Putin is. Or rather, not the dude, and the piano. Not for the first time! “From where the Motherland begins,” remember? Now, visiting the banjo, is now suddenly picked up and played “Moscow Windows”. The trend, however. Do take lessons from a friend Raldugina, musician? Ask the expert, composer Vladimir Dashkevich.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

— You know, if the man hadn’t studied, he is now pointless to take lessons. Better he will not play. I think we played it once, the tune of “where the Motherland begins,” and it was appropriate. And most of this stuff already no need to repeat.

But he repeated, and even better than last time. Probably, practice.

— If exercising, it is immediately noticeable. He played two hands, so practiced.

And many need to take lessons to play?

I must say that “the Moscow Windows unquenchable light” is a song difficult. It just will not play.

— And in what complexity?

— There’s a lot of chromaticity. If you do not learn, would not play.

— Let’s explain for the layman, the chromaticity is…

— Well, how shall I say This… when white and black keys. That’s when you play the white notes — it is certainly easier, but if and white, and black — then it is no the teacher will not learn. So, after all, with someone he was training. But anyway, this is some progress.

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