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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Avdotya Smirnova: “People think I’m stealing for Chubais”

Within the 38‑th Moscow international film festival, which starts on 23 June, opened the first Russian cinema hall for people with autism spectrum disorder. The inspiration for this initiative was the writer, Director, TV presenter Dunya Smirnova.

photo: youtube.com

At the entrance to the audience hall warn that children and adults with autism sometimes ignore the usual rules of communication. Their behavior may seem strange. They may suddenly scream or cry when he heard loud noises. A child with autism, afraid of the dark, out of the room, and if he opened the door, he doesn’t return. He may need special headphones. On the opening day of the cinema, someone jumped up, clapped her hands, afraid to touch the colorful balls in the zone touch of unloading. An unprepared neighbor, this behavior may be shocking. But this does not mean that next to a sick person, an invalid. He’s not sick, just had a different way of thinking.

— We half a year worked on the project. Shaking with fear, how it goes, ” says Avdotya Smirnova. To go to the movies for people should be a routine, everyday matter how to visit a café to work. Twice a month, as soon as the new movie, the viewers with autism will be able to watch it on a special, adapted to their session. What does it mean? The light in the room not up to the end extinguished, the sound level is lowered. The door to the hall remains open, to be able at any time to get in and out. There is also an attached touch unloading bean bags, soft mats.

But this is not free impressions?

— No, and it’s important. People with autism can come to the cinema as regular customers of the theater. You only need to buy a ticket, and no they will not drive, will not start to Boo. Your child no one will take from the audience. Here you can come with your family, friends, and neurotypical children. It is a place where children with autism will not hurt. Explain why the shows are not free and not at a reduced price. Going to the movies should be a common practice of the day for family, for people with autism. This is a special children, but the same as everyone else. It is important for us, as the room will work the first six to eight months. If all goes well, the same sessions are organized throughout the country.

— You have personally met with disbelief in relation to itself? Surely someone is thinking: what good does it move?

— With such sentiments faced by any involved in charity work. I have a specific situation, given the family situation. People think: if I launder money Chubais, or stealing for him. But the only personal feature that distinguishes me from other benefactors. Chulpan Khamatova, according to the spiteful critics, PR on other people’s children and the suffering of others. I’m prepared for the fact that we are perceived as crooks and crazy depending on the situation. But when talking with business people, understanding comes faster. We have not noticed, how in our country the business was socially oriented. Sometimes, as with government there is an understanding. With society is the worst situation. Society thinks we’re either weird, or troubled.

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