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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Winning women in the elections of the mayor of Rome has shown an important trend

Supporters of exit from the EU once again came to success – this time in Italy, where the Italian “non-systemic opposition” has achieved real power. The mayors of two key cities – Rome and Turin – have become activists of the movement “Five stars”. There is a crisis of the old elites and the political landscape of Europe is changing much faster than predicted earlier.

During the second round of elections, held yesterday in Rome, a 37-year-old Virginia Raja, a supporter of Italy’s exit from the European Union, has won 67.2% of the votes, her rival from the ruling Democratic party (DP) 55-year-old Roberto Jacketti – only 32.8%, passed on Monday, TASS reported. “I called Virginia Raja and congratulated her, the result seems to me quite clear – this is defeat,” he acknowledged, Giachetti, whose candidature was supported personally by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“I am sure that people like Raja, will prove that they are not populists, and the new Democrats of the twenty-first century. Will be rooting for them!”

Raja stated willingness to lead Rome” and “the beginning of a new era. According to some analysts, the victory in Rome non-systemic opposition movement, which until recently was considered marginal, serious effort on the reputation of the ruling Democratic party and personally its leader, Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi. DP has acknowledged that the loss indicates serious problems of the party. However, Renzi did not consider it a reason for his resignation.

Moreover, the Roman triumph was not the only victory of the movement “Five stars” (Д5З). As writes RIA “Novosti”, a sensation was caused by the election results in another major city in Italy – Turin. Contrary to expectations, there surely wins another protégée of movement, and even more young – 31-year-old Chiara Appendino. She scored more than about 10% of the votes (against 45,4 54,5%) than Piero Fassino, a prominent representative of the democratic party, who governed the city for the last five years.

The triumph of the young Roman women

VA Raja, a native of Rome, a lawyer by profession, will be the first woman mayor of the capital. She is married and has a son. Speaks English, French and Spanish. However, she had not led anything but his secretaries in a law office and a parliamentary reception. Since 2006, she practiced law. In 2011, the Raja joined Д5З, founded by the famous Italian satirist Beppe Grillo. Two years later was elected to the Council of Rome and was headed by Metropolitan cell movement. Working in the municipality, primarily focused on education and environmental protection. With its victory in the movement “5 stars” and will depart a comfortable majority on the new city Council on 29 of the 48 seats.

Current events in Rome can be seen an analogy with recent Russian history – in the elections to the Moscow city Council in the spring of 1990 also won “non-systemic opposition”, which was a 36-year-old historian Sergei Stankevich, now the expert Fund Sobchak, the expert of the Growth. Who had no previous experience of business management, Stankevich then agreed to cede the post of Chairman of the city Council a more experienced colleague, Professor Gabriel Popov, becoming his first Deputy. As later recalled by Stankevich in an interview to the newspaper VIEW, at the head of the city Council together they decided to invite an experienced representative of the “former team” – Yuri Luzhkov.

“We had a critical situation. When we are in 1990 year was elected in Moscow, there is no centralized urban agriculture, prepared for the decentralized market conditions, it was not. Was the Soviet Executive Committee. All you had to create from scratch, to remake in a new way. Of course, the task was immeasurably more difficult than the one that stood now before the new mayor of Rome, and the risks much greater. Still, Rome is a long-established municipality with a huge old tradition and with an already established team,” said Stankiewicz.

The eternal problem of the Eternal city

Before the new mayor is facing serious economic problems that accumulated over the years – from a poorly functioning transport and public services to a huge budget deficit. The capital of Italy is living without an elected mayor since October, when the representative of the Democratic party Ignacio Marino was forced to resign due to financial scandal, including in connection with allegations of embezzlement.

A former member of the European Parliament, the Italian political scientist Giulietto Chiesa recognizes that the two stavljenic “Five stars” waiting for a huge problem, because the movement has no political experience. “Everything now depends on the team. But, in any case, they – the non-corrupt people, therefore, can in principle work better than the previous team. So I applaud her win,” Chiesa said the newspaper VIEW.

Chiesa agree that the new mayor of Rome can easily become a victim of fraud on the part of subordinates, because Raja is not versed in the secrets of managing multi-million city, for example, how to construct water supply, Sewerage or transport.

Unlike Stankevich, Chiesa calls to get rid of this current team, but advises to invite those who once worked in the mayor’s office, but quit in order to maintain reputation. “The old officials all steal, he said. – They are in any case unsuitable. But many city hall employees, including engineering education, was earlier expelled from the unit as it was more or less decent. It is necessary to return them to the municipality,” – said the expert.

According to the politician, now “Five stars” has all the chances to win at the national level – in the parliamentary elections of 2018.

The fall of Turin and Naples

“The main problem is that this new generation looks fondly on politics. Politics is not only dirty intrigue, it is also the ability to maneuver, negotiate, make alliances. “Five stars”, although it has been in Parliament three years ago, still operates strictly alone. I think this is a fatal mistake. Even if they will achieve in the next election, will receive only about 30 percent. This is the maximum. They will not be able to lead a country like Italy, so should create a great democratic Alliance. If they will do so in 2018, I think, in the politics of Italy might be a significant turn”, – predicts Chiesa.

Chiesa believes the success of “Five stars” part of an overall trend that has engulfed almost all the countries of the European Union. “But we must remember that the party and the country have their own characteristics. The uncertainty is very high. I wrote that in five years the political landscape of the EU will be completely different, – predicts analyst. – But what? While it is difficult to say.”

“It is a General trend, there is a protest politicians of the new style vs the current hardware monopoly party structures – echoes Stankiewicz. – The same trend can be attributed to Sanders and trump in America. That is, the trend is not necessarily left. People want to break the existing party system, ossified, not hearing real voters.”

Stankevich agree that the old structures of European bureaucracy is cracking under the pressure of movements that politicians of the old school accused of populism.

“Populists” such as VA Raja, only referred to those in the Soviet Union called hardened apparatchiks, those who are its hardware privileges have turned into a source of administrative rent. It is clear that people’s attempts to do without the bureaucracy, or at least walk away from it, the apparatchiks cause severe irritation. Nothing to worry about. I think everyone now will be watching closely this experience in Rome and Turin. I am sure that people like Raja, will prove that they are not populists, and the new Democrats of the twenty-first century. Will be rooting for them!”, – says the Russian expert.

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