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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why the SCO countries need to pay attention to the Ferghana valley

Uzbekistan is preparing to the SCO summit. Now the main problem of the region — the fight against the terrorist threat. According to the President of the International development agencies and policy, doctor of political Sciences, Alikbek JEKSHENKULOV, “Today’s special role in ensuring global security of the Central Asian States can and should play the member countries of SCO. Ahead of the summit, “MK” talked with the Kyrgyz politician:

photo: youtube.com

Photo: Alimbek of Jekshenkulov

– Alikbek Jekshenkulov, it is believed that the Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan, it is highly vulnerable to the threat of international terrorism and in particular ISIS.

– That’s right, in the current complicated international situation, in a world full of global and national challenges, the sovereign independent States of Central Asia more important than ever on a pragmatic basis to ensure its external and internal security.

A serious concern is the continuing degradation of the situation in Afghanistan that directly affects the security of our region. The decade-long presence of the international military contingent in this country has not yielded any improvement. The situation underscores the growing activity prohibited in many States, the “Islamic state” terrorist organization that seeks to spread its influence in Central Asia. Serious problem is the involvement of our citizens and citizens of neighboring States in fighting on the side of the terrorists, so I think there is a need for member countries of the CSTO and the SCO to define new standards and to take unprecedented action to counter that threat.

A special role in ensuring global security States can and should play the SCO leaders. Russia and China have become the catalysts for the formation of a new world order, expressing the will of many large and small Nations.

– And what ,from Your point of view, maybe Russia’s leadership in promoting global security?

– NATO experts have acknowledged that the militants (banned in Russia) left the occupied territory of Syria due to the success of the military space forces of Russia. The settlement plan of the armed conflict between the Assad regime and the opposition, the guarantors of which are Russia and the United States, and began, though difficult, the peace process in Syria once again proves the need for a new world order and respect for international law.

Russia as an influential permanent member of the UN security Council with the status of nuclear power has always played a special role in the system of international relations. Given the growing military-political potential of the Russian Federation, I think she can and will play a crucial role in ensuring global security.

Fergana valley is called the “powder keg” of Central Asia. What is the cause of tension?

The so – called Fergana “pot”, which is sometimes referred to as the “Achilles heel” of CA, is one of the most complicated regions in the world where it thrives in poverty, corruption, crime, drug trafficking, religious extremism, there are ethnic problems. Among countries in the region still have not solved the issues of borders and water and energy resources. There intersect the interests of not only Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but also global players who pursue their own geopolitical interests. In connection with the possible potential for conflict, the frequent incidents on the borders and the difficult interethnic relations it is necessary to pay special attention to the CSTO and SCO on the Ferghana valley, because the situation here threatens not only the security of the entire Central Asian region, but also the security of all SCO countries.

Experts believe that in Central Asia the overlapping interests of the great powers such as the US, Russia and China. Is it really so?

– After disintegration of the USSR, since the emergence of the new independent States, the international community began to pay special attention to Central Asia. For the United States and its allies, the region is attractive for the realization of its geopolitical ambitions. For Russia, it represents a strategic area of political influence to ensure their own security and economic interests. China sees Central Asia transport corridor, a source of energy and an important partner in matters of security in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. Some experts see increased activity in Russia, China and the United States in the region as a new formula for the so-called great game in the new world order.

According to some military analysts, after the approach of NATO to the Western border and a large part of the southern borders of Russia is inevitable next step, the US and its allies – bordering China. To do this, the West in its geopolitical interests consistently provides informational and ideological offensive that seeks to strengthen the influence in the border country of China, to create around of the countries-participants of SCO sanitary cordon, and, ultimately, to move to the open pressure.

Despite this, today, a new configuration of the world order, in which probably none of the countries will not be able to dominate. The world is moving to a situation of coexistence of multiple poles, the centers of power, which is relatively “equal”.

– How do You assess the development of Russian-Kyrgyz relations at the present stage?

– In a nutshell, the current state of the Kyrgyz-Russian relations is characterized by a high level of support from Russia to the Kyrgyz people in the political, economic, military-technical and cultural-humanitarian plan. I will not give numbers, it is many times more than any other country. I want to note that the majority of the people of Kyrgyzstan appreciates it.

We also understand which there are external and internal threats. Know that some Western countries by hook or by crook, pursuing its own geopolitical goals, different methods tend to split between our peoples, exerting an unprecedented impact on the ruling political elites to prevent the development of integration processes in the Eurasian space.

However, we recognize that full cooperation and ultimate integration within the larger political and economic project, the Eurasian Union will be able to provide real security, and only then before we open the new opportunities and prospects for the development of our country.

Help “MK”: Alikbek of Jekshenkulov was born on 25 may 1957 in the village of Cholpon Kochkor district of Naryn region of the Kyrgyz SSR. Former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the President of the International development agencies and policy, doctor of political Sciences, Professor of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. B. N. Yeltsin.

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